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  1. I hope we'll have an answer from the technical support team soon.
  2. Hello, I have the same problem as winefromparis. I've had ten shutdowns while I was using soundtap .My computer is new and I am on windows 8 .Apparently the error report shows that there is a problem with soundtap drivers, which does not mean that they are the cause of the problem. The registry should be ok - 2 months old and I clean it regularly with CCleaner - no virus - I have BitDefender Internet Security. Windows each time restarts my computer after the blue screen of death but does not seem to propose any solution. I am a licensed user of soundtap but the support center only offers me to download it once again, when I Have already done it twice ! I must add that I use a DACMagic Plus from Cambridge Audio with its own CA drivers but I had it on a previous computer with Windows XP 3 Pro and everything was perfect with soundtap. Please let me know if you have any idea about what could cause the repeated clashes that occurr so frequently in the system.
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