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  1. Transfer project from PC to Android and back

    Hi, Not really, but you can export the project file as a video file instead, so you can play it on any device... Best regards,
  2. Trial product ok, Paid one not - blurry films on mp4 exports

    Hi, Follow steps below, 1. Always before exporting or burning, play the total length of the project from the VideoPad Preview window to confirm it plays fine(no issues). 2. Use the Export menu > VideoFile option. 3. Set the Preset, File format, Resolution, Maximum frame rate, Encoder settings and click Create. A recommended set up will be: Preset > Custom File format > .MP4 Resolution > Use your system display resolution. Frame Rate > 60.00 Constant frame rate > checked Click Create, wait for the process to finish and play the video file to confirm. Best regards,
  3. Entering liabilities?

    Hi, Is not included on the Category case listing, but transactions that are related to liabilities will be allocated on this section, for instance: Credit Card transactions, dues, education...will be allocated and classified as Liabilities. Do some test entries and confirm, latter on you can delete if necessary. Regards,
  4. Changing the column order

    Hi, That is correct, for the moment the order of these columns can only be change from the interface(when creating the invoice) but not from the invoice it self(when previewing or printing) The case is currently under review, you can check for updates on > http://www.nchsoftware.com/software/newsletter.html Best regards,
  5. Entering liabilities?

    Hi, On MoneyLine, you have the following transaction types: Deposit - Deposit income into this account. ATM - A withdraw from an ATM machine. EFT - An electronic funds transfer. Check - A written and numbered check. Purchase - Point of sale purchase. Transfer - A transfer to another account. There is no Liability option, but you can always use the Category and Sub Category to classify your liability, for instance: you can use "Loan" from the Category case or create a new Category call "Liability" from the top menu > Category+ icon. Best regards,

    Hi, Please do a test, export the video to a local folder using the Export > Video File option, wait for the process to finish, when ready, play the video using your default media player and confirm if the issue persist or not. Login to your YouTube channel and upload the video from your channel directly and confirm if the issue persist. Best regards,
  7. adjusted audio recording level

    Hi, This is based on the recording source or device volume, for instance: if you are recording from a stream(YouTube, online Radios...) turn the stream volume up, if you are recording from a device(microphone, board...) go to the device recording options and turn the volume up. Best regards,
  8. Effects not active on exported file

    Hi, Does it happens when exporting with other file formats? there are about 15 different audio file format options, please test and review. Also, for Audio edition we suggest to use WavePad, for more information click here > http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/index.html Best regards,
  9. "Tuner" as "video input" under video input device

    Hi, Not sure if that option is included, but you can review the product website details from here > http://www.nchsoftware.com/goldenvideos/index.html In reference to "There is no cable connection info, setting info, input info related to capturing from a tuner card or TV, which naturally has a tuner in it." All you have to do is connect the card or tv input to your computer using a video adapter that allows this connection. Please review online, there are many adapters for this matter.
  10. "Project data folder can't be found"

    Hi, There are many reasons why, for instance: corruption of data, the data folder is currently damaged, an application error when loading the file, you selected the wrong project file to be open... If the issue only occurs with two project files only, possibly, the case is related to damage files, but you can try to reinstall the software, restart your system and reload the files to test. Best regards,
  11. WavePad & Graphic Audio Equalizer

    Hi, It does ! , once you load the audio file, right click on the audio wave forms to select Effects > Equalizer > Visual. Best regards,
  12. Recording

    Hi, This happens when there is no audio going thru the input you have selected to record from...change the recording source from WavePad Options > Recording menu > "Device" drop down. You can also confirm which is the Windows default recording device by clicking the "Open Windows Record Mixer" to confirm from where you are recording from. Best regards,
  13. Hot keys

    Hi, From Scribe Options > Playback menu > Auto back step on stop(ms) > use 15000 for 15 seconds > click OK to save changes. Every time you click/press Stop, it will take you 15 seconds back on the track/recording. Best regards,
  14. Capture Live Stream

    Hi, You can stream it, but not capture, record simultaneously, unless you have Debut, to record the stream.... For more information click here> http://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/index.html Best regards,
  15. Exporting to MP3 sounds terrible

    Hi, Please use other rate, when exporting as .MP3 use > Constant Bitrate > 256 kbps > Channel Encoding mode: Stereo > click OK and Export. Best regards,