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    Hello Laura T. You can modify the csv files using Excel, there you can add the columns needed, just make sure the file is saved as CSV after you have finished editing the data.
  2. Chris75

    Tempo Changes

    Hello ItmightbeJB, in this case, you may want to check if the issue you are reporting happens with other midi files as well. You may also want to open the same midi file using another media player to confirm if the midi file has the same issues as when you play it on MixPad.
  3. Chris75

    audio tracks are shifting when exporting mix

    Hello, this issue you are reporting has not been replicated at our end. Could you tell us if this issue you are reporting would happen with one particular project or would it happen with any projects you try to open there? How bad is the mismatch between the vocals and the background music?
  4. Chris75

    FretBoard tools

    Hello Jul, sadly the program does not offer the option to add other custom made fretboard chords.
  5. Chris75

    Problem with statements

    Hello Nigelv, and in this case, you may want to open Express Invoice, go to View > Customers, select the customer you have the issues with, right-click on it and from the context menu select Recalculate customer's balance. After the program has recalculated the balances you may want to check again the statement. In case the issues remain, you may want to contact NCH Software support team for assistance.
  6. Hello, the program does have the option to preserve the tag details on some formats, however, this feature is included on the paid version of the program. You may also want to test other files in .wma format to confirm if the issue happens with all the .wma files or if this is happening just to one of a few files.
  7. Chris75

    Debut video stopped only voice works

    Hello Starman, in this case, you may want to check if this issue happens with the recordings from different sources (streams). Also, if the frames are dropping as bad as you describe then it could be that your Internet speed or your computer's video card is not able to process that many frames per second. You may want to try using different browsers to open the stream source and stop any other program or application that may use your internet and video Card to avoid performance issues.
  8. Chris75

    sound registration issue

    Hello, In this case, you may want to try using the ASIO driver so you can set the right channel for each channel and record.
  9. Chris75

    Timeline Editing

    Hello Hernan, sadly WavePad does not have that feature and we appreciate the feedback you provided about this. We have forwarded this to the developers and if you have any other improvement suggestions you may send it directly to the developers through this link http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/
  10. Chris75


    Hello Adv Nilesh Agarwal, and about the issue you are reporting, depending on the hardware you are using there may be some latency that occurs from the hardware itself. In MixPad options, there is a feature to adjust the latency. You may want to check your hardware's manual to confirm which is the latency on that hardware and adjust the program to match it. In case the issue remains you may want to contact NCH Software support team for assistance.
  11. Chris75


    Hello Crissie, sadly the program does not have an option to automatically make caps for the first letter of the text expanded.
  12. Chris75

    SoundTap without sound

    Hello idesbaldesDunes, remember that after installing SoundTap you need to restart the computer. Also, please launch SoundTap first, then launch the application or program you are going to be recording from and test the program. You may want to check and confirm that your SoundTap is set to record from speakers under Options and make sure to select the right device on your computer to record from.
  13. Chris75


    Hello Mariam, the only thing that you may want to check is the margins and logo hight, these are the only two things that you could have changed that may affect the way the invoices prints. You may want to make the margins narrower so all the information you have on the invoice will fit on one page.
  14. Chris75

    Clicking at cross fades when exported

    Hello Scott, this issue you are reporting has already escalated to the developers for further testing. Probably a fix is going to be released on a new software version.
  15. Chris75

    Express scribe on mac

    Hello gfremano, when you say the file was done on a Windows computer, you mean that the dictation was transcribed on a Windows computer or that you are trying to copy the installer from the Windows computer? If the dictation was transcribed using Windows there should be no issues to open the same dictation on Mac OS.
  16. Chris75

    Description column in Mobile phone

    Hello s250643, are you talking about the web access feature when you access it from a mobile device or are you referring to the mobile app of the program. In any case, please keep in mind that the program is offered as is and no customization is available to add or remove columns.
  17. Chris75

    Clipboard issues

    Hello Ana, sadly, there is no option to stop the shortcut to be copied to the clipboard.
  18. Chris75

    SWITCH - Conversion from WMA to MP3

    Hello Mandrake70, you may want to check if this issue happens with all the WMA files you try to convert. Also, check if you can convert to other formats successfully and if you wish to get support on this matter you may want to contact NCH Software support.
  19. Chris75


    Hello MichaelB, The program does not have an option to create templates, but what you can do is to create projects and save the projects as templates. So, in the program, you add the slides you wish to have for that one template then set the font for the text you would add and the animation. Once you have the basic configuration for your template then you may click on File > Save Project file and then select where in your computer you wish to save the project (template) and enter a name. Keep in mind that the project file would only create a cache image of the images you use on the slideshow, if those images are moved from the original location it would cause a conflict in the program. Once you have the project done you can open it at any time in PhotoStage and edit them to create a new slideshow and save it as a new project with a different name. Upon exit don't save the changes to the original project so you won't change the template.
  20. Chris75

    Customer Sub Accounts

    Hello JuanS, Express Accounts does not offer the option you are looking for, the payments can only be applied to one customer.
  21. Chris75

    Dropbox Failure

    Hello dbmtr, This is an issue that was already reported to the program's developer. Hopefully, a new version would take care of the Dropbox credential issues.
  22. Chris75

    Web Access Don't Work

    Hello TADS, have you tried using a different web browser to open the Web access link. Based on the information you shared it could be that your browser or antivirus application is blocking the needed cookies on these programs. Also, to receive proper support from NCH Software team you may want to fill out a support request through this link http://nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html
  23. Chris75

    MixPad Edit a Clip

    Hello Mickey16, Yes, after further testing on the latest version of the program it does apply the effects to the whole track and only with Wavepad you have the option to select a region of the recording for editing.
  24. Chris75

    MixPad Edit a Clip

    Hello Mickey16, the effects on MixPad are applied to the whole clip, so, one option would be to split the clip to isolate the area you wish to adjust and then apply the effect.
  25. Chris75


    Hello Chef eric, there is an option and that is to run an Inventoria report and save it as CSV, once you have saved the report you may adjust it using excel and save it again as CSV. Make sure to Include the Price column with the price items since that is not carried on the report. Do the same for Taxes if you are using specific taxes on items. Once the CSV file is updated you may go to Inventoria > Inventory > Import items from CSV and select the file you modified on your computer; then match the fields from the CSV with the ones on Inventoria, click on OK and confirm you wish to replace existing items and the inventory should be updated after done.