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  1. mosslack

    Stereo audio

    Okay, thought it used to.
  2. mosslack

    Stereo audio

    Did I just imagine this, or did stereo audio tracks used to show as such on the timeline?
  3. mosslack

    Release Note v6.21

  4. mosslack

    Release Note v6.21

    Any changes in the release version from the beta of v6.21?
  5. mosslack

    No audio on MP4 after editing

    Just a test to see if I can reply here. New topic not working for me.
  6. mosslack

    Digital noise added during transitions

    Also FYI, I was able to use the crossfades just fine by unchecking the box to crossfade the audio.
  7. mosslack

    Digital noise added during transitions

    Well, that is what I thought also which is why I posted on that thread before I made a new one.
  8. Okay, this problem is really getting annoying. It started off doing it every now and then, but now it does it most of the time. I add my video clips and then use a transition between them. Looks normal, but when I play it back in the preview window there is a digital noise that you can hear during the transition. The noise does not show up on the sound track while editing, but once the video is rendered and reloaded you can very clearly see the noise in the sound. I was going to add a picture of the sound here, but I can't see how to do that.
  9. mosslack

    Audio Not Following Crossfades

    Would this problem have anything to do with Videopad adding noise to transitions? I get a weird digital type sound which you can hear when editing, but it does not show up on the sound track until you render the video. It can clearly be seen then and removed by doing another edit, cut before and after the sound and then mute it. I've had to do that on several videos lately. Should not have to do this I don't think.
  10. mosslack

    Building preview loop

    Thanks, I will give these suggestions a try next time it happens. As I said, it doesn't happen very often as I try to keep my video under 10 minutes on YouTube. Doug
  11. mosslack

    Building preview loop

    Hello everyone, my first time posting here I think. I found I had already registered so I may have posted sometime before and forgotten. Anyway I tried the free version of VP for awhile and liked it enough that I went ahead and purchased a copy. Mostly my experience with it is positive, but I did experience some problems with the first copy I installed which was v6.01 I believe. I had quite a few problems with it and thought it might be a bad install so I uninstalled it and downloaded a fresh copy for another try. So far this copy has proven to be much better. I do have one annoying problem that creeps up every now and then. Usually when I'm editing a longer video. Normally the building preview message pops up every now and then while previewing the video from the timeline which is normal I assume. The computer I am using an HP laptop with and i5 CPU, Intel GPU, and 4 Gb of RAM. Most of the video I shoot for my YouTube channel is 720P or 360P MP4. The problem usually happens after I've edited a few clips and getting close to the end of perhaps a 20 minute video. Instead of the building preview message popping up and then going away, it seems to go into a loop where the same few seconds of video shows over and over again in the preview window. The sound seems to continue normally while this is happening. I've tried to save the project and completely restart VP, but even that does not help. The loop returns as I start to edit again. The preview goes along fine until it gets to that point and then the loop starts. I can go back to the earlier place on the timeline and that plays fine, but get to that later section and the loop returns. I did export a video while this was happening and the video seems to play just fine. More of an annoyance than a true problem, but just curious as to what it might be. Thanks for any input. Doug
  12. mosslack

    Text editing

    This may sound funny, but that box did not appear until just recently. The third test video I made I saw the box and figured it out. Thanks. I'm liking this better now that I'm learning more how to use it. I'm used to WMM so I tried it that way first. Now I see it's better to add and edit the video segments before you add the title and credit screens. I had some problems with artifacts of bits and pieces of the credit screen when I tried to insert a video clip in-between it and the title screen. Took me forever to get rid of it, but I did.
  13. mosslack

    Text editing

    Hello all, new to VideoPad, but I have purchased NCH software in the past. Good experience with those, but I am having some difficulty with the video editor. First, I am using the completely free version of this software (V 4.14). I have previously used programs like Windows Movie Maker and iMovie to edit videos and have been an active member of YouTube for some time now. I have done more advanced editing in the past using programs like Final Cut Pro, but for now I'm just interested in basic stuff. There in lies my problem. So far I have been unable to edit a text clip I created for an intro I am working on. Tutorials I have read all say there should be a large "T" to click on to edit a text clip, but I have not seen any such item anywhere on my screen. There is a "T" on the text clip in the bin, but clicking it does nothing. In WMM, it was a simple task to create a title placeholder and edit the text each time I added a new video to that series. I thought most simple editors would allow this, but I am baffled by the lack of this feature. Obviously it is possible, but so far I have been unable to discover the secret. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!