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  1. Hi Nat, When create transitions, VP will check if there is enough materiel outside in/out point. If yes, it will just extent the in/out point to create overlapping section. Otherwise, typically when there is nothing outside in/out point, VP will shift the clips on the right to create the overlapping section. In this case frames will change their position on the timeline. The same logic applied to removing transitions. When removing transitions, we will move the in/out point to remove the overlapping area instead of moving the clip. We don't provide option to move clip when removing transitions. That's because keep the video frames stay on the time position seems like a safer option. For example if you already syncing with the audio track, you really don't want the frames move their position when you editing transitions. You can always restore the original clip length by move the in/out point in clip preview.
  2. c_major

    Advanced audio question

    Thanks for telling us. I'll try it in Win7.
  3. c_major

    Version 6.10 is from another planet

  4. c_major

    Green Tint when exporting videos

    Please note that both encoding and decoding are lossy. You can also try changing codec quality settings.
  5. c_major

    2+ hour Blu-rays freeze up

    Hi GR, I saw you reported this issue in another post. I'm looking into this see if there is a bug in VideoPad. Could you please try export to an ISO image? If it still freeze, try export to a mp4 file? Thanks your attention and participation.
  6. c_major

    Digital noise added during transitions

    Yes, that make sense. Thanks for reporting the issue.
  7. c_major

    Green Tint when exporting videos

    To avoid quality loss while multiple export passes, try use APNG or Image Sequence as intermediate media.
  8. c_major

    Digital noise added during transitions

    It could related to a bug we've fixed (but not released yet). See
  9. c_major

    Fading text transition color issue

    This is a bug in fade transitions (fade, cross fade and fade through white). At the moment we can use transparent effect (as Nat did) to workaround the issue. Thanks for bringing this up . We'll get it fixed.
  10. c_major

    Advanced audio question

    There shouldn't be a 2 hours restriction. How long is the video? Dose it freeze to the end?
  11. c_major

    Advanced audio question

    We periodically prevent the computer go to sleep when exporting. You compute should be able to sleep when it finished.
  12. c_major

    Audio Not Following Crossfades

    Hi, There was a bug when loading saved transitions with sound crossfade. We'll get it fixed in the next release.
  13. c_major

    Clip transitioning options

    You can change the setting from Options -> Editing -> Video clip transitioning.
  14. c_major

    This behavior expected?

    Is this happens when you start playback or in the middle?
  15. c_major

    Advanced audio question

    VideoPad only output one audio stream at this point. Some of the export format (e.g. AVI) supports mp3 and allows to change audio sample rate.