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  1. Hi "I really want the full video (not 1/2) on the left half & the FULL video (not half) in the right 1/2 Can VP do this ? I can't see it from the options" If the two clips are horizontal (e.g.16:9).... Place clip 1 on the Video Track1 Place clip 2 on Video track 2 Scale effect both clips to 0.5, (Horizontal and Vertical) maintaining the Aspect ratio Position effect both clips, one to the right and the other to the left (Horizontal values will be 25 and -25 and Vertical will be 0) Both clips will now appear side by side and showing full frame. Obviously there will be black borders at top and bottom. as scaling the clips reduces the height. Result will look similar to this..... Nat
  2. Hi Borate has described a slightly more advanced method of video creation where separate sections of the project are worked on and then temporarily stored as sequences. These are then later retrieved joined up before being exported . As an aside, I personally think the term Sequence ought to refer to these stored sections of your work whilst the clips etc. you have on the various tracks ought to be referred to as the Timeline. There would then be a Clip Preview window and a Timeline Preview window. This would avoid the confusion that sometimes crops up with the terminology. However, I feel you may be a more basic user (but please excuse me if you are not) and so I assume you have a series of clips or images from your camera that you have loaded to VP and you have placed them on one, or more of the Video tracks and now, after suitable editing..(trimming/adding effects/titles and transitions, you wish to export them as a finished video. This video could be a playable file on your PC or a video burnt onto a suitable DVD disc. For a video on your PC.... Left click the tab on the toolbar Export Video and then select Video File In the following Export Video screen Enter a name for your video...Note or change the destination folder, otherwise leave the entries as shown here... There are many choices and variables here but these should ensure that you will have a reasonable result..... Click create. The Export Queue window will now show a progress bar as your Video file is created... When complete, your video will be found in the designated folder and if double clicked should play on you PC if you have a suitable player like VLC. If you want to save your Video to a standard disc...DVD-R or DVD-RW then....... Left click the tab on the toolbar Export Video and then select DVD Movie Disc Insert a suitable DVD disc into your Disc Drive. Enter name for your disc or leave it untitled and for Burner select the name of your Disc drive in the list Choose PAL or NTSC depending on your location (there is help prompt). Select aspect ratio (16:9) Click Create Select Verify but skip making a menu and Click Burn If all is OK your PC will burn a playable Video to the disc. Note: It's a good idea to Save your project before any export and for discs it's advisable to use a re-writable disc. DVD-RW. That way you can always come back, load up the vpj fileand try again if things go wrong. Nat
  3. Hi Stretch out the preview panel to see all the Aspect Ratio controls under the Sequence Preview panel as these may be hidden . Left click the down chevron to see a list of choices. Selecting Match Monitor will show the appearance of the export (at the selected resolution) on your current monitor. This image is 2560 x 1920 (1.333) My monitor is set at 1024 x 768 (1.333) so looks OK in the preview. Note though that the thumbnails are 16:9 (1.777) and image therefore fits top/bottom but has black bars to either side. If the selection 16:9 is made the preview screen will have black bars to either side as it is now 16:9 . Nat
  4. Hi Several ways to do this. The most logical is:- Load your video to VP Drag and drop it onto a track (Normally Video Track 1) Move the red cursor line to the point where you want your project to actually start. (You can also play the project to this point) Split the video Right click the on the unwanted section Select Delete from the menu Right click again and select Close the Gap. The Simpler way.. Place the clip on the track Move red cursor line to start of the clip Grab the cursor line in the dark grey band above the track. (Not the block at the top) and drag it to the proposed start of the project.. The area moved over will turn blue...... Right click the blue area and then the Delete prompt that appears. The timeline will readjust as the selected area is deleted..If you are not happy with it click the blue Undo arrows on the top toolbar. Nat
  5. HI Further to this this problem. VP 7.25 does not appear to generate a working menu for a DVD Movie Disc. I created (several times on a DVD-RW) a project with a one button menu and a single mp4 clip with sound. In WMP the menu screen appears but the button is not active. Opening any of the VLC compatible Video files in VIDEO_TS showed a series of flashing screens before the video proper appeared. Playing the VTS_01_1_1.VOB (main video) produced the rapid clicks at the start. Repeating with just the clip and no menu, the DVD disc played with no problem. Went back to VP 7.10 and repeated this test.....the DVD crashed WMCentre and left a black screen. NO menu and no video! Ctrl+Alt+delete did not work and had to remove the disc and close it manually Checking (exploring) the the DVD content... The vob files displayed differently to those generated with VP 7.25, but again, the main clip VOB (file 3436-2788-6.vob) played in VLC flashing at the start several times and then the audio clicked rapidly like the DVD clips generated with VP 7.25. So a bigger fault with this older version it seems...At least with 7.25 I got to see the menu window .... even if the button didn't work! Nat
  6. Hi Borate "However, when an Mp4 whose audio had been removed was burned with menu to a Movie ISO, six distinct blips were heard at the head." I think this must be the same thing. (or something similar.) Might it be what Alp is hearing? Nat
  7. Hi I just checked this out with a DVD export containing just an image and a menu and Yes.... The disc playback had a faint series of clicks at the start. (Although the menu refused to play the disc) I extracted the VTS_01_1.VOB file and played this alone in VLC. There were obvious audible rapid "chugs" at the start of what should have been a silent clip. The result was the same if I exported an iso image of the project and extracted the VOB file in which case the noise was louder.. I checked this was actually on the clip by loading the VTS_01_1.VOB file back into VP........ Half a dozen quite loud audible "chugs" are present at the start of the "silent" audio track. I have no idea why this is. Worth confirming this as a ?bug before notifying NCH Later... after more testing... Repeated this test with a single image and no menu and the DVD-RW played OK and the VOB file played OK without "clicks" showing in VP. In the next test I created a simple menu with one button. The final burn to DVD-RW did not respond to the button which appeared on the menu screen and play the disc so, I again played the VIDEO_TS / VTS _1_1.VOB file from the DVD in VLC. The "chugs" were back. They would seem therefore to be associated with the menu. I think there may be a bug somewhere here. Wants checking. Nat
  8. HI Vista PC . VP 7.25 Your files exported OK here too. (Track 1 and Track 2 with identical clip and FX) Export was 320 x 468 Crop and Zoom avi. VP closed normally. If you still have your setup file (and registration code) I would suggest uninstalling VP completely (inc data) and reinstalling. See if that has any effect on the outcome. Nat
  9. Hi There is some info regarding this at the head of the forum. http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/23659-tips-for-getting-help-on-this-forum/ Use the option File/Save Portable project as This copies all your clips etc with a vpj file to your designated folder. (Note this is not simply Save Project....It is Portable Project) Zip the files if necessary and post to dropbox (or similar file sharing site) Make the file public. You will be supplied with a link that you can post here. Someone here can then download and take a look at the problem. Nat
  10. HI This happens! Exporting just a sound track with no video causes the export to stop at 99% but keep counting. The export does not close. IMO this is a bug. Any short video clip on the timeline, even if it is a lot shorter than the audio gives a normal export. Nat
  11. Hi Kellylc Although the audio from a video Mp4 can be extracted using VP, it's a roundabout way and you end up with (after some time) a wav audio file. If you are just interested in the audio from it as an mp3 file then you could use YTD. (Google it) You can simply open the converter option and drag and drop your Mp4 file (video) directly into the title box. The output is an mp3. Nat
  12. Hi From Borate.... " It is unclear why the audio files are Mp4, which is a video container. That appears to be causing the hang. " These files are video files..... Theydownloaded OK from server but the vpj file just stops trying to load 15ab voice track only.Mp4. so presume others are the same. Perhaps the vpj file is faulty. These all play as videos in VLC but load OK into VP by drag and drop. There are no audio files in the download. Obviously with a ? duff vpj file I have no idea how they are arranged and edited on the timeline. Unless I am mistaken ALL the clips taken together total 5 hours+ which makes for a VERY long export. It might be why the vpj file is stopped (or terribly slow)? Nat
  13. Hi Ah! You mean a Trailer! The world is your oyster!. You have finished and exported you project. You have your clips in the bin. Use effects to animate/split screen/ Dramatic titles, dissolves between selected sequences; dramatic music. etc.Think of those old trailers of yesteryear.😃 Have you had a look at templates? (Or just split up your project as Borate suggests and create a truncated version.) Nat
  14. Hi Your file downloaded OK and loaded to VP with no problems. 12 min audio with one png image. This exported in 2 mins as an.mp4 H264 with resolution matched to content of 600 x 800 and default quality. No problems experienced here and no glitches with the export. Nat
  15. Hi Kellylc I'm using an old Vista PC with VP 7.25..... A 23 minute audio clip with a few still images added to the timeline .....audio file processed in 11 seconds. It took 6 seconds to create a copy wav file of the audio in the bin and on the desktop and exporting the project took 15 mins (.avi mpeg4 (Native) No hangups in the export queue Sounds like a there is a problem. Try reinstall and check what background jobs are running. What does the task manager show for the CPU usage with PC at rest? MIne is 2%. 98% when exporting. BTW to there is no wav export option per se......just right click the audio track and select the top option...Save Audio Clip as New File. Nat
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