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    Hiding the mouse cursor.

    Hey there Debut team. This seems to be a large issue that has been unresolved in your later versions of Debut. I'm currently using the full v1.83, and I do not see the option that is eluded to in almost every post/FAQ I've found: As you can see, there is no "hide cursor" option. Also, when I record an in-game experience, it shows both the OS X mouse cursor and my in-game cursor. I'm pretty annoyed, given that I just paid $40 assuming that this very standard option would be made available. Please resolve this ASAP. Thanks.
  2. rowstyles

    Mouse Cursor

    I've read all over the forums and FAQ and that's the solution I am always seeing. However, maybe you don't realize that in more recent versions of Debut that option doesn't exist? Here's what the record panel looks like: Currently, there is no way to disable the mouse cursor. This is a huge misstep for this app.
  3. rowstyles


    There's no fix as far as I've researched. There is no way to turn off the mouse cursor. I have the full version and every recording has a frozen mouse cursor IN ADDITION to my in-game cursor.
  4. rowstyles

    Problems with mouse pointer

    I have the purchased version and I'm experiencing the same problem. I have no way to disable the mouse cursor. In my game captures I have both the in-game cursor and a frozen mouse cursor. Very annoying.