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  1. Ivan187

    VP 6.31...Anything missing?

    Oh, that explains it
  2. Ivan187

    VP 6.31...Anything missing?

    I too was kinda confused about the reduced size of the setup file. It was a little over 5 MB for how many years?
  3. Oh.. now that explains everything. Thanks.
  4. I'm not using Sticky Keys. Had it turned off for years actually.
  5. While I'm editing a text clip, I encounter this annoying bug where if you try to type an R into the text, instead the program brings up the Register VideoPad window. Eventually it lets me type the R into the text clip, but I don't know why it happens. I looked in the "File" menu, and the Register Software item doesn't even display a keyboard shortcut, so it's pretty weird.
  6. Ivan187

    Stereo audio

    Maybe you got used to editing on Sony Vegas, which is an editing software that allows for editing both audio channels independently. It would be cool if VideoPad could do it too, though. xD
  7. Ivan187

    How things have changed

    I didn't say that. I'm just wondering why that version of the software is pretty popular among users even today. Of course I'm still gonna have the latest version, always. I never said I actually started using 2.41. ?
  8. Ivan187

    I can recall seeing "Flip" video effects...

    Exactly what I didn't want to do. ._.
  9. So, a while ago when I installed version 6.20 of VideoPad, I noticed there were new video effects that allowed for Horizontal or Vertical flipping without having to flip 180 degrees with the Rotate effect. But, in versions 6.21 and 6.22, those aren't even there anymore. What happened?
  10. Ivan187

    How things have changed

    Why is 2.41 the most popular version of the software anyway?
  11. Ivan187

    Clips don't snap properly

    Yes, that is exactly what's going on. I make it look evident by zooming the timeline all the way in after you insert the clip in there.
  12. Ivan187

    Clips don't snap properly

    I've encountered another issue while using VideoPad 6.21. Whenever I add another clip on the timeline until it snaps to the desired position, the clip lands a little bit off. How off it lands, depends on the zooming. The more I zoom the timeline out, the more off the clips get placed from the snap position. When the timeline is completely zoomed out, I try overlaying or placing a clip in the snap position, but it lands a full 3 seconds later in the timeline. This doesn't happen when the timeline is completely zoomed in, nor when I use the "Add to Sequence at Cursor" option, but I always got used to dragging and dropping the clip into the timeline, so it's a little inconvenient.
  13. Ivan187

    Censoring goes out of sync

    Tried updating to 6.21 instead of going back to 5.04?
  14. Ivan187

    Video Export Hangs at 99.5%

    I don't see how available free space could be a problem for me. 645 GB of free space, 8 GB of RAM, but as for the video card, I know absolutely nothing.
  15. Ivan187

    Video Export Hangs at 99.5%

    Weird, same quality and everything but it exported perfectly for you, I don't even know what I'm doing wrong. Oh well, thanks. Now I can use it for my videos!