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  1. @minotto Hi, could you please try turn Lossless Export Off in Export File Settings?
  2. In fact auto-duck feature still in developing. It's coming soon in the next one or two release. We accidentally released UI sometime ago. Sorry for the confusion. It's good to see people do want to use this feature though. When it's available, users should be able to change the clip(from right click menu) to background sound. Background sound clips will automatically duck for other clips when they overlapping.
  3. Export configuration is saved with the project in newer versions. Please try the latest version (v7.30).
  4. We've applied some changes such that preview can be played in real time without cache but with lower quality (for some effects). The cache would still be generated from original video if needed. When the cache finish the preview will automatically switch to high quality. This change will be applied to the next release.
  5. Thanks for bringing up this issue. This is a very interesting poll. I'd like to clarify that the reason that effects now being applied shower is not because of removing preview options. In order to maximize output (including preview and export) quality, some of the effects must be applied before the video being down sized. For example if you zoom in a 4k video to 400% and output a HD(1k) video, the result should has no detail lost. We will work on optimizing the pipeline for non-resolution sensitive effects. If many users are requesting lower preview resolution for performance reason - even that means lower preview quality, we will provide option for something like automatic proxy editing.
  6. Can you post the full path(with file name) of the 80GB file here?
  7. c_major

    Buggy Playback

    Thanks for reporting issues. This is a bug found in v7.30. It has been fixed and we will release again very soon.
  8. Thanks for reporting issues. It looks like a bug if 'Custom' doesn't save last settings. We'll investigate and fix the issue. BTW: Export settings are now saved into the project file. The settings will be restored (for that project) after the project is loaded.
  9. Please try increase export frame rate. I'd recommend 30fps+ for constant frame rate and maximum 60fps+ for variable frame rate.
  10. @Mirza5 Which version of VideoPad are you using? Also please try clean up the cache see if it fixes the issue. You can clean up the cache by start VideoPad without loading any file, and then select: Options->Disk->Clear Unused Cache Files.
  11. VirtualDub plugin are fixed. We'll release a new version soon which will includes the fix.
  12. Hi, we aware of this problem, since we respect the aspect ratio of the original clip. This problem happens when applying Position effect to move the logo. Effects are applied only within the original clip, this became a problem if output aspect ratio is different. We are working on solve this problem. For now, the work around would be manually convert the aspect ratio (before position effect) to output aspect ratio by applying aspect ratio transform effects. Thanks for reporting issues and sorry for the inconvenient.
  13. @Dangerfreak Is this the only audio file that you found has this problem? Please let us know if you have other files produce the same issue.
  14. Hi mx1001, Could you please try export A.avi in 7.24 with Constant Frame Rate option enabled? Thanks.
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