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  1. Hi, At this time, Express Invoice lets you set/use one email account, no matter if you have multiple business, the email account will be the same for all business profiles. This means that if you are able to send from one business profile, you are also able to send from the other one, as is the same account, using the same settings. The Expert user suggestion(previous post) is a good practice, by including your email account next to the customers email(separated by a coma "," symbol) before sending, you can have/receive a copy of the invoice to confirm if it was successfully sent or not. In some occasions, networks and domains could block emails that contain attachments, IF this is your case, as a work around use the option that says "include invoice in the body fo the email" before sending. If you need further assistance please contact the support staff, they will be more than glad to assist > supportnch@nchsoftware.com
  2. Hi, You will be able to synchronize Inventoria and Copper or Inventoria and Express Accounts, but not the 3 modules simultaneously. It works as you mentioned, you manage the items/products inventory on Inventoria and sell/invoice either with your point of sale(Copper) or Express Accounts. The synchronization is meant to reduce/extract the amount of items you have sold from the Inventoria inventory list, that´s about it, nothing else is synchronize. If you wish to run a Sales report you will use the software that you are using to sell to run the report, either Copper or Express Accounts, remember that you are not selling using Inventoria. 1) I can't find any record or report that shows the transaction of the withdrawal of inventory. This is not an option, Inventoria will only show the available/quantity items remaining, however you can run a sales report from the other products to review how many items you have sold. 2) There is no record of any activity in Express Accounts of the Inventory receipt or usage. This is shown on the "View receive history" tab from the software left side column bar,
  3. Hi, You are right ! the options from the Preview window and the timeline sequence are not the same, The edition and the settings will be manage/use on the video Sequence line(also know as Timeline) and the Preview will be use to preview your project before exporting or saving, specifically, however, your suggestions are great, you have a good point, please enter the suggestion on the following link > http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/ In case you need support from our techs, you can write us down to : supportnch@nchsoftware.com
  4. Hi, Unfortunately, if you already checked the "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\Scribe\Current" folders, and found nothing, there is nothing else to do, the transcription was not properly saved, there was no draft created probably due to the system issue you had. There is no other work around, Regards,
  5. Hi, Any Modem that is 100% TAPI compliant (which means it is a certify Voice Modem) will work along with Axon. The notifications you got refer to a Modem device that is not a Voice modem, unfortunately the software cannot be used on that particular model. So the requirements are, 1. 100% TAPI compliant device. 2. A modem device compatible with your current OS (Windows 7 device drivers) 3. There are many modem device manufactures, please review the next link > http://www.nch.com.au/ivm/modems.html Best regards,
  6. Hi, You can select/highlight the 200 files and drag them into the Playpad playlist window, they will be automatically added and you can start playing from there. Please try ! Best regards,
  7. Hi , As you already know, from January 1 2006 Dialogic announced that they will no longer support TAPI compliancy. We cannot recommend these boards or assist technically support issues with the board when interfacing with our applications. So to answer to your inquiry, even though the card was made before 2006 we cannot advise on using this board with our software products - latest versions, however you are welcome to test it and use it with the software trial version. Regards,
  8. Hi, It is in fact a good suggestion, please enter the comment and suggestion on the following link > http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/ for the software developers to take into consideration for the up coming versions. Best regards,
  9. Hi, It depends on the software version you are working with, on the latest version(4.21) there are text settings you could use to accomplish that, like Text color, Full back ground and Text background, however what you are getting " the subtitle contains a border, that is not in the same color as the selected background" seems to be a color difference in between the text color and the background color you have selected. If this is not the case you could submit a VideoPad support ticket to supportnch@nchsoftware.com , the support staff is very helpful. Regards,
  10. Hi, The check number cannot be change, what you´ll be able to change is the amount, the date, the reference and transaction numbers. Select the check you wish to edit, click the Edit button on the toolbar and edit the selected check. You can only edit one check at a time. Regards,
  11. Hi, You may want to start troubleshooting with and without the analog mic and the Motu ultralite mk3 hook up. Go to the Voxal Options menu, look for the recording device(it must be listed and set up on the Windows recording mixer settings, under the "Sound > Recording Windows settings" this device must be set as your default Windows recording device), select it and try to record/use the analog mic once again. Try also to record/use Voxal with a different microphone, or use the system integrated mic(in case you are using a laptop) in order to test. In case you need further assistance you can always contact the NCH support staff at supportnch@nchsoftware.com Best regards,
  12. Hi, I believe that the software cannot manipulate the cash drawer functions, and the printer that the software uses to print the receipts is your default printer. You can actually select the printer you´ll like to use, after you click on "Print Receipt" or "View Receipt" you should be able to select the printer from the printer settings window. Please check!
  13. No es posible agregar campos o columnas nuevas al programa Inventoria, sin embargo para este tipo de preguntas es preferible que contactes al servicio de soporte técnico por medio del correo supportnch@nchsoftware.com
  14. Hi ! If you were able to use the same feature(dial ext when pressing a number-key, related to the "Key response settings" - "Menu (single key matching)") on version 4.11, when using Windows XP, and you had the same Modem and firmware that you are using now, the issue may be related to the software version and not your modem, however if the IVM logs showed that the call was transfered to the extension you might need to enter a support ticket at http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html Something you could try is to change/modify the IVM's message playback volume, the same issue can occur if it is set too high. Click Settings and adjust the "Volume Level" on the "General" tab to a lower setting. Now the modem will hear the DTMF tones easier. Regards,
  15. As stated on the online help guide IVM can validate the variable using a number range or a list of valid (or invalid) numbers (for example to check an access code). If this test fails, IVM says "that is not a valid number" and replays the OGM. It is how the software was designed. You can either select Menu (single key press) or Data Entry (variable) under the Key Response Settings for each Mailbox. What you could try is to set the " * " key , under the Key Response settings menu as "Access Mailbox Control" , then click on "Configure" and set it up as "Prompt for password only" , select the Mailbox and click Save & Close. Restart the software ( close the web control panel) and test it. IF the user failed to enter the password press the " * ". Let us know the outcome. For further assistance on this matter please open a support ticket at www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html Best regards,
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