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    carpeting (rugs)

    The downloads I linked to should be free.
  2. N_C_H_josh

    carpeting (rugs)

    Floor mats would be the closes things, under Interior-->Misc-->Floor Mat You could import rugs from https://archive3d.net/?tag=rug
  3. N_C_H_josh

    Multi-channel Editing

    Wavepad Mac hasn't been released recently. I think that blog post refers to the newly released Windows version.
  4. N_C_H_josh

    Voxal Does Not Work - Very Frustrated

    I'll message you offline. This doesn't sound like something the user forum could help with.
  5. N_C_H_josh

    Express Invoice & Reflect

    Unfortunately, no. Some of our business programs can be synced per https://www.nchsoftware.com/inventory/kb/1289.html, but Reflect isn't one of them.
  6. N_C_H_josh

    Different free version and paid version

    There is no free version of Inventoria, only a free trial of the paid program.
  7. N_C_H_josh

    Creating Audio CD containing CD-text (Metadata)

    Please open a support ticket at https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html. I don't think that this is the type of problem that can be addressed on a user forum.
  8. N_C_H_josh

    Trial Expired

    Yes. Windows: https://www.nchsoftware.com/invoice/eisetupfree.exe Mac: https://www.nchsoftware.com/invoice/eifreemaci.zip
  9. I wouldn't expect the Windows version to run on your Mac. The Mac version is available at https://www.nchsoftware.com/invoice/eifreemaci.zip
  10. N_C_H_josh

    More Hotkeys, a LOT more Hotkeys

    Sorry. The link should be https://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/index.html without a period. There's a input form where you can enter your suggestion.
  11. N_C_H_josh

    More Hotkeys, a LOT more Hotkeys

    Please feel free to file your suggestion at http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/index.html. That's the easiest way to ensure that your idea is evaluated for possible inclusion in a future release.
  12. N_C_H_josh

    Arabic Language

    Unfortunately, we don't publish an Arabic version of PhotoStage. There are currently English, Spanish. French, German, Japanese, Italian and Korean versions.
  13. N_C_H_josh

    Colour channels

    Unfortunately, there's no clean way of doing that in PhotoPad. It's a really good idea for a new effect though, and I'll have development add it to the todo list.
  14. N_C_H_josh

    Free Version Question

    There is a free version of Express Scribe for Windows available at https://www.nch.com.au/scribe/essetup.exe. The Mac version is available at https://www.nch.com.au/scribe/scribemaci.zip
  15. There are Windows, Mac, and Android versions of Crescendo. There's no iOS version.
  16. N_C_H_josh

    NCH software install location

    WavePad will only install to your system drive, usually the C drive, in C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\WavePad The other programs will install similarly.
  17. N_C_H_josh


    For long term use, you'd need another license, but we offer a 14 day free trial. Just install Copper on the second computer.
  18. N_C_H_josh

    Worst Editing Software Yet (Need Older Version)

    Nat J, I'll PM you. I can send you a link to any version that you want.
  19. Express Scribe is meant to run in a standalone desktop environment. We've had people asking about Citrix, Terminal Server etc, but unfortunately, I've never seen that kind of setup work.
  20. N_C_H_josh

    Can't find my recordings

    Your recordings should be in the folder specified under Options-->Recordings Folder If not, then I'd search for them using the command prompt or Windows Explorer.
  21. We've licensed the sound library, and you're permitted to use the clips in YouTube videos.
  22. N_C_H_josh

    Help PDF document

    The PDF is available at http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/clickcharts/win/help.pdf
  23. That's the free version, not a trial. Yes, it's feature restricted.
  24. There's a free version of Debut available at https://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/debutsetup.exe. The trial normally lasts for 14 days, but there are usage limits.
  25. Please open a support ticket at https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html. There's no general fix. Our technical support team will work with you to gather information for our developers.