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  1. This explains my point better: Currently the window only fully shows 7 items, if the window was extended to the outline of the red box (or more?) when it could fit over four times as much at once. That and being sorted in alphabetical order and it would make it quick and easy for me to use instead of needing to rely on a second program. This would save me a lot of time making invoices.
  2. I am unsure how that would apply for my case. All my parts are in a storage area in a workshop, my computer is inside for doing quotes and invoices. Unless I would have a booklet with the list of parts and a barcode sticker next to each one. That would still be slower than having my parts list in a spreadsheet open and doing a copy-paste across. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  3. Thanks for listening, To add to that I would like it if the drop down tab for the parts list used up all the screen space available below it or at least much more than now if possible. Currently the small window that opens up only shows 7-1/2 items at once. Due to me having hundreds of parts I have to use the slider or do lots of scrolling if I wish to select something in that list. Otherwise keep up the good work, I bought the software only a short time ago and it's already helping my business.
  4. When I make an invoice I will use the drop down tab to select what stock to add to the order just like many would. However this list is sorted alpha-numerically from the item list instead of the descriptions. Seeing the item box is only small I would think people are meant to use that for a serial/part number of products. So wouldn't it make more sense to have it or have the option for it to be sorted by the Description instead? For me I use a auto makers 10 digit part number for the item which means my parts end up being in a random looking sequence. This means I have to at all times have a spreadsheet open to have the part number list handy. I'm not programmer but it would think it would be an easy feature to add?
  5. I have found an indirect way: - open your existing invoice - save it as a draft - exit and open that draft - select make invoice from draft - make invoice number whatever you like - delete original
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