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  1. Hi Something not right. This is what I do.. Plug in the USB drive. This is Drive E (depending on the actual USB socket used) Create a folder on the E drive called VP TEMP CACHE FOLDER Open VP and go to Options/Disk Clear all unused cache files.This leaves the C Drive cache empty. Under Cache.....Cache folder (which currently contains C:\Users\Nat\Desktop/VideoPadCache) Click Browse and navigate to the E drive and then click on the VP TEMP CACHE FOLDER. This opens with nothing in it. Click the Select a folder button. You are in effect just selecting the empty folder in this case) Check the content changes in the box and then click OK........ This is followed by the message window. Click OK Close VP Open Video Pad Check the Options/Disk box. This should NOT have changed it should still shows the above Drive and folder there. Load a clip to VP and drop it on the timeline. Open Drive E:/VP TEMP CACHE FOLDER This now contains VideoPadCache Open this folder. It should contains three files produced by the project Note that I have not deleted the original cache file that I had on the C drive. As a check open this. It remains empty. No files were saved here. As a further check, verify that Options/Disk still shows the E drive cache folder as the destination folder Until I change the contents of the Cache:Cache Folder box it will remain pointed to the E drive. If yours is not doing this then there is a fault. You might try to .... Close VP and simply double click your original vpsetup.exe program. This re-installs VP over your existing program. You may not think this would alter anything but it fact it often loads an alternative variant of VP of which 2 or three exist within the exe file. It's pot luck which one might come up but it is possible that one of the A/B/C test variants will allow the changing of the cache location.I can't be sure of this but worth trying. Nat
  2. Hi That seems very odd. When you open VP and go to Options/Disk what is entered in the Cache Folder box? Nat
  3. Hi "..... Problem 1. Apparently overriding cache location does not work, not even in version 8.20....." I often use a USB hard drive to store the cache files for a big project (Drive E) This has worked with no problem. Under the Options tab click the Disk tab and then down to the Cache Folder box. Browse to your selected drive and designated folder on that drive. Click OK and all loaded clips/files will go to the folder VP generated folder VideoPadCache in the folder you created on the drive you chose to use. "...Problem 2. The cache won't clean automatically when I quit VideoPad...." AFAIK emptying the cache is a user task and is not done automatically when you quit the program. If this were the case you would have to wait each time for it to load the clips again if you load your project from a vpj file. When using my E drive the cache clears with no problem . The Cache Folder box remains pointing to the correct drive and does not revert to the C drive even though the original VideoPadCache folder is still there. Does the Cache Folder box on the Options/Disk page actually point to your correct location? Obviously if I use a different USB slot the address will not be the E drive. Nat
  4. Hi When sequence view is full screen, dragging the red line to a split point along the blue bar you can click the Split button almost straight away before a popup appears. I have no problem here with VP 8.20 in this respect splitting numerous times to test. Works every time However, more annoying is that if you hang around with the cursor stationary on the blue bar, the sequence plays automatically and the control options disappear. Nat
  5. Hi I think the problem was that chuser couldn't get that far, the popup message came up when "video file" was selected so no choice of export types was available. Try these possibilities... Save your project. Instead of clicking on the Export Video tab try clicking the Export option on the topmost toolbar and then clicking the Export Video icon on the new Export toolbar that appears. It may link from through from that (but I doubt it) but give it a try. Try the Export option from the green Menu button.(May also still fail) If you still have the vpsetup.exe file for the version you have then completely uninstall VP from the Control Panel. Re-install VP from the vpsetup.exe file you have. If all these fail then uninstall anyway and use Borate's link to the latest version or download it from here...... https://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/versions.html The latest Beta version (8.24) if you want to try that, is here... https://www.nchsoftware.com/beta/ Best of luck Nat
  6. Hi Borate's link does open a small download screen for the latest setup.exe file. However if you don't see this use the NCH download page... https://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/versions.html Make a note of where your existing vpsetup.exe file is and also your license code. (I keep these in a separate named folder as I often swap between versions) All you then need to do is to save the latest version from the NCH site (perhaps in your download folder) . Open the folder and double click the vpsetup.exe file. The new version should install over your original but retain your save/export folder settings etc. Give it a try and if you find it's not working you can simply re-run the original vpsetup.exe to re-install your existing version. You have your license code if you are asked to use it. This is pretty old thread. It's best to start a new one as it will save trawling through entries dating from 2016.Use the same (or similar) subject line of course .Everything will then be fresh and relevant to the latest version or the one you are using. Nat
  7. Hi Assuming your project runs OK when you preview it what export settings are you using? Nat
  8. Hi You can place any number of individual clips sequentially onto the timeline on any of the Video Tracks. Video tracks are (within reason) unlimited but using too many can slow down processing. Note also that upper tracks will "hide" (overlay) the videos on lower tracks that are directly beneath them. Nat
  9. Hi There are several ways to do this.. 1) Using a specially created image. First you need a circle. If you have a graphics package you can simply create a jpg of a suitable red circle on a monocolour background... say..bright green... In this case it's 1024 x 576 (16:9) Place this image onto Video Track 2 above the main video Click the FX box for your image and select Green Screen effect. Use the pipette colour picker to select the green background from the image and the red circle will now be visible on a transparent background. Add Scale effect and a Position effect to move the red circle to indicate the object This method does require a bit of preparation to get the circle the correct thickness etc, but once set up it can be saved and used in later projects. 2) Using normal Videopad Text Create a text that is just a capital O or lower case o. (You alter the size later with the Scale effect.) Set the text to red. Automatically the text will be placed on Video Track 2 at the cursor position but you can drag it left/right to overlay your main video. Click the FX and add a Scale and Position effects so the object of interest is surrounded. You can monitor this using the Sequence Preview display or set dual preview screens under Options You need to experiment to decide on the font and size that gives a reasonable circle. Note that Scale will only go up to 3 3) Using Videopad's graphics Clipart library. Click Menu/File/Add Files/Add Images from NCH Clipart Library........ There are a numerous image types available to download including arrows. However it is a bit short on simple geometric shapes.(something I have recommended in the past) But give these a try. Like any image you can apply the Scale and Position effects to put them where you want. Nat
  10. Hi Put the video on Video track 1. Create the text and place this above the video on Video Track 2. By default the text clip will automatically appear at the red cursor line position, but if it's not in the correct place you can drag it left/right to re-position it. Note that in order to see your text in the Sequence Preview screen the red cursor line must pass through both the text image and the video clip ... Nat
  11. Hi That's correct. I haven't checked but possibly another "setuo.exe" might alter that registry entry and give a "version" that overwrites. Nat
  12. Hi Downloaded OK. Very nifty video with 32 tracks. Well done! As you can see it all played OK in preview. Currently exporting as a 3840 x 2160 mp4 at 29.97 fps. 33.5% exported so far........... I'll edit this post when it completes and let you know if it's all there. Currently using VP 8.20. Hmmmm! Exported video stopped after 18 secs. I'll try another export.... 1280 x 720 mp4 exported correctly. No idea why first one stopped. Nat
  13. Hi This is not a bug. NCH say it's a behaviour difference between versions and is there for testing feedback) in the version you have a clip dropped manually onto the timeline overwrites the existing clip. IMHO ALL clips dropped to the timeline should insert themselves and there should be no overwriting. To explain. When you install VP from the setup.exe file, you actually install a "version" of the program. It could be the A version; the B version etc.(It seems to be pot luck which installs.) Each version is complete but some features behave differently. In your version you have installed a version where dragging/ dropping clips directly on the timeline cause an overwrite and not an insert. The idea behind A/B testing is for users to give feedback on options they don't think are working in the expected way (like you have done here) The vertical or horizontal split popup that appears next to the red cursor line is an example, or the "hamburger" File button another. Try this...... Without anything - no uninstall or anything- simply double click the setup.exe file again. This action will overwrite your "version" of VP with another. You may have to do this several times if the "version" that comes up displays the same behaviour. As an example. My original install of VP 8.20 did not insert clips, it annoying overwrote existing clips, but re-running the setup file a second time produced a "version" of 8.20 that did insert correctly. The A/B idea can cause some confusion as support users can find their versions different to each other. Borate's version inserted clips OK, whilst mine didn't, so interpreting a users problem was awkward. Nat
  14. Hi You could also try this.. Click the RPReplay clip in the clip bin In the Clip Preview window set the Start value and the End value as shown (1.34.265 and 5.30.186) This trims the clip in the bin to the values of the faulty timeline clip. Click the I< button under the Sequence Preview window to set the red cursor line to the start of the timeline Click the RPReplay clip in the clip bin and select Overlay on Sequence at Cursor. Play the timeline. The re-timed clip will play over the faulty one and seems OK here. Does that solve the problem? Nat
  15. Hi If you can..load a 2-3 minute film to VP that displays this behavior. Goto Menu/File/Save Portable Project As Navigate to a suitable destination folder (or select Desktop) and then click Select a folder VP will save a copy of all the component files as well as a vpj file in a dated folder. Upload that folder (or all the individual components) to dropbox or a similar file sharing website, (e.g. Google Drive) Make it public and post the link to it on the forum. Someone will download the files and reconstruct your project exactly as you have it and take a look for any problems. Nat
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