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  1. hello. I downloaded the free version earlier today, and after hours of toying with it, I gave in and am now seeking help. I am trying to set up port forwarding and the other technical stuff. So lets start from square one. I install broadwave. My router of course says "no" I have to log in and set up port forwarding. DMZ Hosting is off, and NAT is enabled. I run web routing and test wizard within Broadwave. It says, "Please log into your router and add TCP/IP port forwarding from public port 88 to (my IP here)port 88. When setting up port forwarding in my router it asks for the following; Rule Name: Protocol: Port Start: Port End: Port Map Start: please tell me what I should put in these spaces. Also I have ESET's NOD32 do i need to create a similar rule in here as well? please help, and all help is appreciated.
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