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  1. Cannot use some DVB video type

    Hi Downloaded your clip and dropped it direct into the VP clip bin. The clip played OK here also... I think you might try changing the file extension to .mpg Nat
  2. Audio/Video Sync on Timeline

    Hi " I can't find a way to attach a screenshot or I would. To add an image to your post:.." Use Alt+Print Screen to make a image Copy of the VP screen. Paste this into a suitable graphics package and save it as a .jpg or .bmp image Upload your image here... https://pictr.com/ Click START UPLOADING Navigate to your image folder and open the image. Click UPLOAD Once image appears scroll down and click EMBED CODES Now Copy the Image URL (The contents of the top box)....There is a "Copy" prompt if you hover over it. Open the forum and when writing your thread put the cursor where you want your image to appear. Click the down arrow for "Insert other media" bottom right of your post page and select "Insert image from URL" Paste your URL into the box Click the "Insert into post" box Your image will be inserted in the post (like below) at your cursor position. Nat
  3. Cutting a portioin of video out/off

    Hi With the project on the timeline, left click in the Overlay area where you want your to end. This will move the cursor line to that point. Keep the mouse button pressed and drag to the right. This will draw out a blue highlight area on the portion of the timeline you drag over. Release the button at the end of your selection and right click the highlighted area. Click the delete button that appears. You can now export the section that remains. Nat
  4. Project Restore from Cache

    Hi You need the .vpj file. Without it your project is lost in the event that an autosave was also lost. Using "Save" or "Save as" regularly will ensure that in the event of a crash you will still be able to get the project back....at least to the point where the save was made. The ,vpj file is basically a text file containing all the instructions that enable VP to reconstruct your project. names of video clips used, their locations on your PC, details of the various edits you made, effects and transitions etc. The cache file on the other hand holds copies of clips and thumbnails generated by VP whilst you were working on the project as well as any previous projects you may have worked on if the cache was not cleared at some previous point. (Tools/Options/Disk) The .vpj file will recreate your project as it accesses the clips from the cache making the loading faster as thumbnails etc. are already present and applies the editing steps it has stored.. Even if the cache has been totally cleared the .vpj file will still be able to recreate your project as it contains all the details of where your clips are stored, but it will take appreciably longer. It needs to find your clips from your PC now. load them, recreate the thumbnails and then apply all the editing steps you made. If you have deleted any clips from your PC or moved them to a different location VP will let you know and prompt you to manually find them. So, as mentioned at the start you should regularly save your work. Nat
  5. adding/editing image background for chroma/greenscreen

    Hi There should be no problem loading .gif files into VP. Both normal.gif images, transparent gif images and animated .gif images will load. There is a slight problem recently reported re exporting animated gifs with transparency but this is in the process of being sorted out. So still not sure why some of your particular gifs wouldn't work correctly. Nat
  6. adding/editing image background for chroma/greenscreen

    Hi Something seems very odd....You should be able to lengthen an image duration on the timeline using these two methods Do this then... Save your project off Reopen VP and check the default image duration in Tools/Options/media..........Enter 5 Load an Image (.jpg/.bmp etc.) to VP and Drag and drop it onto Video Track 1. The image clip should have a timeline duration duration of 5 seconds. Grab the right hand end of the thumbnails on the timeline to get the white bracket and drag the timeline both ways. This will shorten and/or lengthen the image clip. Does this happen? (It should!) Now try the alternative method I suggested.....Go into Storyboard mode and note the duration of the image clip printed under the thumbnail. Left click on the value shown and enter10 in the duration box shown in the window that comes up followed by Set. Return to timeline mode. Your timeline image clip duration should now be 10 seconds again. Does this happen? If both of these procedures work then you should be able to change the duration of your project background image clip to match the length of the overlay (greenscreen) clip. The only reason I can think of why your image clip won't lengthen is because it is NOT an image. You have loaded a very short video clip. Nat
  7. adding/editing image background for chroma/greenscreen

    Hi If your b/g is an image on Video track 1 and not a clip you can make it virtually any duration you want. Grab the right hand end of the image clip with the mouse and you will see a white open square bracket appear. The open ends of the bracket should point into the b/g image clip with a small arrow on each side pointing in different directions. Drag the bracket to the right. This will drag out the image clip. You can now release it when it lines up with your green screened clip on Video Track 2. Alternative... Select the green screened image on Video Track 2 and hover the mouse. A small window will open giving details of the clip. Note the value for the clip duration. Switch into Storyboard mode Left click the duration value shown under the b/g image thumbnail. In the Clip duration window that opens enter the duration value noted in (1) above. Click "Set" Returning to Timeline mode you will see that the b/g image clip now has the same duration as the green screened clip in Video Track 2. Nat
  8. Click and Pop removal tool...Where is it please?

    Hi sam It's under the VP version 5.20 Help/Audio Cleanup... http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/videopad/win/clickpop.html There may be some items referring to Wavepad possibly under the Audio cleanup heading. Nat
  9. Fitting preview to crop

    Hi If I understand correctly what you are aiming for is to move (scroll?) a 422 x422 portion of your 1280 x 720 clip around or across the frame? Unfortunately a 422 x422 portion of your clip will not fill the screen. The AR must 16:9 for this to happen. If you crop to 422 x 422 you will simply have a small square image surrounded by a chequered area (in preview) or a black area in the exported clip. You could scale this up but you would still have a chquered area on each side. I think the nearest you will get is to use Zoom to get a 422 x 746 AR i.e. set the AR in the effects window to 16:9 and the height to as near to 422. This will give you an undistorted (stretched) full frame portion of the clip that you can move around the whole frame with keyframes but it will inevitably include portions to each side of your desired 422 x 422 format. Nat
  10. Click and Pop removal tool...Where is it please?

    Hi Borate Apart from actually editing out the worst clicks manually while in VP (normally they occur where the film runs through a bad splice) I also use a program called X-OOM Music Clean which has a noise reduction feature like that described in Help. But this means saving off the audio as a separate file, loading it, treating it, resaving it and loading it back to VP. I just noticed the Help entry and thought it was hidden away somewhere as I had never seen it before. But I've just loaded it and you are correct - Wavepad has the Click Pop audio cleanup as described in Help. It might be slightly better than X-OOM Music Clean as it looks simpler. although it probably means the same steps of saving etc. I'll give it a go. Thanks. EDIT a bit later........ Yes it works OK but does mean saving/reloading etc. It would be A LOT better if, when in VP, on clicking Suite and selecting Wavepad you could directly load and treat the selected audio clip on the timeline. (Easier still, have the Pop and Click cleanup option added to the Audio effects like Help suggests it already is. Nat
  11. HI I have just been editing some copies of old super 8 film and would like to remove some of the sound track pops and clicks etc. produced during the original splicing and sound track editing. In the past I have laboriously edited them out but notice that there is an Audio Cleanup option somewhere in version 5.20 (according to the Help option) The question is : Where is it? Help states... Auto Click/Pop Removal This tool allows you to apply a repair of a single click/pop artifact. To use it properly, you must zoom right in to the artifact and select a small region around it. Then select Tools menu -> Auto Click/Pop Removal. The repair will be performed straight away. Parametric Click/Pop Removal This tool is designed to remove click and pop sounds from recordings. It is ideal for those who have recorded music onto their computer from LP records and want to repair any defects caused by dust and scratches on the vinyl. To use the tool, click Tools menu -> Parametric Click/Pop Removal. In the window that appears, you can configure settings for the following fields: Click Sensitivity This is the degree of aggressiveness (as a percentage) that will be applied by the tool when searching for click and pop artifacts. If you don't know what to enter, you can start by leaving it at 50%. The more a piece of audio is damaged, the higher you may have to set it. Moderately damaged audio can require settings of 60% - 80%. Be careful though - if you set it too high, the tool will start thinking parts of the audio are actually clicks/pops. If you set it too low of course, the tool will think some clicks/pops are part of the audio. Try experimenting to find the right value, and note that the level you apply to one file may be different to the level you apply in another file. Maximum Click Length This is the maximum length that a click lasts in your audio, in milliseconds. As a general guide, use 450ms if you don't know what to enter. 350ms is appropriate for audio with only small amounts of defects, whereas 550ms or 650ms is appropriate for audio with lots of defects. Unless I am missing something (which is possible ), the options mentioned don't seem to be available under Tools. has it been removed?? Nat
  12. Titles: Text clip

    Hi Sam "You can't use arrow keys to get to the end of the pasted, try press [Home] key (like we use [End] key for English)." Thanks... I didn't know that until I tried it! It just looked a logical way to solve the problem of the full stop. (I don't have much use for Hebrew text myself; pasted or otherwise.) Using Home and End would seem then to be the only way to get the cursor into the correct place to delete or insert the full stop. Hope Sharona reads that. BTW...Wordpad and Notepad both behave normally here with english (or L-R) text directly typed in or pasted in and can be stepped through in both directions with the arrow keys to all positions. (Home and End keys also work but I usually simply click the cursor at the position required and type from there.) Nat
  13. Titles: Text clip

    Hi Sam OK. Sharona must use that character then. (Hebrew + Arabic....Hmmm) But why won't the VP editor allow one to position the cursor at the end of the pasted Hebrew text in order to either delete the first character or add something in front of it like a full stop? Somehow it didn't do this without a lot of fiddling about? Might it have something to do with the arrow cursors working in reverse? Nat
  14. Problem with exported animated .gif

    Hi NCH Is their a bug in videos exported as .gif ?? Just noticed while checking out a forum thread that although individual frames of an animation exported as a .gif play OK and so produce the animated movement required, they do not delete the previous frame of the sequence as they should. Each frame is therefore retained. As any background transparency is also retained, an object set up to move across the screen leaves a trail. This does not happen in VP only in the exported clip . ...... e.g. This is a screenshot of an exported .gif clip. A football with a transparent background is animated to bounce off the top of the screen... In VP this played OK. (This is the exported clip played using Irfanview) Initially I thought this might be a fault of the player. The fault however seems to be in the VP rendering process and not the subsequent viewer used as when the exported clip was reloaded back into VP the trails were still present....... Can this be fxed??? i.e. During export of .gif clips previous frames are deleted before the next is frame is rendered. Nat
  15. A suggestion for Videopad

    Hi As an alternative use VP to create an animated png video of your callout in action. (.apng) You can then load it to play over the main track any time it is needed. You should be able to retain transparency...But it needs checking out. Edit..... I tried exporting a transparent .apng but it didn't work (and crashed VP) although my system is set up to play animated png files. Edit......Although a .gif animation of your avatar with background transparency will work OK when previewed in VP, a problem just noted during rendering currently prevents it exporting correctly. Here's that thread...... http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/25295-problem-with-exported-animated-gif/ Nat