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  1. I would also like to know how to set the defalt deposit account for when entering invoices as I am using this more and more now as I moved from QuickBooks.
  2. The "Pay in days" can be set for each customer. when adding customer or editing them go to "other" tab and you can set the days there
  3. There is the Journal report which is under View -> Journal which will give all transactions or press Ctrl + V and it will open the Journal
  4. Can someone also send me the manual in PDF to pos at mcgcs dot net
  5. Shan, I am glad its not only me that has this problem I have just set up copper and Inventoria on 2 old pcs so I know what to do to help a friend out at setting them up as they is 2 shops and coppper needs to connect remote to inventoria as its on a pc at my friends house. Can any one tell us what going wrong.
  6. Hi, I think you may need to enable IMAP or POP in your gmail account first it will be under settings of your gmail. I will look it up and let you know next week if you do not find it
  7. Hi, I have a good friend who is asking this. Does Copper support loyalty points, loyalty cards as in house
  8. Hi Steve, You could use a prefix on your invoices for when you are using your laptop so this will also help to show you was it on the pc or laptop the invoice was created and it should stop the problem of over wirting.
  9. I know what he/she on about if you update it the only one you are given do download is the full version. I have the same problem myself on till someone posted a link here to the free version. I will not post it here myself but will send a PM
  10. Are you using it on windows or a mac
  11. Hi Cliff, I have spent time before trying to get this to work in Express Accounts, I have also tried it in Express Invoice and I have even set up paypal sandbox test account which is for testing programs and could not make it work and I have not got time to try other paypal options in Express Invoice or Express Accounts. I would be able to take credit cards but on a very small scale as I do computer repairs and some people pull a fast one on me ie callout and repair totals 90 euro and then they say I only have 60 on me they would give me the rest the next time they see me, but that could be never. I would like to say "ok I can also take credit cards or debit cards with a 3% extra charge on them. I do not want them calling to my home as thats where I work from and also would not want them calling all hours look for me to look at their computer or laptop just because they need to print a boarding pass. If you or anyone else know how to make this work please let us know
  12. Hi David, I have sent you replyed to your pm
  13. Mohamedli, I can not tell you off the top of my head the make or model it would be Monday before I could tell you
  14. Hi Ian, I would drop Express invoice as Express Accounts can also do invoices and will work with invertoria no problem at and it the way I am doing it at the min myself. Tony
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