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    Game footage framerate dropping

    Hello stebbinsd, for gameplay recording you may want to try using the option Fast Capture on record screen as, then click on encoder option and select which quality/bitrate would fit your needs best, and last you may click on Video Options and select the frame rate limit on the screen capture.
  2. Chris75

    Unable to unlink audio from video.

    Hello jjjcmar, in order to see the option to unlink from video will show if you click on the audio track instead of the video track on the timeline, or if you go to the Clips tab then the audio track needs to be selected in order to use the unlink button. If you are still not able to unlink the audio from the video then you may want to test using different video files and confirm you have write rights on the file you are trying to edit.
  3. Chris75

    Project has lost sound

    Hello Flush, for this particular scenario it would be better if you contact NCH Software support team directly as it may be an issue with the file itself, but only by opening the file in a different computer you could determine if indeed the audio file is corrupted. When you select the option to export mix, which formats and settings are you using, which encoding and format are you using to export the mix? Try using one of the presets in the program like high quality.
  4. Chris75

    VST plugins not recognized

    Hello Bad65, which VST are you having this issue with, it may be that there are conflicts between the VST and WavePad.
  5. Chris75

    Hand Bell music

    Hello PDRay, crescendo does not have the option to create a single "unattached" staff at the top or anywhere else in the score. You can create a single part with one staff at the top and then create other parts for the rest of the music but all parts will still be "linked" by a line on the left side.
  6. Chris75

    Problem with video files

    Hello Nadja, it is hard to tell what could be causing this issue you are reporting, however, it will be a good idea to try reinstalling the program from this link http://www.nch.com.au/components/essetup.exe Once you have reinstalled the program it should show as Express Scribe licensed software at the top of the program's window and if the issue remains you may want to consider contacting NCH Software support team directly for better advise.
  7. Chris75

    Updated Item not showing in Inventoria

    Hello Freshuser, the synchronization for items fetching between Inventoria and Express Accounts work only in that direction (Inventoria > Express Accounts), this means that if you wish to add new items to your inventory then you would need to go to Inventoria and add the item there; the items you add to Express Accounts won't update or show in Inventoria.
  8. Chris75

    Turn off Autofill

    Hello sharcs the Description column this does not affect the other columns, so you may want to try using that latest version and in case the issues remain you may want to contact NCH Software support team http://nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html
  9. Hello Sparks, this issue was already reported to the developers for further testing, but at this moment there is no estimated when it will be addressed.
  10. Chris75

    Choppy / Laggy Video & Audio (searched other posts)

    Hello gstspyder, remember that when recording video and audio you may have sync issues since the recording of those two media is done at different speed or frames per second, what you may want to do is to try using different audio and video settings to find which better fits your hardware limitations. Recording video and audio may take most of its drive from the CPU, and memory so what you may want to do is to stop any applications or windows that you do not need while recording to avoid loading too much the CPU and memory. Also, you may want to try using different settings like the fast capture mode which depending on the webcam you are using may bring better results.
  11. Chris75

    running reports

    Hi Jilly T, sadly at this moment MoneyLine does not have an option to select which account to use when pulling the report; all the reports in MoneyLine will include all the accounts you manage within the same installation.
  12. Hello Katie Hilmer, as N_C_H_josh has stated before, if your videos on YouTube have advertisings then you should use the Master's edition, and regarding the video you had lost, only if the project was saved is that you would be able to recover it, and currently, VideoPad does not have an autosave option.
  13. Chris75

    Event Reminder Set and Not Working

    Hello Andrew, I have tested Reflect and it did show the notification, it displays at the bottom right-hand corner of your computer's screen. There is no way to attach files to this post, but you can find the screenshot here https://files.fm/u/s5dgpwtq
  14. Chris75

    Need Export of Items Sold per Bill

    Hello AM SD, sadly as Telephony stated this program does not have a report that will fit your needs, and the workaround offered does not really get you all the details linked as you already figured. I don't believe it would be possible to get the data you request from Copper.
  15. Chris75

    Recording source/input

    Hello borate, sadly the audio source on Wavepad would be affected by the speaker's volume control unless you use an external soundcard or mixer to feed the audio into the computer which may bypass the speaker's control. I have tested this using a Creative Soundblaster E5 external soundcard and regardless the volume on the speakers the audio will obey the source (E5 soundcard).
  16. Chris75

    Auto Calculate Tax?

    Hello BigBankClub, sadly Express Invoice doesn't offer the option to assign specific taxes to customers.
  17. Chris75

    mixer to zulu

    Hello yeayeayea, you may want to open Zulu and click on File at the upper left-hand corner, then select options > Controller > Midi device and search if your DJ controller shows there. Keep in mind that you need to install the ASIO driver that came with the controller before the program can see it. Once you have selected the DJ controller device you may also use the default mapping or customize it to better fit your needs.
  18. Chris75

    Automatic stop recording when audio stream stops

    Hello Stephen, unfortunately at this moment SoundTap does not offer the option to automatically stop when the streaming stops.
  19. Chris75

    Not recording via codec

    Hi, please check that you are starting SoundTap before you are starting your audio stream. Please note that if you are using a web browser such as Internet Explorer to play an audio stream such as internet radio then you will need to start SoundTap before you start the web browser. Also, check if SoundTap is giving you any error messages in the logs.
  20. Chris75


    Hello route66, sadly Moneyline does not have an option to disable those popup messages but is great feedback that Moneyline's developers will appreciate.
  21. Chris75

    FTP daily jobs

    Hello JSC. sadly at this moment Fling does not offer an option to schedule an upload to a particular time.
  22. Chris75

    Lost video

    Hello Sylver, The only way the project would lose the video files is if the original files were removed or relocated from its original file location. When you save the project as .vpj what you are saving is the cache memory of the project to recall it when you continue using that same project, so in order to save the videos too within the same project you may want to use the option File > Save portable project as and select where you wish to save the backup file, and when you select the folder to save the program will create a folder with "today" date and time when the project was saved and within you will see the .vpj file and the videos used to create the project.
  23. Chris75

    latency problems

    Hello Hove74, in this case since the tracks have different times what you may want to do is to use the option to Stretch or Shrink Clip so they all can match, to do that you may right click on the track you would like to edit and then select the option to stretch or shrink clip and then select the new length and click to select the option to keep pitch constant.
  24. Chris75

    Recoding large audio files on CD

    Hello, Express Burn won't compress the files to make it fit in your 800 MB disc, so you may want to use a different program to convert the files to compressed files to fit your disc. At this moment we offer Switch audio file converter and you can download it from this link http://www.nch.com.au/components/switchsetup.exe
  25. Chris75

    Problem setting up Emails

    Hello Layacc, this issue could be caused by extra security settings in your email known as two-step verification for Yahoo or Two-factor authentication for Apple ID, so you may want to check your email security settings or contact your email provider for assistance on setting up the two-step verification. Once that is done you may go back to Express Accounts and when applying the emails settings it should work.