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  1. Normalizing multiple clips to each other

    Hi OK. Found it! "Enable track solo.." If anyone else can't find it, it only appears when you have more than 1audio track. Oooh! It's so logical!....a single track IS solo and doesn't need to show the button. Nat
  2. Normalizing multiple clips to each other

    Hi I mentioned "Save Sequence Audio" ...step 3 in my workaround above ..but......Where is the tab with the "3 little men" please? I can only see Minus/Speaker/ Lock at the left end of the audio track although Mute/Solo/Lock/Collapse come up on a menu when the area is right clicked. (VP Professional version 6.0 Licensed.) Nat
  3. Tails Getting Truncated

    Hi With this new clip loaded...In VP 6.0 both the clip in the bin and on the timeline appear at first sight to play correctly and show a duration of 2.600 seconds. This is correctly synchronised and tracks finish together. The last sound being "Shi". However in VLC the soundtrack does have a further1/2 second of sound and finishes with the word "electri.." The initial section has sound.. "So what do we or..." but no video movement. It seems that it might be a codec problem within VP???? I converted the mp4 clip you uploaded to an mpeg2 and played this in VP....It played correctly to the end and finished apparently correctly with "electri..". There did seem still to be a tiny portion of moving video missing from the start however with the sound.... "So what do we or.." NCH might take a closer look at you example clip as the last bit of sound there is definitely present in the file you uploaded. (At least when converted to MPEG2) Nat
  4. Normalizing multiple clips to each other

    HI Confirmed.......Yes. Looks like a bug! Even though you group the clips, and get the prompt to apply the effect to all clips, only the clip with the focus gets the effect applied to it. (The light grey one.) I didn't test that the normalize effect (reduced to 1%) had actually been applied, just accepted it had when the message came up. Even if you group the clips using the Video track, when all the audio clips are evenly greyed out, selecting Normalize will show the message for the number of clips selected but still only applies it to one clip.! Despite the message it seems you can only work on a single clip with this effect. As Borate says Echo and Flanger work for all the selected clips A rather long winded way around this might be to..... Save your project as a .vpj file. Create a sequence of your edited work. Save the sequence audio. This will place a copy of the audio in the default file setup in Options. Reload your project You will now have your edited work at the point where you saved it. Mute the audio track by clicking the microphone icon at the left end of Audio Track 1. (Plus any others) Your project will now play silently. Load the saved sequence audio track from the default save location and drop it onto the next free Audio Track and drag it to the start point. If necessary un-mute the original project audio Audio Track(s) and match the new track up by playing the sequence. You could also do this visually by zooming in and matching any peaks. Once they match re-mute the original Audio Tracks. As the new Audio Track will be a single file it can be normalized. OK..It's a bit involved but should work. Nat
  5. Normalizing multiple clips to each other

    HI Once you have edited all your clips..... Select them all. (Click the first audio clip with SHIFT pressed and then keeping it pressed click the last audio clip) The sound tracks will all turn from blue to grey with the VP dark version showing they are all selected. You won't need to group them. Click the Audio tab on the top tool bar (not the FX button on the sequence line) and then the Audio effects down button. This now brings up a list of the audio effects. Select the Normalize option. You should now see a message box asking if you want to apply the normalize effect to ALL the selected clips or just Apply it to one or Cancel.. Click the Apply to All button. Nat
  6. Tails Getting Truncated

    Hi In VP 6.0 your clip sample-duration.mp4 in the clip bin shows a duration of exactly 2.600 seconds. On the timeline this is also shown as 2.600 seconds. Jumping the cursor to the end of the clip also shows 2.600 seconds. It seems there is no issue with VP from this point of view. Can't tell regarding sound but here it plays right to the end. Sound/vision synch etc. might be related to the player used. Here this clip wouldn't play in WMP, but played OK in VLC where duration was shown as 0.03....probably a round up 2.600 seconds. Nat
  7. using mask

    Hi Whilst looking at this I have found that whilst I can create the detailed mask shape which I mentioned in my reply above, and animate any of the points. I haven't found a way animating the "object" that it cuts out when Transparency (or other effect) has been set to isolate the "object". (Irrespective of the setting for the "Mask Inside" box.) Perhaps I am missing something here but can VP be enhanced to........ Allow the user to move the mask as a whole as well as point by point with keyframes. Permit the Transparency effect to be used correctly with a mask and Position with keyframes. As an example... My reply above showed how to create a variable shaped mask, in this case of a flying saucer. When I came to animate this object...e.g. to make it move in from the right, hover and then "fly" down to the moon's surface (background Track 1 clip) by using Scale, Position and Rotate. I couldn't. Transparency seemed to be the stumbling block. But without Transparency there was no longer a flying saucer to fly! None of the effects would work with the mask. The work around was to create the object with the transparent border (masked from the image) and then export this. Load the exported clip back with now a black background and then use the green screen to render this black area transparent (assuming there was no black in the object itself). As the imported image/clip was now in effect independant the above mentioned effects could be made to work but then of course it's shape could not be altered as there was no longer a mask. Any way of resolving this?...(Hope its clear.) Nat
  8. Tails Getting Truncated

    Hi Obviously that shouldn't happen. What version are you using? Is the duration of the clip in the Clip bin shown correctly and is it the same value as the duration shown for the same clip when it has been added to the sequence.? (Hover the mouse over each and check the values.) Nat
  9. using mask

    Hi The basics are as Borate describes... In a nutshell Place your background image/video on the main track. Place your overlay on Track 2 Go into Clip Preview Click the FX button at the left end of Track 2 (The overlay) and then click the button to the right of the green cross. (Add effect Mask) This places a red dotted rectangle mask on the image. Grab any point of the line and drag it to the edge of the area you want to mask off. Do this as many times as required to produce a reasonably smooth masked off area. If you want this area to be a "hole" in the overlay then Check "Mask Inside" If you want the mask area to the the "Object" then uncheck "Mask Inside" Feather the edge a little to smooth the border. Click the green cross and select the Transparency effect. Slide Opacity to zero . Depending on your option "Mask inside" your overlay will either show as an object on the Track 1 background or the Track 1 background will show through a "hole" in the overlay. Here is an example of Flying saucer over the moon... First the "object" from Video Track 2...... ......and masked out with multiple points dragged to the outline..... Now with the edge smoothed by feathering and the background made transparent ... Overlaid onto a Moon background clip (Video Track 1) .... You can use the Position effect to set the object where you wish and if you want it to move with or over the background then use keyframes with the Position settings... Hope this helps Nat
  10. After Deleting Clip It Jumps To Top of Video Clip List

    Hi Back on line again after changing countries. (Phew!) I have to say I prefer the darker version of VP and am using it to edit my removal project. Nat
  11. Problem -- Vido Skipping to End

    Hi Well...NLP has it working which is the main thing. :-) Nat
  12. Problem -- Vido Skipping to End

    Hi Borate When you loaded the project from the vpj file, was the audio file with the voices (Tuna Cooking 8.Mov) actually on the timeline? In the version I got (see above) that particular sound file was unused and still in the bin. There was only the main track. I got what I described also with the Space bar. Bit odd. Nat
  13. Problem -- Vido Skipping to End

    Hi I don't think there is anything wrong with your upload. The fault is in the way VP actions the STOP/START with the Space key. Your upload contained two files.... 2018-01-05 18-05-38.zip and Tuna MRE2.MOV The zip opened as shown here: The first thing to note is that you have uploaded Tuna MRE2.MOV twice; once in the zip and one as a separate file. (Not a problem) Your Ep 1 Lemon Tuna Ingredients, Cooking.vpj fil opened correctly into VP, and loaded correctly to the timeline. Not all of the video clips loaded to the timeline. Only Tuna Cooking 6MOV; Tuna Cooking 7MOV and Tuna Cooking 8MOV were being used The others remained in the clip bin. (Again, not a problem) Of the two audio files loaded only All Up in my Jam.mp3 was used. Tuna Cooking 8.MOV was not used. (Seemed to be radio recording).....So you had some redundant files in your project. (Once more not a problem) Having said all that the timeline played normally when using the STOP/START button under the Sequence Preview screen.It stopped and and continued using repeated presses of the centre button. This is normal. However, using the Space bar to Stop/Start in the same way the playback was as you reported - The cursor line skipped. Was this due to you holding down the Space key?? Do you have the key auto repeat too short. Quick on/off presses seemed to work OK. Keeping the key depressed made the cursor line jump to the end or start of the timeline. Note that the action of using Space is not the same as using the sequence screen Stop/Start button as the latter only actions once it is released, Space actions when it is pressed. NCH might be able to change this action?? Nat
  14. How to enable Dark Mode?

    Hi Check you have the vppsetup.exe file for the current version.(VP 5.32) Go to the Windows control panel Uninstall/Modify Program option and select Videopad Video Editor from the list Follow the prompts to uninstall Videopad but dont click the Delete Data Files box. Complete the uninstall Now double click the vppsetup.exe file to reload the program. Videopad should now run in Dark Mode....(Well.....mine did!) Re-enter your registration code to restore the full functionality. Nat
  15. How Do I Apply the Same Transition to An Entire Project?

    Hi Yes it can be a bit confusing. Once everything is on the timeline. Place the mouse cursor on the first timeline clip and right click to select it. (Not really necessary but helps) Press CONTROL and A together. This will select ALL the clips. They will change colour to show they are all selected. Click the X Transition tab on the top toolbar. This will open the transition list. At the bottom right of the window enter the duration for your transition Right click your chosen transition This will open a control window. Select Apply to all Clips Now choose to either Freeze the clip location or Move the clip location. All the clips will now get the transition. If you are using still image clips choose The Freeze option. Video clips often come out better with the Move option, particularly Crossfade. Bear in mind that choosing to Move the clips will shorten the timeline. Nat