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  1. Nationalsolo

    .mp4 with no audio??

    Hi Same here...Hiss. Nat
  2. Hi Borate Yes I noticed this previously when I tried to Add a transition then No Transition. Got the message each time.....Transition disappeared but timeline remained shortened as expected. The Clip preview showed in/out markers still set to the ends of the old transition. I then thought, "What happens if I do the same again with these clips...Will the timeline get even shorter?"...Well YES it did and the message also appeared as well. So the timeline shortened twice with two add and deletes. I then thought "Hmmm. If I do this enough times will the clips shorten to zilch?" 😀 Well no! The third time I added the crossfade transition and removed it, the message didn't appear and the timeline length didn't change either. I didn't calculate anything from the values I set but I guess with two shortenings the in/out markers had moved in enough to allow the transition to install without requiring a message. No problem just academic. It works! Nat
  3. Hi Sam Thanks for the explanation. I understand the logic but still can't see the reason for the top statement in the window. Two long clips must have sufficient material for a short overlapping transition. I assume its hard wired. I can see that resetting the in.out points might cause problems in many cases where the transition is removed particularly where the sound is unlinked. The post was just an observation that some might have found irritating (even if they noticed.) and I wondered why it did this and whether it was an oversight. In this case there is absolutely no problem and in fact it is somewhat advantageous.🙂 For some reason the end of all the raw clips shot with this camera ( a Toshiba ) had the soundtracks truncated by around a second. making 1 second sound gaps when the clips were assembled on the timeline. Synchronization of the sound was otherwise perfect..... Editing these out using Split/delete/close gap or the Clip preview IN/OUT markers would have been a nightmare with 100s of clips. However, automatically adding the overlapping crossfade transition to all the clips automatically removed this silent gap in the soundtrack.as well as smoothing out the action between the shots. After editing out the unwanted transitions (or even them all,) by using No transition, the clips were left in the same position so eliminating the sound gaps. Perfect! Nat
  4. Nationalsolo

    Audio/video are out of sync.

    Hi Load the Video to VP Drag the video from the clip bin and drop it onto the timeline. OR right click it in the bin and use one of the menu selections to place it on the timeline. Right click the video on the timeline and select Unlink from Audio. Video track 1 and Audio track 1 now become separate. To adjust the audio track position or the video position, left click the desired track and with the mouse key depressed drag the clip to the left or right to re-synch it. Zoom in with the mouse scroll wheel if needed to get more precision. If you have several clips in the project then you may have to unlink the audio from all the clips individually and then group the videos followed by grouping the audios. the tracks then become independent and can all be re-synched together. Unfortunately VP won't let you group clips and then unlink them all at the same time. Once you have the tracks re-synched then you can regroup the Audio track and the Video track in their new positions and they will then stay in synchronization. Nat
  5. Hi Going further, I noticed that even with two 1 minute clips on the timeline (i.e. sufficiently long enough for adding a transition between them) adding a crossfade puts up the option window........ as usual... But what does the top sentence actually mean? Two 1 minute clips is ample material for an overlapping transition. Nat
  6. Hi Borate The addition of the multiple crossfades used the Overlap option as it produces a better dissolve.The overall length of the timeline decreases as you know when this is used as each clip is trimmed to make the necessary overlap . My original 92 clips had a timeline duration of 27:23 minutes. After the addition of 6 second crossfades this dropped to 18:31 minutes. As I found the ?bug when removing single transitions I decided to remove the lot in one go so..Ctrl+A on the timeline and select No Transition and apply to all. Ungroup the mass selected clips. The transitions got removed but the timeline remained 18:31 minutes long, and each clip showed the ends still trimmed with the START/END markers! Your suggestion of trying the Freeze option is logical but If I were to use the Freeze option there would be no shortening of the clips and one could swap the transition from Crossfade to No transition without any change in timeline length Apart from this unwanted effect the method of going along the timeline like this works OK and VP has had no glitches so far and I can insert a bookmark at the point I have reached before Saving the Project As Nat
  7. Hi I am posting this just to see if anyone sees a similar ?bug. I have just started editing a rather long project of a 24 hr sailing race. I started by loading a first block of some 92 short clips using Ctrl+A and dragging them all to the timeline. As these were in chronological order and many would be dissolved from one to another I decided to select the lot (Ctrl+A on the timeline) and using the Transition tab on the top toolbar to add a moving clips crossfade between all the clips. During editing I would then work along the timeline deleting unwanted clips and trimming others using START/END markers in the clip preview window and removing crossfades where they weren't required as I came up to them. It was then I noticed that when removing a crossfade by clicking the blue transition X and selecting the No Transition option. that although the transition disappeared the clips remained trimmed in the clip preview window. This meant that the clips were not restored back to their original lengths. I was expecting the portion "lost" in the overlap would be restored (i.e. the end of clip 1 and the start of clip2.) Instead these portions remained greyed out in clip preview. Can anyone confirm this or NCH comment? Nat
  8. Nationalsolo

    Zoom in and out of StoryBoard

    Hi " It seems that I can only view 7 clips at a time regardless of what I do. " Lucky.....I only see 4! 🙂 It's a function of your screen resolution. " And, also frustrating is the fact that the sequence doesn't move to the end when I drag a sequence to the end. " Dragging a clip from the clip bin to the timeline in storyboard mode won't scroll it along to the end. You must right click the clip and choose the Place on sequence at end option. Note that if you add a clip to the end of the sequence and you are displaying the start of the timeline then VP does not scroll along In Storyboard mode to the newly added clip. However if you are in Sequence Preview display you can click the Go to end (END) button on the play controls block. >l This will move the cursor to the end of the storyboard thumbnails. Nat
  9. Nationalsolo

    Gaps for select multiple - change clip speed

    Hi What version are you using? With VP 6.10 if you right click a single clip and change the speed to more than 100% then the clip shortens as expected but the gap automatically closes. If you select a group of clips (consecutive clips) using Click first and last with Shift and then increase the speed, all the clips or reduced in length without gaps. If you group multiple clips and change the speed of the group then each clip is shortened leaving gaps. Not sure if there is a way to remove multiple gaps apart from one at a time. Nat
  10. Nationalsolo

    Copy Text Items, separate text

    Hi If I understand correctly you would seem to be using the same text image for each of your templates. This means if you change the text on this image then all the clips on the timeline using this image will reflect this change. (even though you copied/pasted or used the text editor from the clip preview window). If the text is different for each chapter you will need to create a new image for each one. This migh sound a bit of a phaff but the last text entered comes up as the default so might entail minimum alteration. You won't need to add all the effects again........... If you have added an effect or group of effects to the first text using the FX tab on the timeline to create your template and you want to retain these then you can save those effects as a New effect by creating an Effect Template. Once you have completed your effect on the first text image ( e.g.Position/Rotation/Scale etc.) click the Blue Floppy cassette button and give it a name. Your new effect will now appear under the Template heading in the effects page. You can now create another text and add this new effect to it. Nat
  11. Hi " That's strange that you say i cant position it other wise as ive been able to drag it before. " OOPS..Sorry!.....My mistake. 😳 😳 !! Forgot that...You should be able to drag text within the editor window to position it. Even if you have already added the text to the timeline, left click the text image in the image bin and then drag the clip preview screen to where you want it. The timeline thumbnail will update automatically. There is no need to open the editor again unless you want to alter the text. Are you saying that VP won't allow this? Nat
  12. Hi Apart from the limited movements and positioning provided with the text editor in the way of top/middle/bottom, scrolling and justification (as well as the styles provided from the Add Text menu,) you cannot move text without using an effect which you say you don't want to do. Wrong!! Forgot you can drag it in the editor. Positioning the text on the timeline (which is possibly what you are referring to?) should be straightforward. You can either drag it manually left/right or set the red cursor line to a particular position and then in clip preview use the Place tab to put the text at one of the choices shown. These methods should work every time. Nat
  13. Nationalsolo

    Two quick questions about available options in newer versions

    Hi Question 1. I don't think there is a way to prevent this. Track options only work on the selected track, and even if you link or group tracks only the selected track is expanded/collapsed. Why it should expand after moving is perhaps an oversight. Put in a suggestion to NCH to have the selection permanent until a change is required by the user. Question 2. Move the red cursor line with the SHIFT key pressed and the Split All prompt will not appear. For minute changes in cursor line position use the Next frame l>and Previous frame <l buttons under the Sequence preview screen. Nat
  14. Nationalsolo

    Help! New version doesn't take snapshots?

    Hi "If your window is too small, the snapshot button is not visible. " Correct, but only if the SVar registry entry line is set to VIDEOPADSnapshoton. If it is set the button will be there (but possibly not visible as you mention) but there are no right click prompts. If it is set to VIDEOPADSnapshotoff then the button will be absent but the prompts will be there. Nat
  15. Nationalsolo

    Adding Audio Track 2 Makes Audio Track 1 Single Ear

    Hi Plug in the mic and when you click the red button and select Record Audio and then click the red Start button...Do you see two responsive yellow channels? If you do then you should have stereo (even if mono input is split between the channels.) Are they the same length? If they are not the same length then you will need to adjust the balance for either Mic or Stereo mixer Nat