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  1. Using the Cepstral link on the same page will also install the voice appropriately. I downloaded a trial version to see if it would install properly in the Operating System (I have Windows XP on this machine, because some of my legacy software is critical). I don't know how this will work on later OS's.
  2. I was able to install Microsoft Mike and Mary by using the Microsoft link here. Turns out there is a Microsoft Voice installer that you have to use. http://www.screamingbee.com/support/ScriptVOX/ScriptVOXMoreTextToSpeechVoices.aspx
  3. I am So Here! I just purchased and installed Verbose, and I am trying to shift to some nice female voices. Before I purchased, I checked carefully to make sure I would be able to add additonal voices. I have followed all the instructions (Downloading the Microsoft voices; Downloading the Coolbyte zip file, running Setup.bat, etc). I also checked my Speech applet,and Microsoft Sam persists, without friends. I know I have the software on my computer; how do I get something to recognize it? Seems others have or have had this problem, but no solutions have been posted . . . Thanks!
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