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  1. Audio/Video Sync on Timeline

    In VP's OPTIONS menu, under the disk tab, clear unused cache files, to see if that action affects the issue. Someone will check it out if you put the project up on a server, such as DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like... Load the project. Click FILE|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT. Upload all the results to the server, make the link public and post it here. If the project is lengthy, with many files, zip it before uploading.
  2. Upload a sample VOB that doesn't import correctly. Use Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like. Make the link public and post it here. Someone will check it out.
  3. Highlighted section not exporting to video

    Click on your sequence in the MEDIA BIN, then move the tabs to the ends. This should remove the selected area and allow export of the entire sequence.
  4. Highlighted section not exporting to video

    Did you first select the correct sequence, prior to moving the red/blue tabs?
  5. Project Restore from Cache

    You looked under FILE menu|RECENT PROJECTS? Be sure to back up regularly, using SAVE AS, with an incremental number, so as to not overwrite the previous file.
  6. Highlighted section not exporting to video

    Above the media bin, click the SEQUENCE tab and click on your sequence. In the preview window, just below the thumbnails, you will see a red bracket (at the left of the selected area) and a blue bracket (at the right). Drag the red one far left. Drag the right one far right. This should remove the grey area and allow full export of the timeline.
  7. Drop the background image onto track one, and make it any length you like. Drop the green screen image onto track two, open the EFFECTS box and adjust the sliders for best presentation. In reality, other colors than green can be used. The 'key' to clean keying with this tool is to have marked contrast between the desired and undesired portions of the image.
  8. Audio Help

    Please upload a short project so folks can check it out. Click FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT. Upload the result - all files - to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like. Create a shared/public link and post it here.
  9. Click and Pop removal tool...Where is it please?

    I've never run across that, Nat. But there are some tools in Wavepad. If they don't do the job, PM me.
  10. Can you supply a link so folks can take a look? Try creating a video file - to YouTube standards - and uploading that, instead of a direct VP upload. Report results here.
  11. Problem with exported animated .gif

    Precisely what I found. Thanks for looking into it.
  12. Problem with exported animated .gif

    While experimenting with this another anomaly surfaced... Select several clips, click EFFECTS, then chose an effect (SCALE, as an example). VP prompts to apply to one, X number or to all clips. Yet no matter what choice is made, the effect is applied to only a single clip.
  13. Upload your elements to Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like and post a public link here, so someone can experiment. You tried SCALE and CROP?
  14. What formats can I export from the Free version?

    Several years ago saving (as VPJ file) appeared to be unhampered in the free version. But, non-registered software allowed export in only a limited number of formats - AVI and WMV, as I recall. This may have changed, but try those formats. What is the length of your project?
  15. Odd. Try a reinstall, using this file. Right-click it and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR, for the install.