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  1. Sorry Nat, Maybe I'm the only novice video editor on here, but I didn't follow what you were saying at all. Btw, I'm not a novice technically, having been a software developer for more than 30 years. Can't grasp what you are saying "pull back the ends of your clips to a little more than the depth of the transition bar (equivalent to the in/out settings, but less phaffy to reverse)" Regards, RJ
  2. Anyone even considering purchasing this product MUST read their refund policy!!! It's a joke!!! No Refunds!!! No something I'm going to dwell on, but I'm sure going to warn anyone considering a purchase. Flat out, the product, in it's current state is not usable for me. It was, in the previous versions, which I used the free version. Purchased the product because I wanted to incorporate transitions and other features not available in the free version. Noone stated that they were a representative of NCH when he/she made those comments. RJ
  3. Now more than a month since they released this disaster of a product. Never once has anyone from NCH, management, developers, and/or support acknowledged in writing and/or on this forum that there is a major problem with the building preview feature and rendering output. The hear-say response from the one member means absolutely nothing. To continue promoting and selling this product is a travesty. Not sure what options we have as consumers, but intend to contact consumer advocate organizations to learn more... RJ
  4. With the later releases - post 2.4? - a major issue was introduced in the software, the constant "building preview" on the sequence window. Without the sequence window, it makes it virtually impossible to accurately edit video clips. My question to technical support is, Is the problem being addressed and worked on, and what, if anything is a work-around till it is fixed? RJ
  5. Well, however long it takes them to fix it, the damage to their credibility is already done. NCH will definitely take a major hit in their wallets over this one. To put out a version that is clearly inferior to previous versions, and blatantly refuse to roll back to a working version, is beyond comprehension. Would anyone take a chance on any of their other products? Had a need for a tool which Prism was a candidate... I passed without a second thought... RJ
  6. The rendering problem exists in the paid version as well. Technical support doesn't acknowledge that there is a problem. Can no longer migrate back to a workable version as in v2.12, etc., as they say that no previous versions are saved. Don't understand their logic there. Worked in software development for more than 30 years, and everyone saves/backs-up their product versions. For just this reason... Your guess is as good as mine why they won't bring back a workable version... RJ
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