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  1. Hi,

    Restart your system before trying again, when ready open the application, from the top menu click on Tools → Back up Data → select a folder or removable drive where to save your data and click to Back Up. When done, remove the application and proceed to install o a new system to, use the same license code to register and the back up file to restore all data, from Tools → Restore Data. 


  2. Hi,

    Follow the steps below,

    1. From WavePad, select the Options menu > Audio tab > "Audio working folder" section, check mark the "Use this specified folder" box and copy the folder path.

    C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\WavePad.

    2. Paste the path on your windows folder explorer, this will open the Cache content folder "WavePad"

    3. Delete the "WavePad" folder 

    4. Close the application (WavePad) and re open it again.

    5. Re load the file and let us know the outcome.    


  3. Hi, 

    In reference to " my service in account express as items and sync it through invoice express and copper." The synchronization is done when using Express Invoice or Accounts to Inventoria, OR when Using Inventoria and Copper,. Express Invoice and Express Accounts and/or Copper do not integrate. 

    "is there a way to sync customers and suppliers?" ONLY items can be synchronize if using any of the above mentioned options.

    " is there a way to push purchase orders to accounts?" You can create Purchase Orders from the top menu Purchase → Create New Purchase Order option. 





  4. Hi,

    What you can do is open the items list and edit the items to have the discount percentage, so you can sell using this rate for this day and latter on change the the discount from the same window → View → Items → Edit.




  5. Hi,

    IF the function keys were enabled from Options → Hot-Keys menu, and you have also set new function keys(not the default ones) from the same menu "Change" or "Add" options....and yet the issue persisted, the case could be related to the word processor where you are trying to use these keys, specially if they are also set for use on this third party software, meaning: they are already taken. Please review, try to change the key or key combination and re test.

    Best regards, 


  6. Hi,

    What version are you currently using? 

    In regards to your inquiries,

    1. Is it true that the new background image is overlayed on a track above the primary video? 

    This will be true based on the settings you have applied to this videos, and of course, if you currently have a green screen clip.  

    2. Is the feature supposed to superimpose the primary video track 1 image, without its blue color background, on top of the overlayed track image?

    Yes, that is basically what the Chroma-Key effect does.

    3. Have I missed something in the directions?

    There are video tutorials that can be use as reference, YouTube videos that show the effect and steps, please review. 

  7. Hi,

    .ogg files are supported on the Pro version of the software. 

    Make sure you have registered the software before trying to load these files. On the top of the window you should see a "License Software" status indicating it was registered. 

    When ready,  reload the file, make sure you are not loading the .zip file but the .ogg that you are referring to, you can drag and drop, use the Load icon/option or right click on the .ogg file to select "Transcribe with Express Scribe". 

    If you keep on getting the admin prompt, you´ll need to reinstall the software using the "Run as Admin..." option before trying again.


    Best regards, 




  8. Hi,

    Where is the other folder? local drive? external drive? removable drive? please confirm.

    Also,  if the issue is not happening locally, meaning: system folders, the case is related to the folder location, in such a case, change the folder back to default location or any other local folder, when you finish the recording, cut the recording/file from its location and paste it on the required folder, this will speed up the process.  

    Best regards, 


  9. Hi,

    What you can do is add the same sequence of clips over and over again on the same project, so it repeats or appear as a loop when playing the DVD.

    In case you are referring  to a project that you wish to burn many times on different DVD´s, all you have to do is save the project file from PhotoStage File menu _Save Project file As...and reuse it for burning.

    Best regards,  



  10. Hi,

    If you wish to record audio from a stream, you'll need to set and select the correct input or sound card from where the audio is going thru...it depends if you have a Windows or Mac OS system, for instance:

    For Windows,

    Set your Sound card or "StereoMix" option as your Windows default recording device before trying again. Go to Control Panel > Sound > Recording menu > select your Sound Card or StereoMix option and set as default. If these options are not listed, right click on the blank area, select "Show disabled devices", look for the option, select, click "Set default", click Apply and OK. When ready, go to Debut options > Audio > check mark Microphone and Speakers boxes and click OK.  

    Best regards, 

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