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  1. Nothing? [crickets] Hello? [tap tap] Is this thing on?
  2. I've been pretty happy with Express Rip...until recently when it started doing truly wacky things with the metadata, most notably changing all the information to what appears to be Finnish. I can pop in a new CD and when I try to rip it, the artist, album and song titles change. At first I thought it might be bad info encoded into the CD, but I tried several with the same results AND when I rip with Windows Media, everything is peachy. Because the ripped songs are used for a radio station's on-line stream, all the metadata has to be accurate to avoid DMCA violations. Thoughts? Suggestions? Recipes?
  3. My knowledge of audio is pretty fair, but my understanding of computer networking...not so much. I'm looking for a simple, effective, solution that will allow live audio to be sent from one (remote) computer to another (receiving) computer via the Internet. For example, coverage of a sporting event could be accomplished by feeding a small audio mixer in the press box of the arena or stadium into the audio input of a laptop computer. At the studio, streamed audio would be fed into the main audio console for broadcast. Questions: Would Broadwave be of use in this setting? Existing IP audio systems designed for broadcasters are prohibitively expensive for our college radio station. What if one did not have a fixed IP address at the transmitting end? E.g., what if one is using on-site WiFi or is acting as a guest on someone else's network? Could one stream to a fixed address? If not Broadwave, any other thoughts? We have access to both Windows and Mac machines. Again, my knowledge of networking issues is slim, so please frame any answers as if you are talking to your slightly dim-witted brother-in-law! Thanks!
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