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  1. Crossfade transition cuts off

    Hi, I've confirmed it's a bug. If you apply an effect to a speed changed clip, the transition will freeze (at the beginning of transition). Also I want to clarify here that "insert transition frames" option only effects slowed down clips. It toggles if VideoPad would automatically insert dissolved frames between the original frame. We'll adjust the UI to avoid the confusion. Thanks for reporting the issues.
  2. Release Note v5.31

    @Telephony This note is for Windows version based on previous version 5.20.
  3. Release Note v5.31

    What's new: Introducing dark theme GUI. We are still gathering feedback and users will have 50% chance to get dark UI when you install VideoPad. The theme can be changed by uninstall and reinstall VideoPad. Added new sound effects: Normalize Noise removal Low pass VST plugins
  4. Animated Text Editing

    Yes, they should be added to the text style options. At the moment, you can create shadows by insert a copy under the original one and then blur it and change it to the shadow color.
  5. Videopad 120fps -> 30fps Slowmo

    It can be turned of by un-check "Insert transition frames" on Speed Change dialog.
  6. We are applying the fix to Mac versions. Please export to disk file and upload to YouTube manually for now.
  7. Project Restore from Cache

    Yes. Cache only store frames used for preview to make it faster. Autosave popup only appear when VideoPad terminated with un-saved contain. Please be aware of that it will also get overwritten each time VideoPad runs - If you choose not to load an autosave, you won't be able to get the autosave popup next time start VideoPad.
  8. VideoPad will try convert the VOB file to AVI only if problems are detected in the file. For example, there are no enough keyframes or time stamp mismatch etc.. Please upload and share the file, we'll check it out.
  9. Problem Adding End Point

    @solaristraveller We've fixed bug and the shutcut key was restored. We'll send you a notification when the new version is released.
  10. Problem Adding End Point

    You can set End Point at cursor position by clicking the "] End" button. I think this is a bug - previous versions "ctrl+shift+." works the same as clicking the button. Thanks for reporting the issue!
  11. Looks like you were changing the transition duration. There are a number of different ways to change image clip duration: 1. Drag the end of clip on the time line: 2. Click on the duration in Clip Preview window: 3. Click on the duration on storyboard time line:
  12. Click and Pop removal tool...Where is it please?

    Hi Nat, It seems some of the help doc. have been messed up with WavePad's. We'll fix it up.
  13. @CrazyG You are welcome! Thanks for reporting the bug and help us identifying the problem.
  14. Click and Pop removal tool...Where is it please?

    Hi Nat, Are the help text above is on VideoPad's help page? Could you please send me the link?
  15. We've applied the fix to the current web-site download version. Please re-download VideoPad to get the problem fixed.