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  1. Beating my head against a brick wall feels better. I needed to convert several MSV files from my wife's old Sony voice recorder to MP3 on the mac, so I researched it on Google. I found a program called Switch Plus, which listed MSV files in its list of files it could deal with. So I followed the links and paid $35 for it. I received activation codes etc. but where was the program? I went to NCH, looked for it, but found only the free Switch, which I had tried last year and rejected ('coz it didn't work). So I activated it, and found that it could NOT recognize MSV files. I searched the support pages and found that I needed a Sony plug-in, but it is a Windows program and does not work on the mac. So I am stymied, and I want my money back. Where can I find Switch Plus, not the free program? Can it actually convert MSV files on the mac (NCH says it has a mac version)?
  2. I just purchased Switch for mac, as my spouse required an .msv file to be converted for her transcriptionist today. I was not able to test the program out as i had downloaded a demo version months ago. I thus had to buy it blind. Now i find that Switch does not support .msv files. The hardware used is the Sony Voice Recorder ICD-MX20, a hand held IC recorder. I use mac snow leopard. Any advice appreciated: -point me to another (free) program, if possible. (We only need this program to convert ONE file.) -can I get my money back? The obvious questions are: - Why doesn't Switch support .MSV? - Why doesn't Sony support the mac and something other than Win Media Player?
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