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  1. Hi, we aware of this problem, since we respect the aspect ratio of the original clip. This problem happens when applying Position effect to move the logo. Effects are applied only within the original clip, this became a problem if output aspect ratio is different. We are working on solve this problem. For now, the work around would be manually convert the aspect ratio (before position effect) to output aspect ratio by applying aspect ratio transform effects. Thanks for reporting issues and sorry for the inconvenient.
  2. @Dangerfreak Is this the only audio file that you found has this problem? Please let us know if you have other files produce the same issue.
  3. Hi mx1001, Could you please try export A.avi in 7.24 with Constant Frame Rate option enabled? Thanks.
  4. Hi, We have a plan to take an grayscale image as mask so you apply all effects in arbitrary shape. Standard shape like circle can be programmatically generated. I'll push this ToDo item to higher priority since you asked for it. Thanks.
  5. Also, please try turn off Lossless Export (by clicking the hyperlink after File Format).
  6. Hi Nat, Sorry for the confusion. This version still in testing so the help document is still work in progress.
  7. @raka_ns Which VideoPad version are you using?
  8. Sorry the tool tip (and help doc.) is missing. Here's the explanation: Match Content - Scan the sequence, find the majority aspect ratio of the clips and pick a most reasonable (for quality consideration etc.) aspect ratio. Match Display - Use aspect ratio from the monitor that the preview window is on. So if you only have one 16:9 video clip in the sequence, Match Content will be 16:9.
  9. Hi Ian, We do consider feature requests and evaluating your request. Thanks.
  10. @LeFouu Can you please upload the video so we can do some testing? I think the video was shot at high speed - 240fps is not a typo.
  11. The command line for silent install is: -LQUIET Please note that it's case sensitive.
  12. 'Letter box' or 'Crop and Zoom' options are available when output aspect ratio is different to input aspect ratio. One of the options must be selected in order to convert aspect ratio. In the new version we integrated this option into the export dialog. In the old version there was a popup dialog which users complained that's confusing. The auto-match feature is just a suggestion and users can always select target resolution regardless the auto-match result. If you think this feature is not working in the way you want please suggest how it should work. We issue free upgrade license to users whom gave us good advice or helped us fix bugs. Upgraded key will be send to the user when the suggestion or bug fixing is applied to the new version.
  13. Hi Nat, That's a really good idea! Thanks.
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