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  1. Nationalsolo

    Timeline clip overlay after changing length

    Hi D Confirmed. Same behavior in VP7.0. The timeline is not pushed along if the duration of image 1 is increased. (Try 5 seconds > 10 seconds...Image 2 disappears) I have reported this as a possible bug. The durations can be also altered in Storyboard mode and are seen correctly here following one another with the entered values, but switching back to timeline mode the second image is still covered up! Nat
  2. Nationalsolo

    Enhancing video

    Hi Your file downloaded OK but I have to agree with Borate's assessment. It would be very difficult to get this much better with the tools available in most film editors. Having extracted some stills from the footage to experiment with I think it can be marginally improved using, as 007 suggests, the Colour Adjustements Effect, although my settings are slightly different... Brightness = -35 Contrast = 20 Gamma = 1 The colour temperature (which is very blue/cyan) could also be improved by setting this value to 40. On the whole there is such a wide difference between scenes with the brightness/exposure and the colour that an overall adjustment to these values for the whole clip would not actually be successful. It might better to split the video into scene sections and try treating each one with the above effects set at values around those suggested so as to get the best effect. A very low sharpen value (2-3) might help in some scenes. L-R Original.........Colour Adjustments + Temperature...........CA + T + Sharpen This should give you some idea what you might get. But the original, as a whole is quite poor. Nat
  3. Nationalsolo

    Trying to see if this is what I need

    Hi David Unlike some rival programs VP is very intuitive and should be capable of doing all that you ask.. If you downloaded and ran the vpsetup.exe program from the NCH site, it should remain behind after you uninstall VP from the PC Control panel. It can then be re-clicked to reload the main VP. program. The free version has limited output options and may be time limited. As you seem unsure regarding how this runs, the BASIC idea is as follows.... (Please excuse me if this something you already know.) You add your video clips to the program using the Add Files option where they will appear in the left upper area of the GUI called the Clip Bin.There are different bins for each type of clip you add.(Video/Sound/Image etc.) From here you can drag and drop them in the required order onto the Video Track or Timeline where you can preview them in the screen area on the right, either as individual clips...Clip Preview or the whole timeline..Sequence preview. (The clips in the bin are best left alone until you become more familiar with the program.) The addition of Effects , Transitions and Edits etc. are made to the clips you have added to the timeline. The original clips in the bins will not be affected with your changes when done this way. Note: VP is very polyvalent and will allow manipulation of your clips in different ways including directly from the bins.) The brief outline above is the most intuitive and simplest way of working. Once you have finished your editing, the completed timeline can be Exported to your PC or saved to disc as a complete video file. (As mentioned above VP, although allowing many output formats the list may be radically reduced in the free version.) The original clips remain unaltered on your PC. At any point you can save your Project as a special file which will load your work back at any later date. Details of editing can be complex but come back to the forum if there is any particular difficulty, however simple it may seem and there will normally be someone who will help out. It can take quite sometime to discover the ins and outs of the program but I hope the above helps a bit. Nat
  4. Nationalsolo

    Can't export all sequences

    Hi Jimmy Your post to me above is correct. What has come out of looking at this thread is that the Green File button has some problems relating to export. The Top file button however seems to work without greying out options. (even with Redo etc. as I outlined) In fact it seems to correct the menu produced by the Green button. However neither pathway produces an active Export Video window.(At least not with VP 7.0 and earlier versions here) This not a problem in general ( for me) as I export from the timeline using the Toolbar Export Video tab. I can't reproduce a shortcut bell here. But a repeat double click on the vppsetup.exe file for the version in use usually changes the hamburger button back to the normal File button. Nat
  5. Nationalsolo

    Can't export all sequences

    Hi Jimmy Looked at the steps I mentioned again and have noticed.....Apart from the inactive Export window. (which you suggest is a bug), there is definitely something odd when the the Undo and Redo arrows are used. I repeated the steps above from opening VP and New Project... Added two clips Dropped clip 1 to timeline and used + to create a sequence Repeated with clip 2...Now there are two sequences in bin and a blank timeline. Export All sequences from the File button gives the inactive export window. (??bug..although this works for Borate) Close Export window and Undo multiple times back to empty clip box (i.e start) Using Redo multiple times correctly steps back to the inactive export window OK But.. and this is where I think there is a bug..... If you Undo back to the point where the sequences have been removed and you are left with just the two unticked clips in the bin ,... (effectively the start) and you then repeat the above moves above from step 2. ( i.e. create two sequences, NOT using the Redo arrow) The Export All Sequences prompt remains inactive now even though by step 2 you have two sequences in the bin to export. Does that help? Nat
  6. Nationalsolo

    Mask Rendering problem?

    Hi Zoey VP 7.0 Your source file of 850 x 480 pixels has an AR of 1.7708. The normal frame used in VP is 16:9 i.e. an AR of 1.777 The difference is negligible and a mask (etc) set up on your source file should be to all intents and purposes OK in a 16:9 output. What output settings did you use? " Also what happened to the auto detect button in the render dialog in 7.0 ;_________;? " In the Export screen, click the down arrow in the Resolution box. The menu should have the "Auto match content" at the bottom above "Custom". The first shows your actual source clip size, the second will force a 16:9 option. Your source is very close to 16:9 and there should be virtually no difference. Provided your mask has been correctly set up, it should export OK. Nat
  7. Nationalsolo

    Another Masking question

    Hi Miggy " . and I can't get it to exhibit the behaviors I described when I made this post. .." Par for the course! I can check something out and find a problem that's been mentioned and all of a sudden the problem goes away and I can't repeat it. Current problem is Exporting all sequences from the File menu. Borate can..I can't although we both have the (apparently) the same version of VP and I am following exactly the same steps. . I even find with some actions I lose the option from the menu as well..Weird! . Still, it's working for the main job of editing and when there is a problem or advice needed we try to help out. Nat
  8. Nationalsolo

    Another Masking question

    Hi Miggy I tend to look at it this way.... Move cursor to required place in the preview and set the position and shape of the mask Create a keyframe 1 when happy Move cursor to next preview position Move points if mask is to differ from keyframe 1. If it's not going to change shape just leave it alone. Create keyframe 2 when happy.. Carry on in this way. So it's.... Create/Move/Create etc.The mask will animate between the keyframes. After the last keyframe it will not change but I generally click the button at the end of the clip although a keyframe is in fact actually made. Nat
  9. Nationalsolo

    Can't export all sequences

    Hi B Followed your steps exactly....The 3 options in the final Export window all remain inactive. I managed to glimpse the blue bar heading just before this...It's the "Detecting most common format" , As I only have 2 short clips loaded, it only visible for an instant. Using VP 7.0 Professional Licensed software. It's not a problem as I normally reconstruct a project from any sequences I may make (don't always make sequences) and export from the timeline after checking the whole thing through. It's just an odd difference between how your V7.0 is working and the version 7.0 I have. Nat
  10. Nationalsolo

    Can't export all sequences

    HI B I think it must an un-reset flag or something resulting from Redo....Here is a Re-run.... Open VP . New project. (File/Export All Sequences prompt is present...No action clicking this) Load two clips to Video bin (File/Export All Sequences prompt is present...No action clicking this) Clip 1 dropped on timeline. (File/Export All Sequences prompt is present... No action clicking this) Created Sequence 1 (Timeline MT and File/Export All Sequences prompt is present. This brings up non functioning options window shown in my earlier post) Clip 2 dropped on MT timeline. (File/Export All Sequences prompt is present. Blue progress bar seen for an instant immediately covered by Non usable options window. Not sure what the blue bar is doing) Create Sequence 2....... (File/Export All Sequences prompt is present but behaves as above..Window with inactive choices) Used Redo arrow to step back to empty timeline and clip bin. Stepping forwards again clips appear in bin and timeline etc. as expected but The Export All Sequences prompt is now greyed out and inactive. Something wrong there connected with redo! Unless it IS a paid option as Jimmy suggests..... Nat
  11. Nationalsolo

    Can't export all sequences

    Hi B 1. Import two clips. OK 2.. Drop clip 1 onto track 1. OK. This creates sequence 1. OK. Timeline contains Clip 1 and Sequence bin contains Sequence 1 (No clapperboard) 2. Above the timeline click the + sign that's to the right of the sequence 1 tab, to create blank sequence 2. OK. Timeline is now empty and Sequence bin now contains Clip 1 and Sequence 2 as a Clapperboard 3. Drop clip 2 onto track 1 of sequence 2. ??. Not sure what you mean here by this bit . My inference is that sequence 2 is blank. However, I have dropped Clip 2 onto the empty timeline. Sequence bin now holds Clip1as Sequence 1 and Clip 2 as Sequence 2 (No Clapperboard) 4. Click FILE|EXPORT ALL SEQUENCES and follow the prompts. Export All sequences is blanked out! WHICH IS NOW BIZARRE!! At least before I had the prompt even if it led nowhere. There is no clapperboard in the sequence tab's bin/ That's correct.....Just sequence 1 (clip1) and Sequence 2 (Clip2) Step 3 is where it goes wrong I think....... I have two sequences in the bin but don't seem to be able to export them. Note that I have back stepped to try another angle using the Redo arrow....right back to adding the two clips to an empty VP. Do you think this might have left a flag set somewhere from the first run through? Any ideas?? Nat
  12. Nationalsolo

    Can't export all sequences

    Hi Borate Nope! Tried it again.(May be doing something wrong possibly) Dropped a clip on the timeline and created a sequence from it by using sequence + (Now blank timeline) Repeated with a different clip. (two sequences in bin + clapperboard) Loaded the timeline with the sequences (So there is something there) Selected Sequence 1 X from the bar as shown in your clip Click green File button and selected Export all sequences. Now at this point......Something happens for an instant (looks like a blue loading bar or something a window) before the three useless choices window comes up and covers it.It happens so fast that I can't actually see it before its covered. It's not behind the window still when this is grabbed and moved. Clicking any of the three choices does nothing. Nothing has been saved to file etc. So I have always considered this an unfinished part of VP. Nat
  13. Nationalsolo

    Another Masking question

    Hi Tested this with V7.0 as follows. Here it seems to work OK Placed a Video clip on Video Track 2 and a black blank black clip on Video Track 1. Made both tracks same length. Set preview cursor at start and Opened Effects for the Video clip. Added an Effect Mask. (Rectangle Polygon mask). Set keyframe Moved preview cursor cursor along the clip to middle and changed mask outline to a triangle. Created second keyframe. Moved preview cursor along the clip to end and recreated a rectangle. Set last keyframe. UNTICKED the mask inside option Added a transparency effect set to zero opacity. The video clip on Track 2 correctly animated from a rectangle that transformed into a triangle and then back into a rectangle. This also worked in reverse.(Triangle to rectangle and back) Also worked with Mask Inside set. I also repeated the test using an enlarged preview screen to set up the mask.(By dragging out the sides of the undocked window to a suitable size...Full screen cannot be used as the effects pane is hidden.) The animation also worked OK when created on this window. It was however infuriatingly slow as VP had to regenerate the clip for every point change. (This might have been my rather slow PC however.) In short I haven't manage to reproduce your experience. It is annoying if things go slowly but did you move points etc. before the last action had been registered by VP (Green bars completing etc.) Nat
  14. Nationalsolo

    Can't export all sequences

    Hi In VP 7.0 Professional the Export all sequences option is active but has never worked as all it does is bring up the inactive Export Video window none of whose options actually work. I've mentioned this before but it remains unusable. Nat
  15. Nationalsolo

    Why is the export in the new versions so slow?

    Hi As a comparison I have a similar behaviour... Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2 Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E4500@ 2.2GHz, 2.0 GB RAM NVIDEA GeForce GT 730. CPU usage similar here. Switch on PC and open the task manager Util. processeur. Links to network and shows 1-6% (Fine) Open VP and wait Shows 1-6% (Vp is the only program open.) Add a file to VP. Shows 50% - 54% whilst clip preview screen is loading then 4% when finished and waiting. Drop the clip to the timeline . Usage 100% while rendering thumbnails and green bar. Completed and waiting for any editing. 53% Exporting the clip Usage 100% Export finished usage drops back to 51% Close VP and discard work. Usage now around whicle this processes 90% All finished and back to desktop. Util processeur monitor now shows a constant 51%...?????? With respect to VP, I expect 100% usage when VP exports or loads big files. Early versions probably had a different file architecture but the later versions were adapted to process faster but this may be with reference to the time to process the file during preview, editing steps etc.. The speed of export depends largely on the file type, size and resolution chosen in the export parameters and is usage intensive. However, for me, I don't know what has changed from the initial startup when it showed 1-6% After closing VP nothing is now running (as at the start) but monitor now shows 51-54%.continuously when I expected it to drop back to 1-5%. (Anybody know why?) Nat