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  1. Sir/Madam, we are from CS Infocomm Pvt.Ltd. We have gone through your website and downloaded demo software meant for audio recording which can be useful for us if you provide any interface or ocx for audio recording . We would like to record both input and output of [Headset + Microphone] through our application by integration in our application. Can you provide any utility which can justify our need ? please provide us the detail information including COST for this utility along with Interface. We want to purchase this utility. we are really in a hurry.Please Provide us any mail ID or phone number for follow up process. With Regards, Manas Ranjan Kar MailID-manas.ranjan@csinfocomm.co.in Mobile-(+91) 9930474830 cs INFOCOMM PVT. LTD.
  2. Sir/Madam, Basically I am Manas Kar from CS Infocomm Pvt. Ltd. I am in a hurry to integrate audio recording in our application. please provide me an OCX file to integrate in our application. My Mobile Number is (+91) 9930474830 and mail id is manas.ranjan@csinfocomm.co.in i want both input and output of a [headset with microphone] recorded. Please write to me what is the commercial for it. Please provide me your Mail ID and phone number so that i can communicate in a better manner.
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