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  1. Your purchase should have come with a registration card I've got the card and number, phoned last night and got a reply today as I was at home today. No good if I work out of the house for a living. direct contact to our technical support team specifically for retail purchases yes I was going to try that first. But! the start of the forum states "Our Technical Support team will, on a best efforts basis, review posts and answer questions. However, this forum is designed to be self-help and relies on the user community to answer posts". Therefore I did not want to disturb tech support. As an addition, I added approx 25 invoices into Express Accounts the reports appeared limited ie could'nt get it to display the details of a customers payment ie Invoice No 6. Only would displays limited values without detail. Went to Express Invoices made a couple of invoices, imported them to Express Accounts where it wiped out the original 25 invoices I'd entered earlier.................. Maybe this package is not for a small business and is more for an accountant who does work for small businesses.
  2. Also how do I with Express Accounts change the measurement from Inches to millimeters, I can do it in Express Invoice ok. Or is this new software I bought yesterday (even downloading the latest upgrades) so old it has not kept up with the times. As 95% of the world uses the metric system, according to the CIA World Fact-Book.
  3. Sorry People I've just bought NCH Business Essentials, so new to this Forum. First of all is there a forum for the likes of me? Anyway, question is the package has got Express Invoice and Express Accounts. What I need to know is general understanding of how the package operates. Can I view Express Invoice as a day to day running of a company (ie fuel bought, invoices sent, payments received, wages paid, tools bought, etc. Or is Express Invoice as the name suggests is for Invoices only. And the day to day running of the company should always by done in Express Accounts. The frightening thing is if I do anything in Invoice express and import it into Express Accounts it warns it shall overwrite all data in Express Accounts Also in Express Accounts if I buy fuel at a Shell Garage I can see a report of fuel bought but cannot see report who/what company it was bought from. Is there a link where newbies like me can get this info. I did consider using Sage software, but like other accounting business software companies they lost the foresight during the world recession to downgrade/simplify some of their packages to cater for people like me who worked all their days. got redundant and now given the excuse now to give it a go at self-employment. I've never had to do accounts before but I've now been forced to. Therefore a simple clean package would suite a vast number of first time users.
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