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  1. Chris75

    shortcut key

    Hello Baker, We apologize for the inconvenience, but the program does not have an option to search through the items, not the account's ledger. However, when you are creating a new invoice or order, if you click inside the box and start typing the item's code the program will bring up the items that match the letter entered. Sadly, that is the only option available on the program at the time.
  2. Hello Mr. Bluekid, Switch is not an audio editor software, is only an audio file converter. To edit audio files, NCH Software offers WavePad. For more details you may want to follow this link https://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/index.html
  3. Chris75

    Applied payments not showing in payments list

    Hello Social Connect, There is no known issue reported about this particular scenario with the payments, however, you may want to contact NCH Software support team directly to report this matter and get support through the proper channels. To submit a support request you may want to follow this link http://nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html
  4. Chris75

    Customisation of Templates

    Hello GregW, and sadly, the NCH Software is offered as is, there are no more options other than what you find in the program. The font cannot be larger than what it is offered and no further customization available for any program.
  5. Chris75

    Invoices show PAID but are not

    Hello DaleT1, I have tested using the latest version and I was not able to replicate the issue you reported. You may want to reinstall the program from NCH Software's page directly, test and make sure you are selecting Record and Print. In case the issue remains, you may want to contact support directly for further assistance.
  6. Chris75

    Why can't I load m4a files anymore?

    Hello JeanFick, I have tested the program using a sample m4a file and have no issues opening it with Scribe. Is this issue you are reporting happening to all the m4a files you load or just with some. Are you getting all the m4a files from the same source? Have you tried using different m4a files from a different source? Maybe the encoder used to create the files is not fully compatible with the program or the encoders you have installed on the computer.
  7. Chris75


    Hello Laura T. You can modify the csv files using Excel, there you can add the columns needed, just make sure the file is saved as CSV after you have finished editing the data.
  8. Chris75

    Tempo Changes

    Hello ItmightbeJB, in this case, you may want to check if the issue you are reporting happens with other midi files as well. You may also want to open the same midi file using another media player to confirm if the midi file has the same issues as when you play it on MixPad.
  9. Chris75

    audio tracks are shifting when exporting mix

    Hello, this issue you are reporting has not been replicated at our end. Could you tell us if this issue you are reporting would happen with one particular project or would it happen with any projects you try to open there? How bad is the mismatch between the vocals and the background music?
  10. Chris75

    FretBoard tools

    Hello Jul, sadly the program does not offer the option to add other custom made fretboard chords.
  11. Chris75

    Problem with statements

    Hello Nigelv, and in this case, you may want to open Express Invoice, go to View > Customers, select the customer you have the issues with, right-click on it and from the context menu select Recalculate customer's balance. After the program has recalculated the balances you may want to check again the statement. In case the issues remain, you may want to contact NCH Software support team for assistance.
  12. Hello, the program does have the option to preserve the tag details on some formats, however, this feature is included on the paid version of the program. You may also want to test other files in .wma format to confirm if the issue happens with all the .wma files or if this is happening just to one of a few files.
  13. Chris75

    Debut video stopped only voice works

    Hello Starman, in this case, you may want to check if this issue happens with the recordings from different sources (streams). Also, if the frames are dropping as bad as you describe then it could be that your Internet speed or your computer's video card is not able to process that many frames per second. You may want to try using different browsers to open the stream source and stop any other program or application that may use your internet and video Card to avoid performance issues.
  14. Chris75

    sound registration issue

    Hello, In this case, you may want to try using the ASIO driver so you can set the right channel for each channel and record.
  15. Chris75

    Timeline Editing

    Hello Hernan, sadly WavePad does not have that feature and we appreciate the feedback you provided about this. We have forwarded this to the developers and if you have any other improvement suggestions you may send it directly to the developers through this link http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/