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  1. c_major

    Suggestion for centering frame for Crop and Zoom effect

    That make sense. Thanks Nat.
  2. c_major

    Lossless export yields infinite file sizes

    In 6.23, lossless option will become default when export to a file.
  3. c_major

    Stereo audio

    Is there any good reason to show waveform for each channel? What about video files with 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound?
  4. c_major

    Overlay clip fade problem with version 6.22

    This issue is fixed in 6.23 beta.
  5. c_major

    Export Crash

    If is possible please share the project (on Google Drive or One Drive etc.). We will have a look. Other information like version, output format and codec settings might also help.
  6. c_major

    Overlay clip fade problem with version 6.22

    Hi Nat, Thanks for reporting the issue. I've confirmed that if the overlying clip start at the same position as the underlying clip, the fade in will not work.
  7. c_major

    Exporting video is too long.

    We are constantly working on improving performance. Exporting speed can affect by many factors e.g. number of tracks, number of effects and export settings etc..
  8. c_major

    How things have changed

    Oh I see. No worries šŸ™‚
  9. c_major

    Created video sound only, no video (no photos)

    Could you share your project (on Google Drive or One Drive etc.)?
  10. c_major

    How things have changed

    Hi Ivan, If you think 2.41 is better please let me know why. Please post here or send me PM if you don't want to discuss it in public.
  11. Hi Major,

    the last frame of my saved video is a "black frame" .Video Pad creates these last black frame ?? Why..... a bug?

    I will loop my animation but the blackĀ last fram break the loop :-(

    my Video Pad is registrated today but the bug problemĀ is the same .....




  12. Hi Miri, Have you tried creating multiple Sequences in one project? You can use a Sequence as a clip on another Sequence (drag to the timeline from Sequences bin).
  13. c_major

    Reversed Clip Not Working

    We've found the bug. Is effecting the preview but not export. Thanks for reporting the issue.
  14. c_major

    Clip transitioning options

    Hi, I have tested this behavior and in fact it works as intended. VideoPad will automatically generates transitions with overlapped video if there is no need to shift video frames (clips) on the timeline. When the clips has enough heading or tailing materiel (sections that outside Start/End point), VideoPad will automatically expand the Start and End points to produce the transition without ask for the option.
  15. c_major

    Reversed Clip Not Working

    Please try clean up the cache (Option->Disk->Clear Unused Cache Files) after installed a new version of VideoPad.