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  1. Hello, would this issue happen when you work with one particular mp3 file or with any file. Also, could you tell us if you download the program from the App store or from the NCH Software website.  You may also want to contact the NCH Software support team for further assistance on this matter.

  2. Hello,  and in this case, to add a new drum kit, you can open MixPad, click  on Beat Maker and click on  Edit Kits, click on New Kit and there you can set a new drum kit with the sounds you may want to use. Regarding the sounds for the drum kit, currently, NCH Software does not offer any other options than the sample that comes with the program. But you can find many options online for drum kit sounds that you can use in the program; just confirm that the files are audio files like wav or mp3 so the program can play them when creating the pattern. 

  3. When you export the slideshow as a .spj you are only saving a cache memory of the files you are using on the project file. This is not good to export the slideshow to another computer as this cache memory will only include the original file's location on your computer. 

    Regarding the issue exporting the slideshow as a mpg4 or mov files, there is not known issue about this, and most likely the issue could be related to the encoder settings you may be using to export the slideshow.  You may want to try using different encoder settings and contact the NCH Software support team in case the issue remains.

  4. Hello,

    First, the error about sense data, that happens usually when the burning drive has a conflict with programs or applications on your computer.  The first thing you may want to do is to install the latest drivers for the burning device you are using. You can also try burning at a different speed (Not max speed) or test using a different brand of discs.

    Also, if the issue happens when you try to burn just one single video project or movie, then the issue would be the copy you are trying to burn. You may want to test using different videos for testing. If the issue remains, you may want to contact the NCH Software support team for proper assistance. 

  5. Hello, 

    Sadly, the program does not offer the option to upload that information from a CSV file. The only fields the program can auto-populate from the CSV file are the ones that shows when you are uploading the information.

  6. Hello MattM. this issue with converting files to vox has been reported to the developers for further review.  NCH Software does not have an estimated when the issue would be addressed; if you wish to be notified when a new version of the program is available, you may signup to the NCH Software newsletter from this link Newsletter Signup 

  7. Hello JonnyB, this issue could be that you have not registered the program or that the temporary folder where the cache memory of the files is stored is getting full. 

    First, you may want to confirm if the program is registered, and when you open the program it should show the name of the program and it should say licensed software. If it doesn't then you would need to register the program. You should find the registration code in the email that sent to you after you purchased the license. To register the program you may want to open it and click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the upper left-hand corner on the programs window, select Register WavePad, enter the registration code, and click on register.

    To clean the temporary folder, you may open WavePad, click on Options > Audio > Audio working folder and copy the folder path showing in the program so you can go there and delete any of the information on that folder that you no longer need. After you have cleaned the temporary folder, you may want to restart the program and test again.

  8. Hello Harri,

    I'm not sure what you mean since the program does not offer an option to select a file path for your photos.  Are you having issues when you try to open a project, are you getting an error saying resolve missing files. If so, you may would need to manually resolve each slideshow that is giving you the error as there is no way to resolve them all at once.

    When the files show as missing it means that the files you are trying to use on the slideshow were moved from the original location you used to load them on the program the first time. If you save a project, the program will remember the files location on your computer and make a cache file of it, but it does not save the image itself. 

    if you wish to save a project including the images, audio, text and everything you include on the slideshow project, you will need to use the option to save portable project. this will create a folder with all the files you are using on the slideshow so you can open that project on your computer or any other computer using PhotoStage.

  9. Hello Gharris, 

    Currently, none of the NCH Software programs offer the option to separate instruments and vocals from individual audio files, that is not possible to do with today's technology.  You can use the voice reduce or removal option to remove some of the vocals but there is nothing for instruments. 

  10. Usually, the MoneyLine program will show errors when trying to connect to the financial institution if the information is not right or if there is a two-step verification that is needed. In this particular case, you may want to contact NCH Software support team for further assistance on this matter.  You can follow this link Software Technical Support

  11. Hello Ebkans,

    If the option is greyed out but checked, it means that by default the direct connection to BroadCam is already set. Remember that you need to run the Web access web routing and test wizard to confirm that your internet connection is available for your viewers to watch the stream. You can find these settings under BroadCam > options > Web Access.

  12. Hello Ahmad, the sales report will only show the stock sales you process in Inventoria directly. If you are processing individual item sales with another program like Express Invoice or Copper, then the sales records will only reflect on either one of those programs. 

    Barrillo and Inventoria do not integrate, you can create barcodes for the items you need and use a barcode scanner to enter data in the program. But, these two programs do not integrate.

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