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  1. All of the posts I read were written in 2013 and 2014. I am hoping some things have changed since then. I installed the free download in December 2015. I am not as experienced in writing music as most users are, so some of my questions may seem ridiculous to you. I hope you will help me even though you may be laughing the whole time. So, I needed to take the music of a hymn at my church and write English words in lieu of the original words which are in Greek. As if that weren't complicated enough the notations for the Greek music are totally different that standard notations. I have muddled my way way though, but I inserted bar lines and now I need to change the bar lines because I changed the value of some of the notes. I cannot delete bar lines. I tried to follow the instructions in the User Manual, but when I try to do what it says, my words move around. Is there a feature that would automatically insert bars based on the time signature and value of notes? If not, could you tell me step by step how to delete a bar line. Since I was not able to accomplish that by reading the User Manual, I am asking for the step by step. I apologize for being so elementary.
  2. I cannot figure out how to do Split Transactions. I want to use this feature for multiple purchases with the same Check or Credit Card. The "Help" information says to use the "Add" button. I hit the add button for a new transaction. Then I enter the total transaction information, e.g.. $1,000. I would then like to enter e.g., $500 car repairs; $200 groceries; $300 clothing. I would appreciate a step by step way to do this. What do I do after I enter the overall amount? What is my next step to enter the split detail? I have tried hitting the Add button while I have the overall transaction is opened, but that didn't work. Thanks so much for your help. I am sure it is very simple, but I am doing something wrong.
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