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  1. Hi Peter Have you inadvertently muted the track at the left end? If you have, it will show a red cross on the loudspeaker icon. If this IS the case then the track will play in the Clip preview window but not in the Sequence preview window. If there is no red cross on the icon, check the volume setting slider below the loudspeaker. Is this set to the left? If so the sequence will not play the audio but the clip preview will. Slide it to the right to turn up the sound on that audio track. Nat
  2. Hi The Zoom effect does not work on a text image. (VP 8.45) This may be a programming constraint-deliberate omission or an oversight. (Even a bug ) but once the rectangle is altered the text disappears. Use Pan & Zoom instead but don't move the placement of the rectangle, just alter its size between start frame and end frame. Note that this effect (unlike Zoom) works on the whole image clip duration and keyframes cannot be used to stop the zoom before the end of the clip. Nat
  3. Nationalsolo

    Lost my Movie

    Hi Are you trying to load a .vpj file? Note this is NOT a playable video file. It is a text file that enables VP to reassemble your work. But it IS a valid project file. It may, however be corrupted in some way. Re obtaining your work might be problematic in this case. Did you use Save Project As whilst you were working on it, giving a different name each time? Do this at least once during editing as it produces a specifically named .vpj file. If you save using this option on each occasion you save your work using an incremental name then you produce several .vpj files, each of which should load back the project when it was at a different stage. If you regularly Saved Project (no As) then the old save is overwrtten each time and you then only have one file to reproduce your work. If that is corrupted (rare) then it won't load. If you closed VP normally following the save, and the .vpj produced is faulty (rare) you may have lost your work. VP does save an up to date copy .vpj automatically as you work but this is deleted when VP closes normally. If VP crashed that copy remains in memory and can be reloaded, either manually or usually by being prompted for when VP is restarted. Check in (user name)/AppData/Roaming/NCH Software/VideoPad/autosave.vpj Nat
  4. Hi The censor is a separate effect not associated with Blur. It should be in the Filter section of the effects list window... to the right of Blur... If you don't see it and are using VP 8.45 you may have inherited a "version" of 8.45 that isn't showing this effect.(There are various flavours of the installation some with and some without various features.) If this is the case then re-run the vpsetup.exe file (No need to uninstall) and then check the version to see if that effect is now present. If it isn't try again. I'm not saying this will work but it might. Once you get it (cross fingers) use it like the zoom effect...outline the area to blur (as Borate shows) Nat
  5. Hi Aline Do you mean 2 (or more) videos to play on the same screen? Like this......which is 4 videos playing together....... If this is what you want then do this..... Load your videos to the clip bin. Place Clip 1 on Video Track 1........Clip 2 on Video Track 2........Clip 3 on Video Track 3 .......Clip 4 on Video Track 4 etc. ...so they are lined up, one above the other. The tracks will now look something like this .....but you will only see the top track in the sequence preview.... Click the FX for Video Track 4 and select the Split Screen effect As in this example there are 4 videos, choose the 2 x 2 Layout. (You could use Horizontal 4 but they would be the wrong shape or you would have to make the images smaller) In the Split Screen effects window click the box (A,B,C or D) where you want the Track 4 clip to appear. Repeat this procedure for Video Track 3, Video Track 2 and Video Track 1 ( Note: You don't have to do them in this order but it allows you to see the result each time in the sequence preview window.) Adjust the Position /Size of each clip using the Scale;Horizontal and Vertical Bias controls The tracks will reflect the clip positions in the layout...... Your clips will now play together on the same screen. You can add other clips to the end of the existing tracks and apply the same split screen effect and it will change the existing clip in the respective box. Individual tracks can be split using the scissor icon under the sequence preview screen. (The icon associated with the red cursor line splits ALL tracks which you may not want to do) Note also that all the sound tracks will play together but you can mute unwanted tracks. If you are making a choir video (or a musical group) then you will have to move the video clips left or right to synchronize all the audio tracks If it is something different you are after then please come back and ask. Nat
  6. Hi Record your narration first. Just speak at a normal pace. Add the recorded audio to the audio track so it is under the slide. Extend the slide as Borate explains until it covers the audio duration. Play over the area to check how it sounds Move to next clip/slide Nat
  7. Hi "..... I created slideshow of 30 images with transitions. I played the slideshow, recorded it with Debut, and saved it as an mp4. I put the mp4 into Videopad where it seems to show as a single clip......" Saving your slideshow as an mp4 has converted it into a single clip and you no longer have individual slides. For the KB effect you require separate slides. Currently you have to do this manually per slide which, with a big slideshow is a bit tedious. All the different Pan & Zoom variations are present from the effects window but have to be used individually or the same effect chain applied applied to all selected clips option used, which is still a bit of a chore. I have therefore suggested to NCH that they might implement a randomize option for this particular effect as seen in the transition feature. Meaning every slide (selected slides) got a random pan&zoom (including no pan & zoom.) This may get implemented shortly Now...I've been looking at a workaround for you to get an effect to act over a number of clips. As you can't create a sequence of separate tracks or grouped clips in the timeline - Do this... Put all your slides on the timeline. Where you want an effect to go over a number of clips..... Select and group those clips Drag the group up to Video Track 2 and then back to the start of the track (or close the gap) Click the "eye" at the left end of Video Track 1 to prevent it exporting. Export the project. It will export just your selected clips. Load the exported clip back into VP Delete your grouped clips on Track 2 Move the cursor line to the start of the gap in Track 1 where your grouped clips were removed from Place the new clip at the cursor. It will fill the gap. In effect you will now have a "multiple slide" in the form of a short clip. Add your effect to this clip. Nat
  8. Hi The suggested steps work fine here using VP 8.45 ".....Not if you are in Sequence Preview, which is the default opening of VP. Only by pushing one button or the other until the UNLINK command became available did this work....." Unlinking the audio from a clip is done by right clicking a timeline track. It doesn't matter which display you have up. (For most editing I set dual display from Options. ) I have noticed that this occasionally just invokes the data popup for the track. Clicking a second time or in a different area usually brings up the correct menu "......Nope. If you swipe it, it does nothing. If you merely click on it it turns blue. Yes, this moves the red longtailed cursor ten seconds into the clip....." Sorry if that was misleading.. You are correct. It's just a click but if you are changing just the seconds value by swiping the displayed value area, it will highlight.. But as you say it sets the timeline cursor to the desired position ".........Which makes the entire audio track disappear. ......" This should not happen. In fact, even if you have not unlinked the audio, using the split scissor icon under the sequence preview window and selecting audio track 1 will automatically unlink and split the audio track. Nat
  9. Hi "....To me, the pop-up window is still vertical ......" Re-run the vpsetup.exe file. No need to uninstall. If nothing changes do it again. There are several "versions" possible doing this, each with a slightly different configuration, one will probably show the horizontal scissor box. Might have to do the re-run a few times but it should eventually appear. "....As far as I know, there is no other way to split, resize or select at a point, without bringing the red-line there! ..." Correct! The cursor marks the site of the split action "....Working for years with VPad, I am very fast at it. ....." Fast perhaps but not that accurate apparently. I hate to say it ..Just slow down a shade! Try to get the horizontal box version..It might ease things a little. If you are dragging the cursor line to a split position, grab the block at the top to move it and then right click without releasing the block. The Split option menu, as you rightly say appears. No need to even move the cursor anywhere near the scissor box. This always an All Tracks split. Nat
  10. Hi To do precisely what you want......... With 3 min clip with attached audio on the timeline, right click either track and Unlink them Place red cursor line at the start of the timeline and note the position reading under the Sequence preview window..It should read 0:00:00.000 Swipe this value (It will highlight blue) and enter 10. It will now read 0:00:10.000 and the cursor will move to 10 seconds along from the start of the timeline. Left click the small chevron to the right of the scissors tab under the Sequence preview window From the drop down menus select Split Audio Track 1 Right click the audio track on the right side of the split that this generates and select Delete from the menu. Click your new audio file from the Audio file bin Check that the Red cursor is still at the split point and then Place on Sequence at the Cursor Use the >II tab under the Sequence preview screen to step the cursor to the end ov the Video clip Now click the head of the cursor line followed by scissors icon that appears Right click the XS audio and select Delete from the menu. Both tracks will be the same length.....The video will be inchanged but there will be 10 seconds of the original audio at the start, followed by your new audio which will finish with the Video Nat
  11. Hi ".........There are no II< or >II buttons to do this. Which I thinks is an oversight......" I have put this in as a suggestion. Response from NCH was positive, so it may get implemented. It would be very useful when adding S/T to multi image slideshows as you could then simply step along to the start of every slide. Nat
  12. Hi The first point is use Save Project As and you lose nothing if you make an unnoticed faux pas. As you know Save Project overwrites the old .vpj file. ".......The bloody window comes up, whenever you reposition the red cursor-line and has 3 buttons, a scissor and 2 brackets. ...." It does but it is now horizontal and well above the thumbnail line. When it was vertical you had a point but now, IMHO it shouldn't be too difficult to click the Split scissors. If you want to split and feel you may hit one of the brackets why not use the scissors button under the Sequence Preview window and ignore the cursor line option altogether? There are options there to split ANY track. With Crossfades between different clips neither clip is changed in size (duration) unless you invoke the Overlap option or have it automatically set as the default in Options/Editing. If you set this to Ask Me you can pick the type of transition you want at any join. Freeze frame will not shorten any clip. Nat
  13. Hi As a test using VP 8.45 I have just set up a project with 103 video clips with a total duration of 40 minutes. I have added different 100 S/T using the subtitle feature. There were no hangups and the project did not rebuild with each addition. "......For some reason the original project is getting altered when I add in subtitles. Meaning the size and length of the scenes are being changed. I don't know how, but when I view the project, sans subtitles, it views differently from when I have them put in. Is that at all possible? ...." Subtitles do not interfere with the underlying clips and I cant see how they can change the length of the clip or alter its size. Are you, in fact using the S/T feature or are you adding text images? Nat
  14. Hi Un-link the audio (if it is linked.) Split the Video track in question at the start of the unwanted section by using one of the options of the down arrow menu associated with the scissors tab under the Sequence preview window You can now place the red cursor line on the split and step forwards (or backwards) using the I< or >I buttons under the preview window. (Frame at a time) When you have the cursor line in the correct position, (at the end of the unwanted section,) Split the track again Zoom in (or swap to Storyboard mode) and delete the section isolated between the splits Keep zoomed in and then drag the RH clip with the Ctrl key pressed to re-position it Nat
  15. Hi Lee It's not clear from your description how you are trying to construct your long video or how you are using the 20 second or minute clips? Knowing what you are aiming for and what you have at the start to do it with may give a clearer idea of how you might proceed. Nat
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