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  1. borate

    Video Won't Play in Timeline?

    You might also Clear Unused Cache Files (at the conclusion of each project) - under the OPTIONS|DISK tab. This will eliminate possible corruption.
  2. borate

    Editing In Portrait

    Go with Nat's solution, below. Or, instead of crop, try SCALE ... or scale-up the cropped video to fill the preview frame (which will lose resolution).
  3. borate

    Video Won't Play in Timeline?

    Odd indeed. Save your project. Open Control Panel|PROGRAMS AND FEATURES and uninstall Videopad. Then reinstall.
  4. borate

    Video Won't Play in Timeline?

    Precisely how were the images created, and in what format? If privacy is a concern, click the MESSAGE icon at the top-right of this forum and upload a few images to me personally. Username "borate." They will not be made public.
  5. borate

    Video Won't Play in Timeline?

    Please upload the clip to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like. Alternatively, if the clip will drop to the time line (but won't play), click FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT and upload the resulting files. Make the link public and post it here. Someone will check it out.
  6. borate

    Editing In Portrait

    Both preview and export can be set to any ratio. Right-click in the preview window and CHANGE PREVIEW SETTINGS. In the video export box, click in the RESOLUTION field, then click CUSTOM and input your parameters.
  7. borate

    Audio Fade In & Out Not Working

    Audio TRANSITION fades, enabled under OPTIONS|EDITING, apply only to a video transition of adjacent clips on the same track. Audio follows video, in essence. Audio fades not bound to video can be made on any clip, irrespective of track: click AUDIO EFFECTS on the menu bar and choose fade IN or OUT. Or click the AUDIO tab that's just below the AUDIO EFFECTS menu item. A FADE button will appear on the toolbar. Once a fade has been programmed it can be viewed and refined by double-clicking the audio track itself. Note the keframes (white squares) on the blue line. They can be dragged left or right to increase/decrease fade duration or up/down to change volume. The graph itself is yet another method for creating a fade. Drag the line and release the mouse button, to create keyframes. Right-click to remove a fade effect. They are faint, but this graph has two keyframes - created in this case by programming a FADE IN and OUT. The blue line slopes down from zero at the head, TO zero at the end.
  8. borate

    Audio Not Following Crossfades

    It isn't necessary to post the project to the forum. A private message (PM) is an alternative. If you can isolate a small portion of the project that exhibits the fault, please PM me or c_major (admin) as instructed earlier. Provide details. Tests here with several same track audio transitions have exported successfully.
  9. borate

    Audio Fade In & Out Not Working

    Crossfade transitions survive export here... provided that the audio clips are on the same track, the OPTIIONS|EDITING sound crossfade box is ticked and both clips are linked to video (may not be necessary).
  10. borate

    Audio Not Following Crossfades

    If feasible, share the project, as instructed above, and folks will try to duplicate your result. You can "apply to all', then click on a specific clip's transition X and change that clip's transition duration.
  11. borate

    Audio Not Following Crossfades

    Not clear how that method enables a transition. Normally, there are two routes: click the X on the clip or click TRANSITION in a menu bar. Does the issue arise if the Ozone plugin is not used? Is audio linked to video on all clips? You might also test editing to satisfaction, selecting all clips with <ctrl-A> and, lastly, clicking on TRANSITION in the menu bar and choosing CROSSFADE. A prompt to "apply to all or one" should appear. Apply to all.
  12. borate

    Audio Not Following Crossfades

    Under the OPTIONS|EDITING tab, confirm that "apply sound crossfade to video transition" is checked. Program transitions LAST, after making all edits on the associated clips. If the project is not voluminous, or a portion that exhibits the behavior can be isolated, please share it. With the project on the time time line, click FILE|SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT. Upload every file that results to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like. Make the link public and post it here. If there are many files, zip them first, then upload the ZIP file. Someone will check it out. The latest VP version is here.
  13. borate

    Edit & save

    One of several methods is to click the X (for a transition) and choose FADE or CROSSFADE. Fade duration can be specified in the box at the bottom of the effects window. Another approach is to use the TRANSPARENCY (opacity ) effect, and plot a fade trajectory in the animation editor. See this help page. Click the TIMELINE tab and switch to Storybook mode. Verify that there are no clips prior to the intended start clip. If there are, delete them. If the issue persists, save the project and then click the OPTIONS button. Select the DISK tab. Press the Clear Unused Cache Files. Try saving again.
  14. borate

    How to improve export speed

    Use a net search engine and the one in this forum for posts on "Videopad export." Some hints there.
  15. borate

    Update issue

    Updates regularly appear. After a period of time it is necessary to pay to license them, but there is no 'detonation' date, nor feature disabling for previously licensed software. If the program became corrupted you should have been able to reinstall it or, if need be, contact NCH to make it right. The install file may be stored in this path... "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\VideoPad" What version were you using?