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  1. The behavior is working as intended: Dragging a clip over another clip will replace(overwrite) the clip. Dragging a clip over the join of another tow clips, the clip will be inserted by making space to the join. We will review the UI and try to make it more responsive and shows exactly what happen when you drop the clip.
  2. Yes, the bug has been fixed in v8.18. It's officially released. @Adamu We will send you a free upgrade key soon.
  3. This bug has been introduced since v7.50. We've fixed the bug and will make a new release soon.
  4. c_major

    Leaving Videopad

    Borate and Nationsolo are VideoPad users just like everyone. Our developers are working with them closely and trying to solve every reported issue. @14red We are working on making the GPU work more effectively. It will take more advantage for high-end graphics cards. It will be released soon.
  5. We are working on this issue and getting it fixed asap.
  6. It looks like the shadow is covered by the outline. It's a bug since the shadow should also be outlined. We will fix it for the next release.
  7. Hi, Currently VideoPad uses GPU to compute effects and transitions. We are working on also using GPU for encoding and decoding as well as format conversion. Entire video processing will then runs on the GPU if suitable. Reviced hardware pipeline expect to be released early next year.
  8. Sorry, the "show beat line" option has been removed. We'll put the option into the right click menu in the next release. We also polished the look of the beat lines in this release.
  9. To turn off displaying beat lines:
  10. Hi, We are working on auto-snap and trying to make it only snap when the clips are close to each other. Hopefully that would give more control to users. The white lines are beat markers. VideoPad analyst music tracks and marks the beats with the white lines. In fact it could be helpful for what Takis is doing. Finally, regarding dark UI, we've decided to make the change for all our products. That was not a trivial decision and we do carefully considered when it was made. Kind regards.
  11. Hi EtoDem, Have you tried the Zoom effect. I think it does exactly what you wanted.
  12. please help me.  I need to record a video on debut and when I test it the audio is not working.  I am non-tech.  my yeti mic is being recognized but still no audio.

  13. Hi Mickets, Thanks for the feedback. Could you please let us know the version of VideoPad you are using and the specification of your computer? Thank you.
  14. @minotto Hi, could you please try turn Lossless Export Off in Export File Settings?
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