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    Auto Start Recording

    My version is pretty old. It's version 4.42. I only use it to record stuff from the FM radio or off of YouTube and make audio CDs to play in my car. I like Wavepad because of its ability to easily split two or three hour programs into lengths to fit an 80 minute CD. I suppose this program is almost good enough to be used on a professional level. It does way more than I'll ever need! Good Luck
  2. k4hpp

    Auto Start Recording

    audioenhancer: I figured it out! The NCH instructions are wrong (or at the very least, misleading). Set up for recording by clicking on the red button or use F5. The "record control" pop up box will appear. Click on the "advanced record settings" Next, select both "auto trim recording" and "voice activated recording". Set the -db threshold wherever you need it to actually begin recording. I used -40 db. Next, click on the red "record" button in the recording control. It won't start recording until there is actually audio present at a db level above your setting. It stops below that level and resumes above it. WONDERFUL! I will use this feature to record a music program off of FM radio in my absence. I have the tuner set up on a timer that turns the tuner on prior to the program starting and shuts it back off after the end of the program. The Wavepad program just pauses at the end and awaits the "stop" block mouse click or the "esc" key press. Good luck!
  3. The "advanced settings" for recording states that when set, recording will not start until audio is detected. I cannot get this feature to function. Once it hit the "record" red button (or F5), recording starts immediately without any audio input. Does anyone have suggestions about how to make this function properly?
  4. I'm trying to get the "auto start" recording to function. I have version 2.10. The description says recording won't start until sound is present. I select the "auto start" function, but recording starts as soon as the red record button is selected whether or not audio is present. I am using the line input on my sound card. Any suggestions?
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