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  1. VideoPad Storage Folder

    Does this help?
  2. Stop letterboxing

    Looking at the clips you uploaded, one is already cropped, though the aspect ratio looks okay. So it appears that VP is just passing along what it sees. The other is full screen. Click your link, to verify. Perhaps these were not the unprocessed, direct-from-cam files??
  3. Cannot add MP3 Sound to Video

    Nat has good advice. A possible alternative, considering that the video is silent... Load the initial Mp4 clip, then UNlink audio from video (right-click menu) and delete the audio track. Now drop your Mp3 onto an audio track.
  4. Stop letterboxing

    Upload the two raw clips, just as would have imported them to VP, and we'll take a look.
  5. Stop letterboxing

    Are all the clips shot identically - resolution, orientation, etc.? As suggested earlier, if you can pin it down to a specific file on which this repeatedly occurs, upload that file to a server, such as Google Drive or MS OneDrive, make the link public and post it here. Someone will try to dupe your results.
  6. Unwanted audio.

    OPTIONS in the toolbar. The window that appears should have a DISK tab. At the bottom of its window Clear Unused Cache Files. Placement or availability may vary in older versions.
  7. Subtitles

    This very recent thread should prove helpful.
  8. Unwanted audio.

    Scroll the time line area vertically, to be certain there isn't an extra audio track lurking...and mute or delete it if so. You might also clear the cache, under OPTIONS|DISK tab.
  9. Letter boxing overkill

    Put one of your raw, unboxed mp4 files that has the problem up on a server, such as Google Drive or MS OneDrive, make the link public and post it here. Someone will try to dupe your results.
  10. Normalizing multiple clips to each other

    Nice approach NADWW describes! Dissecting it further, individual (unlinked) audio clips can be dragged down to a new sequence, which would then be handled as above. The NORMALIZE effect would then be applied, and affect only - but all - of the selected clips.
  11. Normalizing multiple clips to each other

    Suspect a little bug, as Nat's good advice didn't work in several tests here with NORMALIZE. Despite specifying "apply to all clips" only a single clip was affected The procedure did succeed, however, with the FLANGER and ECHO effects.
  12. Normalizing multiple clips to each other

    Back up the entire project first, just in case. Individual clips can be modified by clicking their FX button and choosing the NORMALIZE or AMPLIFY tool. Multiple clips might be handled by selecting (highlighting) them, pressing <ctrl-c> to copy, then clicking the + sign next to the sequence tab, to open a blank sequence. In that new sequence, press <ctrl-v>, to paste. Now export the sequence as an Mp4. Bring the Mp4 back into VP on an overlay (higher numbered) track, lining up the clips it contains with the originals, which can be deleted or muted. The new audio is now a single clip that can be NORMALIZED in VP or run through Wavepad prior to VP import. When done, unlink video from audio and delete any confusing blank video. To avoid messing up other tracks, lock them. If you make a mistake, immediately press <ctrl-Z> to undo.
  13. v6.01 Breaks Windows Media Player

    That it was.
  14. v6.01 Breaks Windows Media Player

    Sliding might have been a better choice of words. First the A/V were UNlinked, then the video was moved to the right on the time line, to delay it (as I recall).
  15. v6.01 Breaks Windows Media Player

    Indeed, the splitter is a likely culprit, with length difference relating to the delay. The file was fixed by slipping the video, to match up with audio, then exporting.