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  1. Extremely Slow Preview

    Please check if any program running in the background and occupying the CPU.
  2. Sound is slowly ahead in lossless export

    Hi, Which VideoPad version are you using. Could you upload the files on a server (Google Drive etc.) so we can have a look?
  3. Hi C_Major, you seem to be the one to contact with this issue.

    I keep getting a freeze at the same point in my videopad version 5.01. when i export it.

    Ive tried exporting it in different format, and different resolutions. 

    I saw that youve said that if there is a gap beetween to files then thats the issue, but i dont have a gap beetween my files? 

    Can you please help me?

    Kind regards Casper


    1. c_major


      Hi Casper,

      This issue has been fixed. Please upgrade to the latest version.

      Best regards.

  4. Upload Video to Editor but does not show entire video

    If problem persist, please share the video clip (via Google Drive or Drop Box etc.) so we can have a look.
  5. video clip length

    Do you have any other encode options (e.g. H.264) when capturing the video?
  6. .m2ts

    I've filed your suggestion. We'll be working on it soon.
  7. Exporting MP4 Files doesn't work

    Please PM me if anyone still having this issue in latest version and want to run the diagnostic build.
  8. Preview buffers even on 360p on powerful computer

    The current caching system is clip based meaning that tracks are composed during playback. If you have a lot of tracks, it will slow down preview significantly.
  9. Scale button not working

    Scale effect does require basic hardware acceleration to work. What kind of graphics card you have?
  10. Blu-ray burning basics

    No, you don't need to alter your project for the new release.
  11. Blu-ray burning basics

    Thanks for your ISO file, we've found the time stamp for the video frames is incorrect at the position where you had the playback problem. We are planning for a new release in the next one or two weeks. This problem will be fixed in the new release. Our support will send you a free upgrade key by then.
  12. Blu-ray burning basics

    Thanks for uploading the files. We've identified the problem. There is a bug in VideoPad. We will fix it for the next release.
  13. Blu-ray burning basics

    Is it possible to upload the 108 min ISO file on Google Drive?
  14. Black screen at the end of exported movie

    Thanks for the report. We've confirmed the issue and working on it.
  15. Can't import videos after system crash

    After you downloaded http://audiochannel.net/components/ffmpeg23.exe. Try right click on the exe and select 'Run as administrator'.