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  1. c_major

    VP 6.31...Anything missing?

    We've taken out some features that probably never be used and turn them into downloadable content. When they still needed, VideoPad will automatically download them from our server. Nothing is missing, only the files that you actually used would exist on your local machine.
  2. c_major

    OK, How to swap in/update a video clip in VIDEOPAD?

    The latest versions allow you to just drag a clip to replace another clip on the timeline.
  3. c_major

    Release Note v6.29 - v6.31

    This note includes 6.29, 6.30 and 6.31 New: Use speech to text(voice recognition) automatically generate subtitles. Note that this feature is using whatever voice recognition engine installed on the computer. The one come with Windows might not be accurate enough. Can now apply(merge) template project to an existing sequence automatically. Easily swap out applied Title Templates. Export settings are now saved into project file. Audio will be added to VideoPad from ExpressAnimate. Replaced some 3rd party codecs for performance and output quality. This is a significant upgrade. Allow to change aspect ratio of Border Effect. Fixed (not a complete list): Cache doesn't update when overlayed track is shortened. Popping noise on audio transition. Sequence Preview not smooth when scrubbing.
  4. c_major

    Videopad corrupts audio

    Yes, please report to us if you can reproduce the audio corruption in 6.31.
  5. c_major

    VP 6.31...Anything missing?

    Nothing is missing, we've shake off some 3rd party libraries and replaced them with native support.
  6. c_major

    Audio peaking at 165Kbits/s ?

    We've already replaced the AAC codec. The change had applied to the beta per-release version (6.31). @Junanagou You'll get a free upgrade key when the next version is released. One of our policy is we will give free upgrade to users that reported bugs (when they get fixed).
  7. c_major

    VIdeopad crashes!

    Are you using the latest version of VideoPad (6.30)?
  8. c_major

    High CPU Usage/Temps in VideoPad

    One way to effectively reduce CPU consumption is proxy editing: http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/26563-proxy-editing/
  9. c_major

    Videopad corrupts audio

    @daorus There is a way you can get free upgrade: Try the latest version. If there is a bug and you reported it to us, we'll send you a free key when it's fixed.
  10. c_major

    Audio peaking at 165Kbits/s ?

    We'll post here for updates in each release. We are trying our best, but change of the encoder might not be in the next release.
  11. c_major

    Audio peaking at 165Kbits/s ?

    Hi, It's a know issue for our AAC encoder. We've already started the work to replace the encoder. The encoder will be available soon. We've already started the testing on the new encoder.
  12. c_major

    VideoPad Screwing with Audio

    I would say these specified video clips are corrupted. If we add code to tolerance this (like some players do) all other users will also run the code but for no reason. Sorry we can't do much about this.
  13. c_major

    VideoPad Screwing with Audio

    In that case, I don't think there is a bug in VideoPad. Let's keep an eye on this issue. If you see the problem again please report to us right away. Thanks.
  14. c_major

    Problems Inserting Clips ?

    There is a way. General speaking, if you want to separate the video tack and the audio tack, you should Unlink them. Edit: It seems like we can do better with the locking behavior. I've filed it as a bug.
  15. c_major

    VideoPad Screwing with Audio

    Hi Simo-Pekka, Have you updated your graphics card driver (or GeForce Experience) recently? If yes, I think there might be a bug in NVIDIA's recording tool that was fixed by the new update. We've analyst the file you've provided, the time stamp from the audio stream doesn't match the number of sound samples - which is very unusual. Please let me know if you encountered this issue again for new recordings. We are still investigating this issue.