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  1. multitrack videopad

    Download it from here.
  2. Losing material when uploading to Youtube/Vimeo

    The "glitch" at :33 was visible from both downloaded and Vimeo videos. Just a thought: The back frames might be too short and last just one frame, some of the frames might lost when Vimeo/Youtube re-process the video. You can try: Make the black clips longer. Try make them last at lease 0.1 ~ 0.2 seconds. Also the duration between black clips should be similar length. You shouldn't see difference as it plays. Output to a higher frame rate.
  3. Green Bar Thickness could be increased

    Hi Nat, The green bar is something that we shouldn't have to look at all the time - it's not part of the editing. We made it less obvious to avoid users being distracted from editing. Thanks for the suggestions and discussions are most welcomed.
  4. Cache file overload...?

    You should be able to clean up cache files by choose Options->Disk->Clear Unused Cache Files. Please do that with a fresh started VideoPad without any project/file loaded.
  5. Release Note v5.20

    New: Added Equalizer audio effect. Allow to select one of the audio tracks when importing a video with multiple audio tracks. Added option to disable inserting dissolved frames for slowed (via Speed Change) clips. UI tweaking: For beginners, some of the advanced features are hidden from the UI until the project getting more content. Can now drag clips between media bin, preview windows and the timeline (before we can only drag from bin to timeline). Re-arranged tool bar buttons. Added more options to right click menu on clips. Added hint messages. Fixed: Fixed "Building Preview" appearing too often makes playback not smooth. Fixed Fade Out effect not applied properly if start point is not at the beginning of the clip Fixed an issue burning Blu-ray disk.
  6. I'm sorry for the waiting. It normally won't take that long. Also thanks for your advice. Good luck!
  7. Track effects

    In fact this is what sequence in (another) sequence designed for. It is a limitation that we can't see the sound track of a sequence clip but we are working on it.
  8. Black Screen Preview & Export Freeze

    If it only happen on one project, could you please shard the project files (from Google Drive etc.) to us?
  9. Major bug. Crossfade randomly missing after export.

    @frostfern Could you please also send the file to me?
  10. The new version is in testing now and the process looking good. I'm expecting it will release this week.
  11. Scroll 360 in 2D

    Not at the moment but we are putting it in as a new feature which you can animate the view angle like other effects.
  12. Unsmooth between Video Clips

    @Peval If the new version doesn't solve your problem please let us know and we'll work on it.
  13. Older Version (Don't like new)

    You can always downgrade from contacting our support team. However if you let us know how you don't like the new versions we can make it better.
  14. Unsmooth between Video Clips

    This is the same issue as in this post. We've fixed the issue and making a new release.
  15. Could you please post the link to the video here? Which VideoPad version are you using?