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    Cannot find fadeout in effects in v 7.14

    Hi, Right click on the audio wave form, select Effects and use the Fade options. Regards,
  2. Telephony

    Partial Payments

    Hi, From top menu go to View → Payments → select the customer and check on the payments, all partial payments will be related to the same invoice, you will notice this from the Invoice column in the right. Regards,
  3. Hi, Debut won´t take out or damage system drivers, this usually occurs when the board cannot properly update system drivers or when there is a conflict in between these two... For this matter you can go to Device Manager → Sound Video and game controllers → right click the board controller and select to Update. If the issue persist Disable and Enable the controller, restart your system and confirm. Regards,
  4. Telephony

    problem BW

    Hi, Please add the application on your Windows Firewall and disable the antivirus before trying again, in order to test, and let us know the outcome. If the issue persist after doing the above, there might be an issue with the port or your network security.
  5. Telephony

    Insert shapes to a photo

    Hi, These are not available, but you can download clips from top menu Creative → Clip Art. Regards,
  6. Hi, Which version of the software are you using? if the issue occurs with all .wma please contact NCH support and request for assistance to test a different version.
  7. Telephony

    Imported objects not show after upgrading

    Hi, Just to confirm, you are not able to properly open the DreamPlan projects? or you are referring to objects missing on the project?
  8. Telephony

    jpg to pdf results upside down

    Hi, Please check on the effect, click the "Effects" tab at the bottom menu bar and review the Rotate option. Regards,
  9. Telephony

    Web Access Don't Work

    Hi, Many of our customers still use Windows 8.1, and they all use the web access, no issues... Most of the times(not to say all), the case is related to the browser security settings or a firewall/antivirus blocking outgoing and incoming connections, please review. Also, make sure to use the correct IP, Local or Public, depending on your current location/network. Regards,
  10. Hi, "The webcam continues to work with other programs, like Gchat and Windows Camera; so I have a feeling it's an NCH Debut issue." please close these applications, terminate the process from the Windows Task manager and then open Debut to configure the device. Possibly, the input of this USB device is taken by other application. Regards,
  11. Telephony

    Recording problems

    Hi, 1. What version of MixPad did you install? 2. Are you using Windows 10,8,7,XP or Mac OS? 3. From where are you doing the recording? which device? Please confirm,
  12. Telephony

    CD burner error: sense data 03 73 02

    Hi, Possibly, Express Burn is unable to determine the Optimum Power Calibration rate (a small pre-burn test to determine optimal laser power for writing), resulting a disk burn failure. There is no easy way to pinpoint the exact reason, so try all the possible fixes from top to bottom (easy to hard) and see what works: Try using different brands of quality blank media, most common reason for such error's is cheap blank media. Try burning at lower speeds (Highly effective). Try updating or changing your CD\DVD burning software to the latest version, click here → Download Express Burn for Windows Try upgrading your writer's firmware.
  13. Telephony

    Aero - what is it and what does it do?

    Hi, "Disable Aero when Debut runs" The Aero feature of Windows adds animation and transparency effects to windows, at the cost of using more CPU. Checking this box will disable Aero effects, freeing up some CPU and potentially giving faster, smoother capturing. This is ONLY available for Windows Vista and 7. Regards,
  14. Telephony

    Los clips se descolocan al exportar la mezcla

    Hola, Si el problema existe solo al exportar, el caso podría estar relacionado al formato y opciones que utilizo, por favor intente exportar con otro formato y/u opciones de formato.
  15. Telephony

    Quantities on Express Accounts not updating

    Hi, The quantity of items(stock) will change on Inventoria only if: 1. The applications were synchronized correctly. 2. You are using the correct Inventory location. 3. You are creating invoices from Express Accounts. Purchases Orders made on Express Accounts won´t increase the inventory on Inventoria. Regards,
  16. Telephony

    unable to open verity control panel

    Hi, Possibly, this happened because they terminated the process from the Windows Task manager... When setting Verity, during the Wizard option → Monitoring Settings → you need to check mark "Add Task Manager as a prohibid program for all users" box. If this was not checked, you´ll need to added from the Web Access menu → Parental Controls: Prohibited Activities Regards,
  17. Telephony

    Alphabetized Suppliers/Customers in Receive Stock Screen

    Hi, It depends if you are referring to the Suppliers list, you can order this list clicking on the "Supplier" column heading. IF you are referring to the supplier drop down when creating a purchase order, unfortunately, this cannot be arrange, but you can enter the first letters on the case to find it... In regards to "clear the database as it is consumed", right click the item and select to delete, or update the item inventory manually, it depends on what you wish to accomplish. Regards,
  18. Telephony

    No audio with video using USB input: Part Deux

    Hi, Set your Sound card or USB device as your Windows default recording device before trying again. Go to Control Panel > Sound > Recording menu > select your sound card or USB device and set as default. If these options are not listed, right click on the blank area, select "Show disabled devices", look for the option, select, click "Set default", and OK. When ready, go to Debut options > Audio > check mark Microphone and Speakers boxes and click OK to start the recording. Regards,
  19. Telephony

    Audio Delay

    Hi, What version do you have? what OS? what type of file? does it happens with any file? are you using a foot pedal device for playback?
  20. Telephony

    No sound on audio files

    Hi, From the bottom left corner of the software window, move the Volume bar all the way to the right and re test. If it fails go to Options → Playback menu → Sound Device → select your current default playback device and click OK. IF it fails, load some other audio file to confirm the file is not the issue or load the same file on a different player to confirm you have audio. Regards,
  21. Telephony

    inventory bulk update

    Hi, Unfortunately no, but you can delete the entire inventory from the main window or from here → C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\Inventoria\Items Regards,
  22. Telephony

    Animated text placement

    Hi, The Add Text+ option has scrolling features, but none of them are set to start at the middle of the screen, you can go from Top to Bottom, Left to Right, and/or viceversa. Regards,
  23. Telephony

    customisation of "live.html"(

    Hi, In case you are referring to BroadCam, the html can be reviewed by clicking the "Open Links" icon from the top menu. Regards,
  24. Hi, Run the Inventory report, this will show the total amount(cost) pricing of all your items. Regards,
  25. Hi, AltoEdge and Infinity foot pedals work just fine on Express Scribe 6.05 using Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra, no issues on a MacBook Pro. Notes: 1. Supported devices(Pedals) don´t work when connected to USB Hubs. 2. For old Mac 10.10 OS, download and install version 5.88, click on the link → http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/scribe-5-88-2016-11-26(intel).zip Regards,