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  1. I can confirm the bug is also in the paid version, having recently upgraded with the full options. When can we expect a squash?
  2. TomH

    Moving Multiple Tracks

    Hold down Ctrl key while you select each track. Split if necessary. Repeat selection if necessary and drag...
  3. If you are referring to recorded noises, the answer is no. First, how would you separate the audio into multiple tracks? Second, duplicated audio on multiple tracks is additive; both "background" and "foreground" are added identically. You could offset two identical tracks and the identical audio will be shifted in phase depending on the offset and frequency; a 1 millisecond offset will cause a 360 degree rotation at 1 kHz and thus a comb filter with a 1 kHz interval between notches, e.g., 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, ...
  4. TomH


    I have tried DSK Choir Z and Symphonia but MixPad on Win10 does not see them. How does one go about installing VSTs? I set up a folder under the MixPad program folder and placed the respective DLLs there but no success.
  5. Bilden is Swedish for picture. Given the tiny file size, perhaps the file is just a thumbnail image or a text pointer to the actual file.
  6. Thanks, Ben. I wondered why I was singing so fast at a setting of 100bpm.
  7. The BPM setting in Preferences has no effect on the metronome rate in MixPad 3.98 iOS on iPad 2. Am I missing some step in applying the setting to the current project? It seems to be running at a rate of about 120 bpm in 4/4 time. Is it that this is the free version and the controls have no effect until upgraded? I cannot find any feature comparison between the free and paid versions to identify the differences; that would be helpful.
  8. I was missing something, not having used iTunes File Sharing very much in the past. I was using drag'n'drop which works for the top level files but not folders. Way off the screen and only accessible by scrolling to the very bottom is the "Save to..." button which does copy the selected files and folders. So my memory-starved 16GB iPad 2 does not have to store everything I make with MixPad. What a relief!
  9. iPad 2 iOS 9 MixPad Help requests "could not be loaded because the App Transport Security policy requires the use of a secure connection." Is that something the user has to (or can) fix?
  10. How do you transfer a project between iOS 9 iPad 2 and Windows 10 PC? Through iTunes File Sharing, I can copy the .mpdp file okay but not the corresponding .ProjectData folder from my iPad 2 to my Windows computer. And the folder does not open in iTunes to get its contents. I see the Windows app supports DropBox but I don't see any such support in the iOS app. Am I missing something? Both of these are the free versions.
  11. Settings revert to default after clicking Done on settings window with Pocket RecordPad 5.09
  12. Maybe I just had finger problems. When I first changed the key signature after a double bar, it rippled back to the beginning. I redid the procedure and this time the two different keys are where they should be. The Help system is silent on this subject.
  13. How does one change key within the score without affecting everything prior, e.g., 1st half in C Major and second half in something else?
  14. Maybe by signing up for the newsletter. Look in the Help menu. Also Check for Update prompts to sign up for the newsletter.
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