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  1. borate

    Setting rotation point at center

    Here's a way to accomplish what you seek. 1. Type the letter (or text line) 2. Click the far-right positioning box to place the letter near screen-bottom 3. Add the text clip to the time line 4. Bring up the ROTATE effect 5. In the preview screen, drag the letter to the exact center of the 'globe' 6. Plot the rotation keyframes 7. Use the POSITION effect to reposition the letter (or full text) if desired
  2. borate

    Setting rotation point at center

    That does appear to be the case with the example you provided. Import instead from a graphics file and the result may be more acceptable.
  3. borate

    Exported only the last 38sec. of my 2min. video

    First thing to try. Under OPTIONS|DISK, click the Clear Unused Cache Files button, then try export once again. If no joy... With your project on the time time line, click FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT. Upload every file that results to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like. Make the link public and post it here. Someone will check things out. If there are many files, zip them first, then upload the ZIP file.
  4. borate

    Does paid version have splash screen?

    Not aware of a user option to suppress the version screen, which appears for about five seconds. However, the Welcome Screen can be toggled on/off in OPTIONS|DISPLAY.
  5. borate

    Moving Videopad from laptop to PC

    Check out this thread.
  6. This page should lead you to successful resolution.
  7. borate

    Videopad V6.01

    Same size, different resolution. Place both on the time line; they will be the same 16:9 in preview and export. If exported at the lower res of the two both images will be 800/450 in size. If exported at the higher of the two, they will be 1920/1080 but the 800/450 image will be fuzzy, because it is lower resolution. Clip default duration (including text) clips is set under OPTIONS|MEDIA tab. The clip in the media bin, when transferred to the time line, will be the same length unless it has been trimmed. Size it by simply dragging the edge of the clip on the time line.
  8. borate

    Videopad 2 videos blending question

    Opacity will work, to vary the extent that the overlay video (higher track) is seen, blended into the background. But results may not be optimal. Experiment. Green screen (chromakey) likely won't, unless the overlay video was expressly shot with a contrasting, solid background color that doesn't appear in the image itself. Often, the background will be green or blue, with care taken to see that the subject wears no clothing that is the same color as the background.
  9. borate

    Videopad 2 videos blending question

    PNG images, with an alpha channel, can be added to a higher VP track. Then apply the transparency effect to blend the face into the mountain range that's on the lower track. If your face is not a PNG, but has a solid background, with no trace of the background color in the face itself, green screen and transparency effects can be employed. Click the FX button on the clip in the time line. Click the large green + sign at the left on the toolbar. Choose GREEN SCREEN. Click in the preview window and an eyedropper will appear. Move the dropper to the unwanted background area and left-click. That will eliminate the background color from the image. See this page for details. Other effects can be added, such as scale (to size the image) and position.
  10. borate

    Videopad V6.01

    Right-click in the preview window. Click on ASPECT RATIO and make your choice. Or click on CHANGE PREVIEW SETTINGS and note that each choice has its aspect ratio listed. Check this out. 800/450 = 1.7777 which is 16:9.
  11. Search for the topic. Here is one of many discussions.
  12. borate

    Upgrading from 2.41 . . . then downgrading again

    Revo runs the program's uninstaller, then prompts for further action. Inspect the file trees carefully, to be certain that only VP entries are being excised.
  13. borate

    Your suggestions please for video slideshow

    That's subjective. Assess it as if you were viewing the presentation. A one-second dissolve between elements is often a good choice, but it's really the nature of the material itself that dictates the duration.
  14. borate

    Lossless export has different specs?

    Exporting your original as lossless resulted in a slight change. But exporting that result as lossless once again did not.
  15. borate

    No effects in final video

    Here, only the following scenario resulted in a useful seamless preview and a smoother transition between clips to an exported MOV (H264)... 1. Added original single clip to the time line 2. Increased its speed to 300% and exported as an MOV (H264) 3. Set clip speed back to 100% and checked the right-click REVERSE CLIP box 4. Exported as an MOV (H264) 5. Replaced the clip on the time line with the two newly exported clips 6. Exported as LOSSLESS. (Took about one-second) The result. Give it 30 seconds to load; click the play arrow if necessary. Right-click|SAVE VIDEO AS to download. Ici, seul le scénario suivant a abouti à une prévisualisation transparente utile et une transition plus fluide entre les clips à un MOV exporté (H264)... 1. Ajout d'un seul clip original à la ligne de temps 2. a augmenté sa vitesse à 300% et exporté en tant que MOV (H264) 3. Réglez la vitesse du clip à 100% et vérifiez le bouton droit de la case de Reverse clip 4. exportés en tant que MOV (H264) 5. a remplacé l'agrafe sur la ligne de temps avec les deux clips nouvellement exportés 6. exportés comme Lossless. (a pris environ une seconde)