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  1. BroadWave 1.11 paid for version. No matter what I do the Flash Player embed code does not work for broadwave on my site, is there something else I need to add/host to this to get the embed code to work? I have the latest flash running on my PC (other flash embed codes such as my own hosted/uploaded videos work on my site, the server on the net is mine... and is setup for anything and potent), I'm using broadwave 1.11, on windows XP media edition with a good comcast broadband account, 60m down and 20m up ultra boost....... Also look at this picture, no matter what I do I cannot remove these blank tracks, 01, 01, 02, 02... they are always there. I've tried rebooting, deleting BroadWave and reinstalling. First picture is the odd track numbers which have nothing to them that I cannot seem to remove.
  2. Would be nice to get some answers, good support means more customers.
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