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  1. Hi, a quick update. With Bitdefender disabled SoundTap did indeed load successfully on the first attempt. I'll do a bit more experimenting to see which feature is causing the problem.
  2. Hi, It's an iMac Retina 4K 21.5 inch late 2015 intel core 5 3.1GHz with 16Gb 1867 MHz DDR3 memory with 2.12 TB Fusion drive. When Soundtap is first started Bitdefender blocks SoundTap access to "my safe files" and the admin password is needed to get past that. I'll try it again with Bitdefender Shield and the "Safe Files" feature turned off.
  3. Hi, Does anyone have experience of running SoundTap on macOS Mojave? I've used versions 4... on everything from Mavericks onwards with no problems, but SoundTap seriously trashes Mojave, reducing it to a blank screen for what seems ages, probably only a minute before it reboots, but it seems a long time.......... My guess is that V5.0 is never going to work until it gets a 64bit makeover.
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