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  1. c_major

    .mp4 with no audio??

    Yes, that's the alternative path. Thanks for picking that up.
  2. c_major

    Fixed: MP4 with no sound

    In case the original post is too long to follow, I'm posting a link here for how to fix this issue:
  3. c_major

    No audio when exported

    @Syntax25 Thanks for reporting this problem. To solve the problem please see this post:
  4. c_major

    .mp4 with no audio??

    We've found the problem. The problem is not in VideoPad. It's a shared component that we updated few days ago. It happens to users installed VideoPad in these few days. We've already fixed the component on the server. To fix this please delete the malfunctioning component from your local disk. VideoPad will download it again from the server when you export. The component can be in one of these file path: C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\Components\aacenc3\aacenc3.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\Components\aacenc3\aacenc3.exe I'll ask support team to send free upgrade keys to the people in this discussion. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenient.
  5. c_major

    .mp4 with no audio??

    @a1048 I've tried your project. The sound works for me too. Have you changed any of the codec settings (by clicking "Advanced Encoder Options")? What are the options? @Scott I've sent an access request. @jeba @VideoSmideo @Seisenhut Could you please share the project files if that's possible. We reward people helped us fixing issues with free register key for the latest release. Thanks.
  6. c_major

    .mp4 with no audio??

    @jeba Could you please try the latest version and let us know if the bug still exist? If the bug still there, is it possible you can share (on GoogleDrive, OneDrive, DropBox etc.) the project files? We are really keen to investigate into this problem. Thanks!
  7. c_major

    .mp4 with no audio??

    Can you please check: Speaker icon on the left of the timeline Speaker icon in the bottom left of the clip Make sure they are not muted.
  8. The Green Tab is called "Sandwidge" icon when contains the full menu (including File). Is was designed to replace the main menu bar. v6.10 is now officially released please update to the latest build on our website.
  9. c_major

    Save project....

    Save As copies the project file which is a text file. The size compare to any of the media files (video and audio) is trivial.
  10. c_major

    Release Note v6.10

    New: Full screen mode for both Clip Preview and Sequence Preview. Previous Preview window is obsoleted and removed. High definition preview cache for Sequence Preview. This is a separated cache rendered in HD resolution. HD cache is activated by enter fullscreen mode from Sequence Preview. Import and export videos with surround sound (multi-channels). Surround sound position effect. Support WebVTT subtitle format. Export and upload to OneDrive. UI tweaking. Fixed: Speed change and reverse video clip causing preview performance drop. Improved timeline navigation performance. Potential crash if the audio has only one channel.
  11. c_major

    Make edited video one piece.

    @Nat It's a limitation of the software. Since the sequence sound track hasn't been composed (i.e. mixing multiple tracks) at that point. We didn't compose it until export to save system resources.
  12. c_major

    Export Hangs at 99%

    What did the bottom message (the text under the progress bar, where you can see the percentage) say when it hangs. Is it possible to make a screenshot?
  13. c_major

    Make edited video one piece.

    I see. Thanks.
  14. c_major

    Make edited video one piece.

    The menu still there. You can find it on Clip Preview control panel. Click the drop down triangle next to the Place button.
  15. c_major

    Scribble Video Effect

    I've taken it as a suggestion for the new feature. Thanks!