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  1. Hi, I had the Debut software and had an issue with having to select the spot on the screen i wanted to record always popping up, so i uninstalled it. I reinstalled the program, and it asked me to reboot so I did, and I come back on and all my sound drivers are disabled, and it gives me "registry is corrupt" "error 19" at first i thought it was the program but i did some searching (system restore wont work, uninstalling drivers and rebooting doesnt work.........etc) and found nothing........ except issues with people having this SAME exact issue from "NCHsoftware" products. they post some results that have worked for them... i have tried them and NONE of them work. Now i come here in hopes to have the devs fix what they broke, or perhaps a user who has had this same issue to help me. I am using W7 64 bit OS thanks
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