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  1. First thing first.. Fire your sales staff. He don't deserve a minute at your place. If you have evidence. I will strongly suggest to report it to Police as well to make his life bit more painful. Secondly try to report it under bug section to NCH. https://www.nch.com.au/software/bug.html. I strongly believe they won't do much but what to do. You get what you pay for.
  2. If it is default setup of the program. then why there is Clear Assigned headers? Currently using Version 8 for Mac. Previously I was using version 4.53. In older version, we don't have to map fields on every import. As assigning one by one is bit of a job to do. Thanks.
  3. Can you try taking local backup first and see if it works? it is to isolate problem that it is network issue or Express Invoice (I am confident it is Express Invoice issue, but double check is good. )
  4. Ever wanted good quality used phone?  Look no further and order one from our range of good phones from https://mitrecyclers.com. Ranging from Iphones to Samsung and other brands. 

  5. Hi, In previous versions, we was able to line up CSV headers once and can import as many time as we have to. But Now we have to manually assign headers each time either in Import Quotes or Import Invoices via CSV. Any chance, you can fix this? Or Am I missing something? Thanks.
  6. Two Slow if you have bit of data. But you can do it via Dropbox, Go to preferences -->Sync Device. you may feel it hanged in there.. but it will eventually copy everything to dropbox. Then you can do the similar to other computer. Make sure you 1) backup data before 2) Do it in evening, when you don't have any serious business to do and you can leave it syncing.
  7. Go to Preferences -- > Invoice --> Preferences --> in positioning, remove ship to and select NONE. Hope it will resolve the issue. Thanks.
  8. Welcome to the club of problems. Invoice formats you have to redesign again. There are many other problems like Different currencies does not show up in web access. Excessive memory and cpu usage.. you will see your mac will be very slow soon. I certainly have reported issues to NCH but they haven't fixed it yet. Luckily they have fixed PDF corruption issue.
  9. No Pain. No Gain. I don't think NCH will help you much in this. So head down and do the needful. LOL.
  10. Yes. But why dont you use search feature of this forum???
  11. Noted.. thanks. I would work with slow one. 🙂 Using Beta 8.0 now.. better, many bug fixed.
  12. All you have to do is press command + Y (I Use Mac) and it will prompt for Payment dialogue.. just press okay and you are all done. You can change payment method, amount, date etc if needed.
  13. I couldn't gather up enough courage to move the data from back end on my live machine. I hope someone from NCH team can do experiment and update it here. so we can do manual archiving at least. They can always declare it as "UN OFFICIAL, No Warranty given". Josh, What you think? Can you help?
  14. May be they wanted to say "Description"?? You can modify invoice template from Preference - Invoice
  15. Please that is very important feature.. without that web access is useless. I hope you understand. And release notes are useless. They are not telling, what is new, what is fixed etc etc. Version 7.34 macOS Release Uploaded 2019-12-17 Version 7.33 Android Release Uploaded 2019-12-17 Version 7.32 Android Release Uploaded 2019-12-12 Version 7.31 Android Release Uploaded 2019-12-03
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