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  1. Ivan187

    There's supposed to be something here... right?

    That was introduced since version 4.30, I think.
  2. Ivan187

    Animated Text Editing

    I don't wanna use the Shadow or Blur video effects because then the video takes FOREVER to render. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  3. Ivan187

    Animated Text Editing

    If you can add outlines and shadows on simple text clips, then why can't you do the same for animated text clips/titles? That would be cool!
  4. Ivan187

    Track effects

    This is precisely why I made my suggestion. It would be cool to have something more convenient than having to export the sequence twice. (The first time with the multiple clips w/o effects and the second time with the effects already applied from the first export)
  5. Ivan187

    Track effects

    It would be cool if we could apply video or audio effects to an entire track, add polygon masks and adjust keyframes whenever possible, instead of just being able to apply effects to individual clips.
  6. Ivan187

    Shake effect doesn't work anymore

    It's been a while since I used the Shake effect for a video. I recently tried to use it on one of my projects, and it doesn't work right. Every time the effect window is loaded, it shows a different still of the clip moving around, but it doesn't shake whilst the video is playing (both preview & output). How long has this bug been present anyway? The last time I used the Shake effect was before I updated to 5.01. By the way, this bug only happens on images, and if their duration is under one second.
  7. Ivan187

    Upgrade from 4.56 to 5.03 is TOTALLY worth it

    I think you meant that backwards.
  8. This was an issue ever since rich text editing was invented for this program. (v4.10)
  9. Ivan187

    VideoPad Interface Themes

    I've seen web pages that change where some features are located due to a theme change. It would be a mess if that were to happen on VideoPad because it's like having to get used to the program all over again. I would only change the colors or style of the buttons when it comes to theme changes, but that's it.
  10. Ivan187


    To my knowledge, the bug only happens when you have a lot of clips, especially on the second video track.
  11. Ivan187


    I too experienced missing clips in 5.02. Had to go back to 5.01 hoping this will get fixed. But then again, it said "Beta" in the top right corner. I should've had it coming.
  12. Ivan187


    Have you tried opening the file in VideoPad and see if it plays? For all I know Windows Media Player is not the right tool. If it plays correctly in VideoPad, then it might also work once it's uploaded.
  13. Ivan187

    Exported video keeps freezing in consistent place

    You might be using either version 4.05 or 4.08. I remember like the back of my hand that I experienced periodical freezes on my videos when I used these versions of the software. This issue was fixed from 4.10 onwards and has never reappeared as of 5.01.