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  1. Nationalsolo

    Clip Trimming error in VP 6.23 Beta?

    Hi VP6.23 Beta...3 points... With several clips on the timeline. If one trims the start of the a clip using IN/OUT markers in the clip preview window, the clip correctly shortens but remaining clips on the timeline do not move along to close the gap created. Trimming the end of the clip behaves correctly; gap is closed as expected. Is this an oversight? Deleting a segment of a clip with Split (cursor icon) creates a gap that is not automatically closed. If you make a single split in the clip and drag the end of the split to the left to remove a section it works OK but the gap created before the next clip is not closed as it should be When you drag the split to the right to remove a section, the segment is removed OK but the gap created before the next clip is not closed. Should the gap close whenever a section is removed? Nat
  2. Hi Having just edited clips in project that require the borders to be trimmed off, is it possible to include a "Centre Zone" box for ticking that will, if the user wants it, automatically place the selected Zoom (or Crop) rectangle in the centre of the frame (irrespective of its AR). Currently it has to be positioned by eye which is a bit hit and miss (or involves higher mathematics ) There would appear to be ample room for a box like this in the lower part of the effect parameter window. Nat
  3. Nationalsolo

    Lossless export yields infinite file sizes

    Hi Does that mean that the "blind" export options in 6.22 (shown below) that come up if I select Lossless Video as per my earlier post will also now be functional in the next release or is this some anomaly in my installation? (VideoPad Professional v 6.22) .... I note that Borate using Beta 6.23 is able to progress to the export page from the above window. Nat
  4. Nationalsolo

    Lossless export yields infinite file sizes

    Hi How are you activating Lossless export?? In version 6.22 here , if I have loaded MPEG4 clips to the timeline and then click the Export Video button on the toolbar followed by Lossless Video from the choices, after a pause the option just goes to a window with three inactive choices ..Local computer; Google Drive and Dropbox. None of these options work. If I select Export Lossless Video from the choices under the File menu (I dont see the "sandwhich" button here in THIS version of 6.22), it takes me to the same window with the three inactive choices. i.e. It's a dead end; the prompts for which ought to be removed. (Unless your version they actually work.) I know the Lossless Video option box is in the export video window under the blue Default quality link but that's not easily noted. Is that what you are using? Nat
  5. Nationalsolo

    add Spanish accent marks text how

    Hi The Spanish accent marks (Tildes) are: á, é, í, ó, ú and ñ Enter text in the normal way with standard fontsand use the following key presses for accented letters. Depress the control key, keep it down and then follow it with the number code. If you use them a lot you will quickly get to remember the combination. (I use the french ones frequently.) á is Alt + 0225 é is Ctrl + Alt +e í is Alt + 0237 ó is Alt + 0243 ú is Alt + 0250 ñ is Alt +0241 e.g. Nat
  6. Nationalsolo

    Transition No Room

    Hi JR The clip bits don't seem to be there now in version 6.22. Nat
  7. Hi The earlier bug reported for VP 6.21 which created tiny slivers of clip during insertion at a join now works OK in this version but..... Can someone check this out please? I think there is a bug here.... Drag and drop Clip 1onto the timeline. Drag and drop Clip 2 onto the overlay track but overlapping Clip 1 Click the f on the overlay clip and add a fade in of 2-3 seconds. Does this fade in work? The fade bar is present but I am finding that the overlay clip cuts in immediately...There is no fade in Now, without changing anything... Drag Clip 2 clip beyond the end of Clip 1. (It will snap back to the join) Play over the join. Does the Fade-in now function? Here it does. Moving the overlay clip seems to now activate the fade-in Now, again without changing anything, drag Clip 2 back to its original position overlapping Clip 1 and play the clips. Does the fade-in now function correctly? It does here If the above is happening then the fade-in feature using the f is not functioning correctly for overlays. Clip 2 should fade in the first time the f is used. Nat
  8. Nationalsolo

    I can recall seeing "Flip" video effects...

    Hi Right click the clip in the bin. The menu that comes up will have the flip option (Vertical or Horizontal) This will also update the clip if it is already on the timeline. The Flip effect is also available in the effects list Motion and Transforms section in VP version 6.21. This will act on the timeline only. (...and Rotate will work as well.) Nat
  9. Nationalsolo

    How can I save a title/text as a new file?

    Hi " If i do not change the text content, I just put the image on the new project right? " That's correct. However If you want to change the text you won't be able to as it is just an image. BUT being a transparent png and provided the positioning is suitable in he first place you can add overlay text that will show through. For example If the .png is the main title that you use for every project like " INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO PAINT" (A company name even) each subsequent project about painting could have this title with "A DOOR"..."A WINDOW FRAME" etc. added beneath it. Saving your original title as a VP project file as you seem to be doing is also OK but it's project file and so can't be used to add the title again to the timeline like an image and means copying and pasting the relevant clips from the timeline. At the end of the day it's horses for courses! Nat
  10. Nationalsolo

    Transition No Room

    Hi In the most recent version of VP (and possibly some of the earlier versions), inserting a clip between two others at a visible join by dragging and dropping results in the new clip inserting a tiny distance from the actual join. One is logically led to drop the clip when the white dotted line with the arrows appears. Unfortunately the actual insertion point is the head of the "grab arrow" that appears in the clip being dropped. The error becomes more marked as the timeline is zoomed in. In essence this means that a sliver of the following clip (or, depending which side of the join the drag arrow point is, the leading clip) is left at the join. With no zoom that sliver of clip is not visible but can mess up any transition placed where the join appears to be. Here is an example... Top: The join before making an insertion Middle: Man with cap is dragged to the join. The white line with arrows appear seemingly indicating the clip is at the join and ready to drop. (However note the position of the "drag arrow" It is not actually at the join. The clip has been dropped but you can see that a sliver of the following clip has been left behind. I have exaggerated the error by zooming in but at normal zoom the sliver is hardly evident......if at all. This means that trying to add a transition at the X will not work as there is insufficient space. Going into Storyboard mode clearly shows the sliver as a tiny clip of 0.027 seconds duration. The best way to avoid this problem is to position the red cursor line at the join using the >II or II< buttons in sequence preview and then use the clip right click menu option to Place on Sequence at Cursor I think this needs altering a little so that the white line with arrows only appears when the clip being inserted is actually going to be dropped at the join. i.e. an indication that it will be snapped there. Nat
  11. Nationalsolo

    Bug - Frames repeated before transition.

    Hi Try the latest version...... I have a feeling that that particular problem was dealt with some time ago. Nat
  12. Nationalsolo

    Bug - Frames repeated before transition.

    Hi Wolfgang This thread is quite old and VP has moved on from version 5.03. to which it relates . What version of VP are you using? The latest version is 6.21 give it a try and see if your problem persists... https://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/ Nat
  13. Nationalsolo

    last frame is black?

    Hi What version of VP are you using? Is the black frame visible if you step to the end of the timeline a frame at a time? Is it only present in the exported project ? Nat
  14. Nationalsolo

    Ver 6.21

    Hi VP 6.21 is OK to download. Transition problem of blank area is fixed. Snap is something noted in this version..it's relatively minor but might cause odd problems see... It has been noted by NCH and presumably will be corrected in the next release. For this latest version ... https://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/vppsetup.exe Nat
  15. Nationalsolo

    Create a Moving Crop Selection

    Hi As it stands when you export your result it will show the whole frame with just the cropped are moving around it. If you want to see JUST the cropped area filling the screen you can use the ZOOM effect. Zoom works in a similar way to CROP in that you can outline an area and move it about with keyframes. The difference is that the "frame" will be enlarged to fill the screen..a subtle difference to the fitting the screen.. The caveat here is that the zoom frame should be Restrained to the AR as that of your video or it will be stretched or squashed. To avoid this the area used must be the same orientation and shape (Aspect ratio) as the the full screen; usually 16:9. There are controls to set this. For your particular requirement this might not do but worth looking at. Pan and Zoom will retain the AR automatically. If you don't change the size of the rectangle throughout the clip (You just drag it) it will just pan at full screen. The downside is there are only no keyframes....just start frame and end frame. I would avoid this option as I don't think it is currently working correctly. Nat