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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to have input into the next version, and for a great product. My request is simple: Please add the ability to drag+drop files onto the main form to add files for conversion. Thanks.
  2. qwerty


    Tried the program today, and really liked it. Thanks for the opportunity to have imput in the next version. I've got a lot of small suggestions that I don't think would take much programming to achieve: • I would like to have the option to have the numeric keypad return to normal (ie, numeric) functionality, as i used the f-keys for playback control. • The scroll bar for speed and volume is too small, please lengthen. • The scroll bar for the audio file position is too small - the file I was using was over 1-hour long, and would like to be able to use the scroll bar to accurately position within it. It would be nice to have a readout of the time position when adjusting the audio file scrollbar. • I'm new to this game, and don't know what "Play slow pausing" (ctrl-f11) is, and couldn't find it in the help file - please explain. • I used the text box in the program to type in (haven't worked out how to use with word, and although I'm sure it's easy for my needs I may not need to). - It would be good to be able to control the size of the display font in this window. - It would be good to be able to use the tab key to insert a tab in the text, rather than it move the focus of the control. - It would be great to have the option of saving this file directly rather than having to cut and paste the contents (eg. as txt, rtf or even doc format) - I used the buttons to control playback while typing in this window. When I release the mouse on the playback button the focus stays with on the button and I need to reposition the cursor back in the typing area to continue, which takes time. It would be great if the focus could automatically return the end of the text area (or even better, to the previous position in the text area) when the mouse button is released on a playback control button. Many thanks again.
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