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  1. If I record hi bit rate files what is the tag I save them as? Is it WAV, FLAC, or some other format? Thanks in advance. Jim Tavegia
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    VST plugins

    I noticed that across the top bar you have an icon for VST. Can any of their plugins be used? I am specifically thinking of buying their grand piano software and it would be nice to drive this from midi controller directly into WavePad. I want to add that for the money this is great recording software. I have been plaing with Switch as well and find the file transfers to 128 to 192K to be excellent. I have been only a hi-rez guy up until now. The mp3 downloads from ITunes have not impressed me. Good redbook files to 192K are still very magical. This is pretty high praise as I listen on a $900 vacuum tube CD player. All of Beethovens 9 Symphonies on one CD in very high quality is pretty nice. Thanks.
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