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  1. I see now that your version is very old. Consider upgrading. The latest is here. Clips can be viewed in list or thumbnial view. Some elements constructed with earlier versions may not be compatible with the current release.
  2. The clip bin (top-left) is where all imported clips are stored. There are tabs for VIDEO, AUDIO, IMAGES, etc. The lock icon is to the left of every track. Couldn't bring up your screen caps. For help on linking images see "Tips for getting help..." near the top of this forum.
  3. borate

    Merry Christmas!

    Rostom "Ross" Sipan Bagdasarian would be proud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmjrTcYMqBM
  4. borate

    What happened to snapshots?

    1) F11 takes a snapshot of the sequence, not the clip preview. 2) You can right click the clip preview and select Take Snapshot of Clip. This should take a snapshot of the clip preview. 3) You can use File menu -> Clip -> New Freeze Frame Image from Preview or File menu -> Sequence -> New Freeze Frame Image from Preview. In some versions of the user interface, these choices - CLIP and SEQUENCE - are shown on a separate menu bar, not under FILE.
  5. borate

    Saving audio as new file

    Those new clips are uncompressed WAV files, to preserve highest quality. Though there's no provision within VP to convert them, numerous tools can. Try WavePad.
  6. Speed applies to the clip, not to the transition. In fact, the fade may shorten - relative to the increased speed of the clip. If you truly want a two-second fade on a sped-up clip you might... 1. set speed 2. export the clip 3. import it back into VP, replacing the original. 4. apply the fade.
  7. borate

    Audio peaking at 165Kbits/s ?

    Several files were tested in VP 6.31, AAC export set at 192, which resulted in 177-197 kbps. Sounded fine on a decent PC speaker set up. Upload your clean, original file and link it here. Someone will export it and take a listen.
  8. borate

    Partial de-amplification?

    Check out the capabilities of WavePad. Fiddle with compression.
  9. borate

    Another Export Video bug issue

    Yes, the FX remained. In a test of another project that had no effects but similar issues, removal of the transitions led to success.
  10. borate

    VIdeopad crashes!

    Does this help?
  11. borate

    Another Export Video bug issue

    Yes, that result was seen here in another recent project that exhibited a similar fault. But, of course, that's an unacceptable fix. It's being worked on...
  12. borate

    Another Export Video bug issue

    Changed all fades to crossfades and deleted the extraneous clip. No change - truncated at about 3:16. This is a deeper issue that the techs will soon solve.
  13. borate

    Which DVD Authoring Software to use with VideoPad?

    Give Express Burn a test drive.
  14. borate

    Another Export Video bug issue

    Got word that the devs have been able to replicate the fault. Oddly, the project exports okay using VP 6.31 in Windows 7. Same machine, same hardware at 10. 10 is on a platter and 7 is on an SSD (with much less free space). Slightly different video drivers and, perhaps, Direct-X version.