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  1. PS: Please note I have read the API commands page http://www.nch.com.au/talk/sdk.html It needs to feedback Call Data.... How long in available How long on the call How long in wrap up (Pause dial) mode Send or Receive CLI information (Depending on inbound or outbound call) Set status (Break, Lunch, Meeting) etc Thanks
  2. Hi; Im currently making my own call centre customer records manager. Im looking for an API that will work with Express Talk or any other VoIP Softphone that integrates with the browser. Requirements.... String with CLI data sent from Dialler to browser. String with Softphone status (On call, Break, Lunch, etc) String with timing or UNIX Time stamp of when each interval changes Log in data transfered as a command to dialler based on log in and log out buttons clicked on browser leaving the express talk or other dialler to run silently in the background If NCH can produce this once the call centre system is completed it would be marketed as being compatible with NCH Express Talk
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