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  1. Hi, From the bottom left corner of the software window, move the Volume bar all the way to the right and re test. If it fails go to Options → Playback menu → Sound Device → select your current default playback device and click OK. IF it fails, load some other audio file to confirm the file is not the issue or load the same file on a different player to confirm you have audio. Regards,
  2. Hi, Unfortunately no, but you can delete the entire inventory from the main window or from here → C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\Inventoria\Items Regards,
  3. Hi, The Add Text+ option has scrolling features, but none of them are set to start at the middle of the screen, you can go from Top to Bottom, Left to Right, and/or viceversa. Regards,
  4. Hi, In case you are referring to BroadCam, the html can be reviewed by clicking the "Open Links" icon from the top menu. Regards,
  5. Hi, Run the Inventory report, this will show the total amount(cost) pricing of all your items. Regards,
  6. Hi, AltoEdge and Infinity foot pedals work just fine on Express Scribe 6.05 using Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra, no issues on a MacBook Pro. Notes: 1. Supported devices(Pedals) don´t work when connected to USB Hubs. 2. For old Mac 10.10 OS, download and install version 5.88, click on the link → http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/scribe-5-88-2016-11-26(intel).zip Regards,
  7. Hi, In reference to "all those files that once contained my data, when openened now, has only one folder called Web. When I open Web it has the following JS Script ...", What you should have is a list of backups, with their own date, please confirm(once again) the destination folder of these back ups, try to do a file or folder search using "Express Invoice Back-Up" and check the folder current location. Regards,
  8. Hi, "the recorded MP4 file DOES have the sound, just not the preview...Debut preview of the video" By "preview" you referring to the list of recordings? when you play the .MP4 from the recordings list of Debut? please confirm. Debut has no Preview window/option, you can record from the main window and play the recording from the Recordings list. Regards,
  9. Hi, The order can be changed by dragging the slideshow to the left or right, to do this, click hold and drag the clip to the correct location. Regards,
  10. Hi, Express Invoice does not offers a VAT analysis report on payments. The only available option when it comes to taxes is the Sales Tax Report. Regards,
  11. Hi, The volume level can be adjust from each Track control before or during mixing, same when you build/use a live effect chain on each track. A live effect chain means that any effect you apply will be applied during playback, which eliminates the need to wait for your audio to render with the effect. To create or edit an effect, simply click the Fx button in the track control panel. MixPad will present you with a window showing the list of effects currently applied to the selected track. Click Add Effect to add a new effect, the new added effect will be highlighted which means it is sel
  12. Telephony

    Divx to .ISO

    Hi, That cannot be done using Prism, if you wish to create a DVD you will need a burner, like Express Burn → http://www.nch.com.au/burn/index.html Regards,
  13. Hi, To establish direct connection between the GSM network and a VoIP / SIP account you will a VoIP GSM Gateway, so the question to ask is: Who offers VoIP GSM Gateways? Google "Who offers VoIP GSM Gateways?", and once you have a gateway or device, you can set this within Axon Web Control Panel → External Dialing menu → Add new External Line section. Regards,
  14. Hi, If you are referring to the free version, this version is limited to some formats, possibly, you selected a format that is not available on the free version. Regards,
  15. Hi, There is no GRV option, you could use a copy of the Purchase Order instead. To create a Credit Note, from top menu View → Credit Notes → New+ Regards,
  16. Hi, Test a different version, click on the link below → http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/recordpad-5-28-2014-10-27.exe Restart your system and try again. Regards,
  17. Hi, If there is no sound on WavePad or MixPad, but you are able to see the audio waves and time indicator when playing the file, the case could be related to a system volume issue, to test, reproduce the same file using some other media player and confirm, if you still get no sound and you cannot hear any other file(s) playing, please review your system sound settings. Regards,
  18. Hi, After the synchronization is done, you will manage the items from Inventoria, not from Express Accounts, the stock and quantities will be reflected on Inventoria. Regards,
  19. Hi, This option is not included on Photo Stage, but NCH offers a video editing program call VideoPad, please review. Regards,
  20. Hi, You can type in customers names on the Keyword case, this will show particular customer records/invoices. Regards,
  21. Hi, For that configuration and device, we suggest to use MixPad instead, you can download the trial or free/limited version from the product site, click on the link below → http://www.nch.com.au/mixpad/index.html Regards,
  22. Hi ChuckB, The only way to do this, is by changing the view to 2D from the right menu bar, this allows to measure the area. Regards,
  23. Hi, The option to attached the invoice comes after clicking on Send, you will be ask for the recipient email and option: Send on the body of the email Send as an attachment Please use the above option and sent a test to your email. Regards,
  24. Hi, You will need to go one object at the time, unfortunately there is no option to move the entire floor as a section or block. Also, the elevation cannot be changed if there are objects placed on the story. Regards,
  25. Hi, What can be done is change the roof inclination using the arrows that appear on each section and play or adjust the walls to make it lower. You can download a sample from the following link → https://files.fm/u/2crj2km4 Regards,
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