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  1. Nationalsolo

    editing frame by frame

    HI With a clip (30 fps) on the timeline the I> button under the sequence preview display will step along the sequence one frame at a time (.033 secs) whatever the zoom level. When you say "display image" are you referring to the thumbnails displayed on the timeline? Zoomed to maximum you can only move the cursor .001 seconds which shows no change in the preview as it remains on the same frame. From a practical point of view you can precisely split a sequence using the Next Frame button. The first frame of the right hand section is the frame displayed when the split is made. If you have isolated a section of a clip by making two splits and selected the central isolated portion , the thumbnail line under the Clip Preview window shows the section isolated highlighted with the remainder dark. It shows the state of the complete clip. The cursor however returns to the start of the clip (not the start of the whole video) and the window logically displays the start frame of the clip. If you want the last split point frame then switch to Sequence Preview as the timeline cursor remains at this position. Nat
  2. Nationalsolo

    Could not initialize video output

    Hi Это очень старый предмет. Было бы лучше открыть новую запись в форуме. Также, пожалуйста, используйте английский язык. Eto ochen' staryy predmet. Bylo by luchshe otkryt' novuyu zapis' v forume. Takzhe, pozhaluysta, ispol'zuyte angliyskiy yazyk. "Try setting (if you want to save in .mp4 format) mpeg4, as shown here by example." You are contributing to an old thread from 2013. Please start a new one. Also the forum entry should be in English. Nat
  3. Nationalsolo

    Limit on number of sequences or their size?

    If you have a long video that might introduce editing delays you could possibly work like this... Place full length clip in the timeline Move cursor to end of your first section. Split and drag section to the clip bin. Timeline will shorten Move cursor to end of next section, Split and drag second section to the clip bin. Repeat until all the sections are in the bin. You can now edit each section individually as different clips and have them in different orders. As the clip images are all the same you should be able to use Clip preview right click option and "Use this Frame for the Clip Image" to set the clip bin thumbnails in order distinguish them. Nat
  4. Nationalsolo

    Flipped Horizontally video does not save

    Hi My test worked with a low res export of an mpeg2 clip. I have repeated this with a hi res mpeg4 clip using export settings same as the original clip. Clip dropped into the clip bin Clip dragged to timeline Clip in bin right clicked and Flip/Horizontal selected. Timeline, Preview image and clip thumbnail in the bin all flipped. Exported as a 1920 X 1080 Mpeg4 video file with auto matched content with frame rate Variable Smart 45 fps (Why? original was 29 fps??) THIS EXPORTED FILE DID NOT FLIP confirming that this appears to be a bug. The sound was also very broken up. Another odd thing was the export took just a couple of seconds for a 12.3 megabyte clip???? Exporting this same mpeg4 as a LOW RES 320 x 240 30fps mpeg4 clip took 14 secs to export and it flipped correctly but very broken up sound. Exporting this same mpeg4 as a 1280 x 720 30fps mpeg4 clip took longer to export and it flipped correctly but very broken up sound. Exporting this same mpeg4 as a 1920 x 1080 30fps mpeg4 clip took 2 seconds(!) to export and DID NOT FLIP and had very broken up sound. N.B. Exporting this same mpeg4 as a 1920 x 1080 30fps avi clip took much longer to export and it flipped correctly with perfect sound. The bug seems to be related to the export format and resolution I am sure NCH will comment on this. @Island Woman.....I would export your project as an .avi until this is sorted out. Nat
  5. Nationalsolo

    Flipped Horizontally video does not save

    Hi VP 6.29 Effect works OK on the exported project (mp4) if a clip, already on the timeline is right clicked in the clip bin and Flip/Horizontal is selected from the menu. The procedure also exports OK if the clip is not on the timeline and is simply right clicked from the clip bin. ".....or did you add the 'Flip' effect?" Note: The Flip effect is not available from the Effects menu as the VIDEOPAD Flipeffect SVar control in the register is toggled to off by default (which may be an oversight?). However this was the case anyway for the test above which worked OK. Nat
  6. Nationalsolo

    VideoPad not burning all of the video

    Hi Do you verify the disc after burning? Although the software and burning options may be similar, have you tried exporting the project to your PC (mpeg4, avi etc.) and then burning with NCH Express burn?Burning to a re-writeable DVD disc as suggested is also a safe option. https://www.nch.com.au/burn/ I don't think there is a menu produced with this software but it should allow you to get a playable disc possibly. Edit.....I just noticed that the free version says it may be limited to producing CDs....but it exported a DVD OK here but without a menu. Nat
  7. Nationalsolo

    Subtitles imported from .SRT have zero timings

    Hi SRT file for my example above generated with VP 6.29 uses --> as well as indicating font color... 001 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:01,590 <font color='#FFFFFF'>Welcome to my video</font> 002 00:00:02,001 --> 00:00:10,804 <font color='#FFFFFF'>I'm going to show you how to change a lightbulb</font> This was Copy/Paste of the file but did you retype yours? using ==> ? Nat
  8. Nationalsolo

    Problems Inserting Clips ?

    Hi " This begs the question; how does one link tracks, and what exactly does linking achieve ? " Right clicking on the clip, either in the clip bin or on the timeline will (or should) bring up a menu with Unlink from Audio option. Right clicking the Audio track for the clip will (or should) bring up a menu with Unlink Video option. Selecting these options will allow the user to separate the Video from the Audio (or vice versa) making them independent and will allow either to be positioned differently on the timeline or independently deleted. If they are already unlinked the options become Restore linked clip.(except for the clip bin which remains the unlink option which must be an oversight.) A similar option to Link/Unlink is Group. Link/Unlink (AFAIK) only works on individual clips meaning you can't grab a bunch of clips and un-associate the sound. Grouping a series of clips effectively makes them behave as a single unit and any unlinked track is unnaffected meaning if you move the clip group the unlinked sound remains where it is. (This can lead to complications so it's best avoided.) " ...between a clip that is inserted which already has audio content, and an inserted image clip to which one adds an audio track. " Inserting a clip with sound is just that...A space is made in the timeline audio and video tracks and the new clip (with its audio) is placed in the space. There are no gaps. An image clip (no audio) can be inserted in exactly the same way but as there is no audio associated with an image the sound track will now have a gap in it. You can fill this gap with a separate audio clip..adjusting the duration of the image clip if necessary but the audio, being from a different source cannot be LINKED to the image clip. All is not lost though as they can be GROUPED which makes them behave as though they were linked.(Right click both clips with the SHIFT key pressed and take the Group Selected Clips option.) Nat
  9. Nationalsolo

    Subtitles imported from .SRT have zero timings

    Hi They look OK. "Welcome....." Starts at zero time (start of clip) and stops at 1.5 sec "I'm going"......." starts at 2.0 sec and finishes at 9.59 sec Can't see any zeros apart from the first. VP 6.29 This example was saved from VP as an .SRT file and reloaded back to a different clip exactly as saved..... Show and hide times have not altered. Start at zero finish at 1.59 sec Start at 2.0 and finish at 5.0 sec (End of clip) Was the subtitle file created with VP? If it was created with a different editor the timings will probably be different. You can alter them in VP using the start and finish markers after highlighting the particular subtitle in the list. Nat
  10. Nationalsolo

    Problems Inserting Clips ?

    Hi Exactly! The main track...Video track 1 and Audio track1 contain the clips that make up your main project line. (like MM) and , as noted if you insert a clip at any point into Video track 1 (on a join or otherwise,) it will split both the video and the audio, pushing the right hand clips with their sound along the track and creating a break. They will stay in synch but your inserted clip will cause a break in the film and its soundtrack so to speak. Placing the new clip onto Video track 2 however will not do this. It will overlay the visuals on Track1 where its position can be adjusted. Its sound track will get placed on Audio track 2 (At this point both audio tracks will mix and play together.) The new clip on Video track 2 however will "cover up" the clip on Video track1 and will play in in its place. If you don't want the sound for the overlaid clip on Audio track 2 to mix you can mute it or unlink and deleted it so only Audio track 1 is heard. You will now have a soundtrack on Audio track 1 with no breaks in it and a matching video on Video track 1. When the sequence is previewed you will have cut-aways of the clip on the overlay track but no breaks in the audio. All tracks above Video track1 are overlay tracks. Clips placed on these will overplay clips below them. You can use fade and other effects etc on the overlay clips in the same way as the main track. Working like this you may not need to unlink any of your sound and except for very complex projects may not even need to use more than 2 or 3 tracks. Nat
  11. Nationalsolo

    Problems Inserting Clips ?

    Hi My browser doesn't support your example video format unfortunately so I can't see exactly what you are after but unless I am barking up the wrong tree can you not simply place the the new clip on the overlay track (muted,) move it to the desired position and trim it? This won't create gaps in the main audio or require anything on the main track to be shifted. Anything you insert will logically move the clips and their sound apart. Nat
  12. Nationalsolo

    Green tinge on videos after exporting

    Hi The images you posted do not seem to have the same degree of compression. But there is a green tinge a bit like the effect one sometimes sees in jpg images when compression is high. Large expanses of similar colours that shade gently from one to another are reduced to fewer shades for compression purposes leaving blocks of intermediate colours. It may be that your export parameters are not optimum. Here's an example using a jpg image. Both sides are compressed but the one on the right deliberately exaggerated has too much . In the export screen VP under Default Quality/File size try an export at High Quality and see if it makes any difference. This image has mostly blue but grey might show green as an intermediate shade. Obviously repeating the process with the same settings will result in a worsening image. Nat
  13. Nationalsolo

    Sound not playing

    Hi Another useful point is if you trim a clip in the bin and then place it on the timeline it will be on the timeline in its trimmed state. If you then select the same clip in the bin again, in the preview window it will show (obviously) that you have trimmed it but you can re-trim it and place it on the timeline in a new trimmed state. The first clip on the timeline will not be altered. In this way you can use the same clip over and over again (if needs be) and have each trimmed differently. Nat
  14. Nationalsolo

    Green tinge on videos after exporting

    Hi There's a post here with something similar. Not sure if this was resolved. http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/23203-help-exported-video-has-redgreen-tinge/?tab=comments#comment-54263 Nat
  15. Nationalsolo

    Transition audio distortion v6.24

    Hi By distortion I presume you mean a mixture of sounds. When you use crossfade to transition between clips on the same track and you choose the option to move the clips, you are in effect overlapping them by half of the crossfade duration that is set. This also overlaps the sound track which is associated with the clips so the sound transition also dissolves. Crossfade implies that the end of clip one will play over the start of clip 2. This will result in a break in the sound although the clips will remain in synchronization before and after the transition. If both clips for example are of the same event filmed from different positions then you could use a single soundtrack of the whole event associated for clip1 and then place clip 2 on the overlay track and adjusting its position so both tracks play in synch. Now you can mute clip 2 and without moving it split and remove sections not required. (i.e create cut-aways) these clip pieces will play over clip 1 being overlays and will be in synch with the main clip and its sound track. All that is required now is use the fade-in and fade out options (using the f tab or transparency effect) on the start and end each of the overlay clips to achieve a dissolve between tracks.The sound will be in synch ( or should be) from the start of the project for both video tracks. Nat