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  1. I found how to do these: 1. Spacebar or the Arrow icon on the toolbar activates the selection tool. 2. click on the desired object to select it. 3. then click and hold the left mouse button, and drag the selected object to the desired location. Hope this helps.
  2. I had this question myself - I found that spacebar (or clicking the Arrow icon on the toolbar) activates the selection tool. Then either hit the Del key or click the X icon on the toolbar to delete the selected object. Hope this helps!
  3. Just downloaded DreamPlan. Wow, what a great software... I am buying my 1st home and trying to remodel it. Have uploaded the floorplan and using Dreamplan to design. Following up on this topic, I have a few half height divide walls in the house. Has the feature to edit wall heights been developed yet?
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