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  1. Videopad crashed as I added an image to my video

    If the image causing this problem, you can rename the image file or copy it to somewhere else. Try open the project, VideoPad will ask you to locate the image. You can either bypass it or replace it with another image to get the project opened.
  2. No effects in exported video

    @J_Nintendo Hi, what's settings in Options -> Editing -> Use hardware-accelerated video effects? Try toggle it and export.
  3. How to make files auto open?

    We still working on providing project templates. For now you can make a project with all the clips that to be shared between projects. Every time rather than start a blank new project, just load this template project and Save As a new one.
  4. Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    VideoPad-18204-1 and VideoPad-18204-2 must created by a very old version of VideoPad (I'd say 2.x).
  5. Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    We've applied a fix to the web site build to fix the Motion Effect bug. Please download it and try it out. I just tried slow motion. The caching seems to work fine. BTW: Nat is right, there should be 5 files in the cache for each video clip added to your project.
  6. Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    Hi, I've found this is actually a bug. Clips with Motion Effect applied will not get cached. We are working on fixing the issue. I'll post here as soon as it's fixed (hopefully by tomorrow). Sorry for the inconvenient and thanks for bringing the issue to our attention. @VideoSmideo Could you please check if this is the issue?
  7. Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    Caching is done on hard disk/SSD. Could you check your disk space see if there are empty space available when VideoPad is caching?
  8. Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    @VideoSmideo In the screenshot many clips have not been cached. It might be a caching issue when switching versions. Try clean up the cache and open the project again. The playback should be fixed when all clips finished caching. To clean up cache files, launch VideoPad without open any project. And then: Options -> Disk -> Clear Unused Cache Files.
  9. Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    Are there many little clips on the same track? How long are they?
  10. Vidoepad v6.01 currently unusable... for me.

    Do you have multiple tracks in that section? Or a transition?
  11. Sequence Running Time Stops

    We've made some changes in the latest version. The playback time shows the time stamp from from the video frames instead of advanced automatically. A still image only contains one frame therefore the time stops at the last rendered frame. Thanks for pointing out the issue. We will try make the time updated smoother.
  12. On opening VP 6.01 a previous project is loaded

    Forgot to mention in the release note: VideoPad will try to open the last project (regardless version difference).
  13. Release Note v6.01

    New: Added buttons to change start/end point on Clip Preview cursor tool popup. Added menu item File -> Export All Sequences which allow the user start exporting all sequences in the project in one go. Added option to show uploaded video on social media from export queue dialog. Added Blur transition. Buttons on time line clips shown in color if activated. For example the FX button will appear blue after an effect is applied. VideoPad will try to open the last project (regardless version difference). Fixed: Playback engine has been re-worked to use CPU more effectively. Previewing video clips is now faster and smoother.
  14. Suggested Subtitle Fix

    I've tried and couldn't reproduce the Start/End editing problem. I'll investigate more. Current subtitles don't related to clips. However I understand the need for subtitles sync with the A/V. We'll review this feature and find a ways to solve the problem. You can do that in Subtitles dialog, File menu, Save SSA File or Save SRT File.
  15. Video Runs Slow in Preview Window

    @johnywhy Hi, Mind I ask how did you get 6.01? It's in testing and still being changed every day. Thanks