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  1. c_major

    Audio peaking at 165Kbits/s ?

    We'll post here for updates in each release. We are trying our best, but change of the encoder might not be in the next release.
  2. c_major

    Audio peaking at 165Kbits/s ?

    Hi, It's a know issue for our AAC encoder. We've already started the work to replace the encoder. The encoder will be available soon. We've already started the testing on the new encoder.
  3. c_major

    VideoPad Screwing with Audio

    I would say these specified video clips are corrupted. If we add code to tolerance this (like some players do) all other users will also run the code but for no reason. Sorry we can't do much about this.
  4. c_major

    VideoPad Screwing with Audio

    In that case, I don't think there is a bug in VideoPad. Let's keep an eye on this issue. If you see the problem again please report to us right away. Thanks.
  5. c_major

    Problems Inserting Clips ?

    There is a way. General speaking, if you want to separate the video tack and the audio tack, you should Unlink them. Edit: It seems like we can do better with the locking behavior. I've filed it as a bug.
  6. c_major

    VideoPad Screwing with Audio

    Hi Simo-Pekka, Have you updated your graphics card driver (or GeForce Experience) recently? If yes, I think there might be a bug in NVIDIA's recording tool that was fixed by the new update. We've analyst the file you've provided, the time stamp from the audio stream doesn't match the number of sound samples - which is very unusual. Please let me know if you encountered this issue again for new recordings. We are still investigating this issue.
  7. c_major

    VideoPad Screwing with Audio

    We still investigating this issue. It seems to be a rare case. Could you please tell us how the video was recorded? Have you changed tools or encoder settings recently?
  8. c_major

    Preview lags

    If a video clip or project keep causing freeze or crash please share it to us. We'll investigate if there is an issue in our code and get it fixed.
  9. c_major

    How to specify a thumb frame in 6.24

    Please let me clarify this. When selecting a clip from the sequence timeline, Use this frame for Thumb Frame will change the thumbnail used in storyboard of the corresponding clip (instead of the original clip from the bin). The clips on sequence timeline are considered as a copy of the clips in the bin. A bin clip can have multiple copies on the sequence timeline. You can select thumbnail for each copy independently.
  10. c_major

    How to specify a thumb frame in 6.24

    We have received the bug report and are working on it. Thanks.
  11. c_major

    Video cache doesn't update...

    Yes, it's a bug. It has been fixed. We are getting a new release soon. Thanks.
  12. c_major

    Export (size) bug / beta 6.27

    Thanks for trying out the beta version and reporting the issue! [Update]: We investigated in this problem and found is actually not really a bug. Because Windows is displaying Maximum bit rate. The bit rate we gave to the codec is Preferred bit rate. However in some situation, depends on the video content, the codec have to maintain the output quality by increasing the bit rate. This happen when the video frame has a lot of detail, e.g. sharp lines or dots.
  13. c_major

    Exporting issue since the latest updates

    Hi Miggy, Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately we have to pick one that works the best and remove the other - to keep things simple and easy.
  14. c_major

    Exporting issue since the latest updates

    Export settings now are saved with individual projects - including export destination. For example, if you export your project to DVD once and save the project. Next time you open the project, the default export destination will be DVD.
  15. The audio should always stay sync (even for Overlap) if linked with the video. Could you please send me your test project?