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    volume level!

    Thanks all. I have download these mp3 files from the net, so some are bad quality and hence the editing. The way i increase the volume is by using the amplying feature on wavepad (and yes its a demo version). I do know about the volume indicator on the bottom right and i usually keep this just on the red. I use real player for burning files on to CD - perhaps this is the problem? I've read a lot about increasing volumes, but they say to stay well away from doing too much as it will cause clipping and thus loss of quality.
  2. mombasa

    volume level!

    Hi all, After i edit my aduio files and burn to CD, the volume level is too low. My Hi-Fi (which is very load) goes upto 32 points on the volume knob, but i have the crank it upto about 15 to get a decent level when playing the burned cd. I have amplified the volume on wavepad, but most of my files have their peak almost above the threshold, i.e. if i increase anything above 130-150% a lot of clipping will occur. The files i'm editing are mp3 files, so is there anyway to increase the volume without risking heavy clipping?
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