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  1. Unsmooth between Video Clips

    Hi For options... Click Tools/Options....... Nat
  2. Unsmooth between Video Clips

    Hi "Meaning that when the playhead is passing from the provious clip to the next I don't see smoothly on the project preview window. I tried to insert a very short transition (0.1 sec) between them and the result is much smoother. Why? " If you are using the Clip preview to edit and have used the IN marker to shorten the clip followed by the "Place" tab to move it to the end of the timeline, the join between the timeline and the newly added clip should be instant as this method will not leave a gap. If the action on the two clips is similar, perhaps moving in different directions, playing over the join can make it appear to appear to jump. Adding a short crossfade can make this look smoother. In some cases where a large chunk at the start of clip2 has been blanked off there may be a detectable delay whilst, I guess VP calculates the new start position. Try this as an alternative... Place your edited clip (Clip 2) on Video track 2 (The overlay track) Drag it back a little so it just overlaps the last clip on Video Track 1 (Clip 1) Play the timeline. You should see an instant change from Clip 1 to Clip2. This should look exactly like the change mentioned above using the "Place" tab. Nat
  3. Remove sound

    Hi Follow these steps... Move the red cursor line along the main video track to the point where you want to start cutting out the sound. Click the down arrow on the "Split" button under the Sequence Preview window. and hover over Audio Tracks Move the cursor right onto the list that appears to select the audio track to split. (Generally only one option) Click the option required Move the red cursor line to end of your selection where you wish the sound to start playing again and repeat the action. You will now have a secton of the sound track isolated. To delete the audio section right click it and select "Delete" from the menu.........or....... If you want to mute the audio section instead of removing it, click the loudspeaker icon that has appeared at the left end of the sound track section you have isolated and then click the Mute box. followed by OK. The selected section will now show a red loudspeaker. In either case the sound will not play for the isolated part of the audio track. Nat
  4. Apply "master effect" for one video track?

    Hi The drawback with that method is that if you create a sequence from the timeline and then reload it, the audio track is not visible. I don't know why this should be. It seems odd to me that you can create a single clip from your adited work, (a sequence) and it reloads with the audio track empty. Another confusing aspect of this is that you can add a second audio clip to the apparently empty Audio Track1 of the reloaded sequence which previously contained the audio from the original clips. Logically the sequence audio should show on Audio Track 1 and the newly added audio on Audio Track 2. Nat
  5. Apply "master effect" for one video track?

    Hi Forgot to mention...Ctrl A will select all the clips on a track or all the tracks depending where you click. i.e. if you click at the left end before the tracks and then CtrlA you will select all the tracks. Clicking on a track and then CtrlA will select just the clips on that track. Choosing Video Effects from the top toolbar will then apply to all the clips even on the multiple tracks. Not too sure if this works on the Audio tracks as well though. Nat
  6. White 'frames', any ideas?

    Hi The white edging you see (I am pretty sure) comes from your method of creating your image which I suspect you did using a mask.The mask line is the problem. If you have a suitable image (jpg/bmp etc you don't necessarily have to produce a transparent png. A jpg or bmp etc will do but will require a green screen as Borate suggests. In your graphics program.. Load a suitable image. In this case a mask (Scuse the pun!) Apply a mask to the part you require to keep Your program may enable you to use mask smoothing Invert the mask. The mask will now be the unwanted area. Your program may enable you to enlarge the mask to reduce the object border a pixel or two (feather). Fill the masked area with a pure colour...e.g. Green It will now look a bit like this...... Remove the mask Save the image as a jpg or bmp It will look a bit like this...... Open VP and load this image Load a clip or a blank frame....in this example I am using a blank black frame as it will better show the defect you are getting) Place the blank clip/frame on Video Track 1 and the Overlay image (the face) on Video Track 2 Click the FX for the overlay (Track2) clip and select Green Screen. As the clip image has been given a green background choose the same colour for the screen Put the sequence line cursor so it passes through both tracks and preview the sequence. At this point you will see that the edge of the mask is visible as a thin green line (This might be why yours is white??) To reduce this unwanted effect increase the value of the Threshold setting to 99% and the border should pretty well disappear.... Note that this over a black frame on Video Track1. Over a video clip .... Hope this helps Nat
  7. Apply "master effect" for one video track?

    Hi I can see where you are coming from but it is not necessary to click through every clip, just press SHIFT, keep it pressed and then click the first and last clips. You will have selected them all and the effect (any of them) can be applied to all the clips in one go. Nat
  8. Apply "master effect" for one video track?

    Hi Select ALL the clips you require to use the effect on and if you like Group them Click the "Video Effects" tab from the Top Toolbar followed by the effect required from the dropdown lists. This will prompt if you want the effect on all the selected clips or just one.......i.e. In effect a "Master" effect.:-) Note: If you use the FX button on a clip, even if you have selected multiple clips or multiple clips grouped, the effect only goes on that specific clip. Nat
  9. White 'frames', any ideas?

    Hi How did you obtain your png image? Nat
  10. Lines in Videos

    Hi I ran your download but with VP couldn't see any lines in the webcam image even with display set to highest resolution. I exported the video to the PC as an an MPEG4 (Native) avi (1920 x 1080 resolution) set at rendering quality 1 (highest.) with constant frame rate 29.7 fps. The resulting film looked OK here. No lines noted in the inset webcam image. Removed FX from the webcam clip and re-exported......still looked OK. Exported as FLV at high quality 1920 x 1080........Still looked OK. Nat
  11. how to deal with FRAME RATE?

    Hi When you export your video you will see the Contant frame rate box at the bottom of the Export settings window. (See below.) Click (tick) the box to enable the property. Nat
  12. Lines in Videos

    Hi Your first image (png2 was quite quite reasonable but showed no lines. Your second Image 1png does show lines however...... As Borate says it would be useful to know what the resolution of the webcam clip was and the fps as well as the scaling values you used to place it on the background clip. If the relevant clips aren't too long create a short project with the clips showing the effect you are getting, save the project as a Portable Project and post the resulting file to dropbox. Someone can then take a look and see what might be causing it. Nat
  13. Split Track Icon in timeline

    Hi You can't remove it but you can move the Split icon out of the way of the white timeline values if you grab and drag the red cursor along in the normal way at the top and then move the "grab" point down the red line before you release it. You will still move the line as normal but when you release it the icon will appear to the right of the "grab" position. Even as low down as the new empty audio track line. Note also that as you move the cursor line on the main track the time position is updated in the sequence preview screen above the Start/Stop controls. This is always visible. Nat
  14. Splitting the scree 3 and 4 times How to?

    Hi Here's another idea that uses a blank to "uncover" the singers one at a time. Place the singers clip on Video track 1. It's best if the singers are side by side with a bit of space between them. Place a blank black frame over the clip on the overlay track (Video track 2) Drag the sequence cursor to the start of the clip Click FX on the blank frame (Video track 2)and select the Position effect. Now drag the effects frame to the right to reveal the first singer. Place the effects cursor line at the start and click the keyframe button (Green cross with corner lines) Now drag the effects line along for the duration of the first singer. and click the keyframe again. Drag the line along just a little until it just clears the keyframe marker. Move the effects frame along to reveal the second singer and click the keyframe marker again. Move the red cursor line along for the duration of singer 2 and creat another keyframe Move the cursor line again to just clear the marker Move the effects frame along to reveal the third singer. Add a keyframe. Slide the red cursor along for the duration of singer 3 and create another keyframe Move line to just beyond the keyframe marker and move the effects frame to reveal singer 4 Create another keyframe. Slide the cursor line to the end and create a final keyframe The keyframe screen for this "reveal" will look something like this..... As the clip is played the first singer is visible then the frame reveals the second singer as his part starts, then the third and then the fourth etc. Check the sequence first before adding the moving overlay and note the times of each voice entry. You can then use these values to determine when to move the overlay keyframes. Keep the position frame at the same height throughout (Vertical =0) Remember you can easily alter the keyframe points by dragging them if they don't exactly coincide with the audio.. Above........VP screen after singer 3 is revealed. An alternative to using a blank overlay frame is to use the Crop effect. which you may find easier as it only requires the sides of the effects frame to be adjusted. The keyframes are set up in a similar way as describe for the first method. You can also easily isolate individual singers as and when required.... e.g. Singer 1 Singer 2 Singers 3 and 4 Cutting out middle singers when required would use a cropped blank frame on the overlay track. Hope this gives you some ideas Nat
  15. Split screen how to for v5.01 Professional

    Hi See my reply to your post above Nat