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  1. Hello, if the issue started "out of the blue" then is probable that something have changed on the computer the program is running. Just to confirm or discard this option could you try restoring your computer to a date prior to this issue started to happen? To restore your computer you can use the restore system tool in Windows. In case the issues remain after that it would be better to contact NCH Software support team for further assistance.
  2. Hello, first you may want to confirm which is the program you are using to dispatch the dictations with the notes since Express Delegate is only the "server" application to manage the dictations flow. If you are using Express Scribe to transcribe the dictations then there is an option under File > Recover old dictations and with that you can retrieve any dictations you have already dispatched and modify or attach the notes. If you are using Express Dictate to enter the notes then you may go to Dictations (upper left hand corner of the program's window) > Archived dictations and retrieve the dictations there and modify or attache the notes you were missing.
  3. Chris75


    Hello. The program does not offer the option to distinguish which frame number is the one you are selecting. You can determine the cursor position using the timeline on the program.
  4. Hello, For this particular issues it would be better for you to contact NCH Software support team for further assistance. I have the program installed on a Windows 10 computer as well but the toolbar looks fine. Please submit your issue to the support team through this link http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html
  5. Chris75

    Only 30 Seconds

    Does this happen with all the files you try to open in Wavepad, if so then you may want to contact NCH Software support team for further assistance. If the issue only happens to one specific file then it could be that the file is corrupted.
  6. Usually when you get that error is because the folder where you are trying to write to requires write privileges. You may want to contact your server admin and confirm you have write and read privileges on that folder.
  7. Chris75

    VST Effects

    For this type of issues you may want to submit a support request so it can be addressed properly, you may submit your request through this link http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html
  8. Hello, You may want to try downloading the program again to your computer and check if the issues remain after reinstalling, Please follow this link to download and reinstall the program http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/mixpad-3-72-2015-02-05(Intel).zip
  9. Hello Scorpio01, currently the program does not offer the option to merge companies, a work around would be to create a backup of both companies, then manually copy the info from company 1 into company's 2 backup folder. Once you have copy all the information you may restore the data from the consolidated backup. To create the backup you may click on Tools > Backup data and select the location in your computer where you want to backup the data to. You will have to do this for both companies separately, then open both folders with the backup info and manually copy from one into the other. To restore the data click on Tools > Restore data > Confirm you want to restore from a backup and select the consolidated backup you created.
  10. Birdbrain56. we have reply to your support ticket today, please provide us with the information requested so we can properly assist you with the issue reported.
  11. Hello, Thank you for bringing this up to our attention, we have reported this to NCH Software's developers for further testing.
  12. Hi Fozzie, Currently the program does not offer the option to include date as one of the columns, the only way to include that information would be under the Details field. Including a definable custom column is not something that has been taking into consideration but we will certainly submit your feedback to them. However, keep in mind that currently we are not offering any customization on the program so in order to include a new feature on a program this must be something requested by a large number of our customers.
  13. Yes, that would be an account transfer, the most direct way to do that is by going to the Banking tab > Transfer between accounts > Select the account to transfer from and to transfer to > The amount > date and click on Record. For more details you may access the user's guide by clicking on the help icon located at the upper right hand corner of the program's window (Questions Mark Icon for Windows and Lifesaver for Mac).
  14. Chris75

    Monochrome image

    Hello. In this case you may want to go to "adjust Color and apply video effect" and select No filter for the video filter options. Here is a screenshot that shows the option you may want to check https://www.dropbox.com/s/jp09vk36h9s3vjt/Debut.png?dl=0
  15. Hello, We apologize but the only options available is what you see on the program. Currently the option to create tags is not offered in Reflect.
  16. Hello, what is the export option you are selecting to save the video? Could you try exporting to your computer first and then check if the slideshow still shows the vertical and Horizontal lines. I tested and the created video saved to the computer does not show any lines. Please check if this happens also with other image formats.
  17. One thing that is not clear here is if you set the hotkeys after you updated the software version; and when you were assigning the hotkeys did you see the option to select those keys from the keyboard? For further assistance on this matter you may want to create a support request at NCH software's support site.
  18. Hello, we are sorry but StampID3 does not offer the option to sort files alphabetically or any other way.
  19. Hello, Keep in mind that for you to work on the floor and ceiling you need to actually see them. For the floors is easier, just select the Story you are working on from the Left hand pane, select the building option you want (floor) select the Style and color and then apply it to the floor section on the story you have brought up. Now, about the ceiling is a bit more complicated since to watch it you need to be inside the building you have build. By using the Camera controls at the lower left hand side you will be able to get in the building and look up to see the ceiling. I do not understand what you mean by "when I place a fixture on any floor it goes to the basement" could you elaborate more on that?
  20. Hello, this issue was already addressed, a new version will be released soon with the fix for that issue. If you wish to get a notification when the new version is available you may subscribe to NCH newsletter at this link http://www.nchsoftware.com/software/newsletter.html
  21. The application Switch gets installed as any normal application on your Mac computer, all that you described before is the correct steps to install the program. I tested the installer from our website and it works fine to install on Mac OSX El Capitan. In case you want to confirm the installation process you may check this link http://www.howtogeek.com/177619/how-to-install-applications-on-a-mac-everything-you-need-to-know/
  22. Hello, I tested the program version 3.31 and I do not get to see the pictures pixelated, the issue may be related to the image format or quality of the picture itself. Try using different file formats or restart your computer to make sure the display drivers get refreshed. You may also want to delete the cache memory from the program before you start working on a new slideshow. To delete the cache memory you may go to Options > General > Cache and click on Clear Cache. In case the issues remain you may want to get assistance from NCH Software support team directly.
  23. Hello, the aacdec.exe is a codec that is related strictly to some files, since you confirmed this only happens to some of the .m4a files it could be an issue related to those files (the ones giving issues). My best advice would be to try to determine if there is anything similar on the files you have issues with, for example if they all are from the same Artist, album, or if it was compressed the same date, anything that may link those files together. If the issue does not happen across all the .m4a files then is not an issue with the program but probably with the files. For better assistance on this matter you may want to submit a support ticket with NCH software support team.
  24. Hello, Thank you for the information, this issue was reported to NCH Software's developers for further review, probably the issue will be addressed in a new software release. If you wish to be notified when there is an updated version for this program you may subscribe to NCH software's newsletter, you may follow this link to subscribe http://www.nchsoftware.com/software/newsletter.html
  25. Hello, Usually the best audio quality is the uncompressed format wav. however, that is usually what is selected when you record the original audio or if you are copying from a good audio source that is in uncompressed format as well, if you have an mp3 file that was compressed at 128 kbps and you convert it to .wav you will not notice any difference since the source audio is compressed to 128 kbps. If you are converting from CD directly then you may select .wav and that would save a better quality audio than if you use Mp3. In Switch .wav is the 3rd option from bottom to top from the formats list.
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