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    Resize Clip, Ripple for all other Tracks

    Deleting works fine. It's when I make a clip bigger by dragging one edge that only the clips in that track ripple forward. All the other tracks stay stationary.
  2. CinemaWinner

    Resize Clip, Ripple for all other Tracks

    I just upgraded to the most recent version and noticed resizing a clip only ripples the track that clip is on, is there a way to ripple all tracks in the sequence? It sort of feels like a glitch to be honest.
  3. CinemaWinner

    Space bar functionality on update 4.48

    On the previous version I had installed (4.21), pressing space bar would only start playback in the "sequence preview," not whatever audio or video clip I had selected in the "clip preview" section. It initially annoyed me but I grew to realize how valuable it was. Having to click back to sequence preview or click on the scrubbing bar is an irritating extra step slowing me down. I thought it was the entire purpose of making the play button for the clip preview "ctrl-space." Is there a setting to change it back that I'm missing? I can get used it, but I'm also noticing that it's created another problem. Sometimes playback gets frozen "on" and can't be paused for a few seconds when the sequence preview starts playing. Never had the issue prior to this update. And it's not a hardware issue. The only reason I have the update is because I installed it on a brand new super fast PC.
  4. CinemaWinner

    3-5 second delay when I click play in sequence.

    Thank you! I'll try it.
  5. I have a 3-5 second delay when I click play just in the sequence editing window. It used to play instantly. It started after I canceled the "loading cache" upon start up once. I'm wondering if that's why. Should I clear the cache and start over? I've never had this problem before. It really slows me down. Any suggestions?
  6. CinemaWinner

    Fade In & Out multiple clips at once.

    Wow, you answered the same day! Thanks, totally forgot to check back here, apparently I must not have email notifications set up. I should have specified I was talking about audio fade ins and fade outs. Any way to do multiple audio clips at once?
  7. CinemaWinner

    Fade In & Out multiple clips at once.

    I looked through the forum and couldn't find this anywhere, but it seems like it should be a simple thing. I have a bunch of clips and I want every one of them to have a .1 fade in and a .1 fade out. Instead of going through the 2 step process of clicking and selecting fade for each clip is there a way to do it for multiple clips at once?