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  1. We have three users with Dictate and four users with Scribe to receive. Suddenly FTP which had been working for over a year went wrong. The sender was OK and I can see the file in the FTP site - but the recevier gets nothing. the same happened with all users. Has anyone else had this problem. I have now reverted to email but thats slower and I prefered the FTP version
  2. Yes same problems started last week. No updates have been made to Dictate we send the current file and an old file is sent instead? Using email rather than FTP as FTP used to work now doesn't either. Any idea whats happening?
  3. Hello I use 3 Express Dictates and 3 Express Scribes and this has worked sucessfully for many months until yesterday. The dicatation are loading into Dictate OK, and showing that they are sent OK. I can check them on the FTP site and they are on the site. The typist using Scribe can upload and it shows the download % increasing, but it keeps incresing and alternating with 5%. Then there are no files showing as downloaded. On the FTP site it shwos they gone - as if htey have been downloaded. On the sending Dictate they show at UPLOADED. This is happening on several machines and none of the typists are receiving files. All the tests in settings of the FTP for each user test OK. Can anyone help please. Many thanks Tim
  4. Hi there. I have subscribed to Dictate and my typist has Scribe. I have set up FTP all OK. However if the Scribe user selects LOAD - it looks for a file on the PC not in the FTP site. Is there a setting that can change so if you select load - it looks at the FTP site?
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