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  1. Just to be clear, everything (burner/disc/player) is exactly the same as when you were on the free trial?
  2. N_C_H_DS

    Command line

    This is actually a known issue and it will be fixed in the next release (along with email). Thanks for pointing it out to us!
  3. Try the technical support link at the top of this page. There is a section that will help you get the software registered.
  4. It should suffice. If not, please contact the support link at the top of this page.
  5. A couple of answers: - The executable name is the same across all versions of Express Burn. - Not sure how you got the Express Zip context menu (I assume you mean the Windows Explorer context menu). To remove it, either try a registry cleaner or you can install and then remove Express Zip. - The Upgrade is somewhat generic. I'll add a suggestion that we remove it for top tier registrations. - The scheduled tasks are internal to the application and should not be changed manually unless instructed to by support. If you have troubles with registering your Plus version, please use the support link at the top of this page.
  6. Hi, Recently we released 4.42. Can you try this version and let us know the results?
  7. Hi Andre, We don't currently have anything like that, but we will certainly look into adding it in a future release. The only less cumbersome idea I had: When you create the shortcut, use a variable name like %variable_name%. For instance, "Hi, I'm %name%, from the %teamname% team and I'll take care of your case." Then, when John gets the shortcut file he could open it with notepad and do a Replace All on %name% and %teamname%. That's still cumbersome, but would be slightly faster if there are a lot of shortcuts. Hope that helps and thanks for the input!
  8. OK, thanks for the extra information. We'll keep our eyes open.
  9. We've done some testing for this but we haven't been able to reproduce the issue. Can you give us some details about how you have Fling set up and what functionality might be causing this?
  10. It's coming soon! Cheers!
  11. Unfortunately we don't have a way to set the default type of shortcut yet. We will look into adding some functionality along these lines for our next release. Thanks!
  12. What format (e.g. .mp3, .wma) were the files you used to create the disc?
  13. We've just released v1.04: http://www.nchsoftware.com/zip/index.html
  14. Thanks to a lot of help from Stacey, we were finally able to fix this bug. We will be releasing a new version of FastFox shortly.
  15. Issues like this are best dealt with through our technical support: http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html A ticket can be entered for no charge.
  16. Hi Stacy,

    We have not been able to reproduce your issue. If you send me an email at ds@nchsoftware.com I can send you a debug build of FastFox which can help us see what's going on.



  17. Is this a 32 or 64-bit OS?
  18. 04 09 00 is TRACK FOLLOWING ERROR. Generally, errors beginning with 04 point to hardware failures (but not always). Is it possible for you to try with a different burner?
  19. It's tricky to diagnose problems with AVI's without actually having the file to look at. As a last resort you can try converting the AVI file with Pixillion (http://www.nchsoftware.com/imageconverter/index.html) to WMV or even AVI and you shouldn't lose any quality. Pixillion is free to try, so it might be worth a shot.
  20. We've had many suggestions for this and plan to implement it soon. In the meantime, you can take a screen capture of Burn and print that. - Open Express Burn and add the files you are going to burn - Size the window so that all of the files are display - Press ALT+Print Screen (usually above the number pad) - Open Microsoft Paint or Word - Paste the screen shot (CTRL+V) into Paint or Word and print!
  21. First, when you are ready to burn the disc, does the big button in the lower right say "Create Image" or "Burn DVD". If it says "Create Image", click it and on the "Burn DVD Menu" dialog, change the "Burner Drive" drop down list to your DVD drive. If your drive is not in the list, Express Burn cannot find your drive. It is possible that your DVD player is not capable of burning DVDs, especially if it is a few years old or a laptop DVD.
  22. N_C_H_DS

    Splash Screen

    Sorry, we don't currently have a way to disable the splash screen.
  23. Probably best to contact Tech Support on this one. Please see the link at the top of this page.
  24. N_C_H_DS

    MP3 CDs

    I've received a few messages regarding MP3 CDs and Express Burn. There seems to be a little confusion over the topic, so I'm posting an update we made to the help files. This will be in the upcoming release, but in the meantime: An MP3 CD is simply a data disc which contains .mp3 (or possibly .wma and .ogg) files which can be read and played by a standard CD or DVD player. The main benefit to creating an MP3 CD over a conventional Audio CD is that .mp3 files are highly compressed, so more songs are able to be burned to the disc. In contrast, if .mp3 files are used to create an Audio CD (a CD type that records only uncompressed .wav files, meaning your .mp3s will be converted), the 74 or 80 minute play time of the disc limits the number of songs that can be stored. To create an MP3 CD, select the "CD Data" disc type in the toolbar and then add .mp3 files to the file list. Burn the disc as normal. The disc can now be played in any player that supports MP3 CDs. Please Note: There is no official standard for MP3 CDs. As such, playback may vary from player to player and can lead to imcompabilities and difficulty in playing discs. The following suggestions can help eliminate some problems: * Limit the .mp3 filename to under 40 characters * Do not place .mp3 files in sub folders * Do not use special characters (i.e. UNICODE) in .mp3 filenames Also note that some players, especially older ones, do not support playback of MP3 discs. Check with manufacturer documentation for more information.
  25. All registration issues should be directed towards http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html.
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