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  1. c_major, The problem with what you suggested is that while it solves my problem with the one portrait oriented photo, I also have landscape oriented photos in my video that I also want to zoom in a similar fashion, but after I changed the preview dimensions I ended up with the same problem with the landscapes as I had with my portrait oriented photo. I think I came up with a complicated solution using Crop, Zoom and Position. It was so much easier to do in the earlier version of VideoPad, I don't know why they messed up that feature. Nat, I just tried your suggestion and it worked, but if you want to zoom in while panning, I think you would have to add the zoom effect to the other two effects. Seems like a lot of dicking around for a simple maneuver. Thanks for all your efforts. I hope NCH improves on this feature, soon. cam
  2. I'm using the free v4.10 and I'm making a video consisting of photos. I want to use zoom on a picture that does not have an aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9, but when I try, and I click on "None" for "Force aspect ratio:", it stretches the picture to fit one of the two ratios. The picture I'm using is in a portrait orientation and I want to zoom/pan from left to right while the whole picture from top to bottom is in the shot. I realize that the video will be narrow and will have thick black bars on both sides, but that's what I'm going for. Is there a way to zoom on a picture that's not 4:3 or 16:9 without distortion? I was able to do this with the older VideoPad v2.41. Thanks for any help.
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