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  1. Dear Members - Assistance required please . 17th February 2018. I've successfully used Express Accounts 4.98 for nearly 4 years on an old Windows XP Desktop. For the fear of loosing data our business upgraded to new licensed versions 5.24 on Laptop and Business Desktop. Both new versions run off Windows 10 Pro. A backup and restore was used when the new desktop was taken into use. Since the upgrade to new version 5.24 the following problems occur: 1) When a new Invoice is processed and the "Record" button is selected and entered, a window appears to request " Please select the account for Payment". This is under the Heading "DEPOSIT ACCOUNT. In the previous version this was automatically populated. The option is also in place to open a new Deposit Account. 2) When checking the Linking of Default Accounts, these are all seem to be in order. 3) When Invoice is processed , the income statement (Sales) is not updated. The journal indicates blanc column which is then populated with the sales account no 4110. This corrects the position , but defeats the object of having an automated program. Trail Balance also not correct. Please advise if you can assist Stevie McGee