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  1. upgraded to Windows 7. Installed ED v528 with newest speechmike drivers 2.8. however, getting erros or unable to start dictation with speechmike classic LFH5262. ED recognizes its there and the buttons seem to register correctly on testing the speechmike in ED. However, response is haphazard and essentially unusable. Previously using the same speechmike on XP, no problems at all. is there an issue with ED528? anybody have this issue?
  2. I agree Our organization has been using express dictate for many years on XP. We are considering going to windows 7 and we have started a trial test of ED 5.23. We have found that the change of the Dictation name from previous of Dictation x to the current date and time stamp is a backwards step, causing significant confusion to transcription. Not only that, we have found we cannot forward dictations to other transcriptionists unless we change the dictation name. In defence, this may be due to some config problems that we have not understood yet, and we have downloaded the new express scribe with no luck so far. Also, we have found the microphone setup for the classic speechmike 5262 on windows 7 and ED 523 to be problematic also, with the default volumes too high, such that the default recordings are distorted Very timeconsuming and confusing to try and fix. Consequently, we are having to consider changing to another dictation system. Its a pity as ED has served us well for many years.
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