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  1. Hi,

    You are possibly referring to v5.24 of Express Accounts, if so, please confirm the notification or error message you are getting when this happens. 

    If possible do a back up, from top menu Accounts → Back up Data → back up to a network folder → select your documents or desktop folder to save and proceed to reinstall. 



  2. Hi,

    This happens before the recordings are being save,  try to make smaller recordings so they can be saved directly,  instead of doing 6 hours recordings that will create a huge temp file.






  3. Hi,

    1. Basic cut, copy, paste...there is no copy or paste option. I am trying to manipulate slides in the bottom tray and the ctrl key combos do not work.

    For this you can click, hold and drag the same clip, image or audio from the bin to the bottom timeline sequence as many times as you need. 

    2. I do not get the menu selection to position slider when moving slides. Only working with move to start/end just isn't working.

    From the timeline, click and hold the slide and drag it to the place you wish to place it. You will get a red line indicator showing where will be allocated.

    3. How do I share my slideshows by burning them to dvd. How would my family members be able to run the slideshow?

    To share, it will be easier to export to a local folder as a video file(using Export menu → Computer/Data option) and then send the video by email or uploaded to Facebook or YouTube...

    4. is it possible to enlarge (supersize) the file icons in the Media, Edit, Effects...box. It is difficult to determine the picture with the size it is now.

    It is not, but you can always maximize the window with the top right window controls.



  4. Hi,

    Follow the steps below,

    1. From WavePad, select the Options menu > Audio tab > "Audio working folder" section, check mark the "Use this specified folder" box and copy the folder path.

    C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\WavePad.

    2. Paste the path on your windows folder explorer, this will open the Cache content files.

    3. Delete all files within this folder.

    4. Close WavePad and re open it again.

    5. Re load the file and confirm.


  5. Hi,

    What version of Pixillion are you using? and where? Windows or Mac OS? confirm OS version. 

    Also, does it happens when converting 300 .pdf files or when doing any other conversion? please confirm. 


  6. Hi,

    Set the email settings first, go to Options/Preferences(for Mac OS) → Other/Email menus → Email Settings → 

    1. Select the radio button labeled "Use SMTP to send email directly to the mail server."
    2. For SMTP mail host, enter the server address. This varies depending on your email client, for instance:
       Gmail accounts use > smtp.gmail.com
       Yahoo accounts > smtp.mail.yahoo.com
       Hotmail/MSN/Outlook.com > smtp.live.com
       AOL > smtp.aol.com
       Comcast > smtp.comcast.net
       Other: Contact your mail provider for your SMTP server address
    3. Check the box labeled "Server requires authentication" and enter your username (e.g., youraddress@gmail.com) and your password.
    4. Check the box labeled "Use secure connection (SSL/TLS) if available." (Comcast users should skip this step)
    5. Enter your email address into the field labeled "Default reply email."
    6. Click OK to save your changes, the window should close without no errors.
    7. Click OK to save your changes and close the options menu. 

    If you want to use an email client program(like Outlook or Eudora) to send your transcriptions, from the Express Invoice Email Settings menu, select "Use MAPI to send email..." instead of "Use SMTP to send email..." 

  7. Hi,

    Start by clicking the New button in the toolbar. You will need to supply a name for your effect and then use the effect window to add a series of effects to create your new voice. Once you are happy with your voice, click on Save and your voice will appear in Voxal's left hand panel ready for you to use.

    Tip: It is helpful to add an Amplify effect to your voice so that you can have good control over its volume level. This will help to reduce the need to keep adjusting the output level on Voxal's main screen. You will see that all the effects which are built into Voxal include an Amplify effect.

    Note: Your computer only has a limited amount of processing power which means there will be a limit to the number of effects you can add. If you start to notice that Voxal is not performing well and you are getting breaks in your microphone audio, then you may need to decrease the number of effects applied to that voice.


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