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    Domain URL

    You are a miracle. I wouldn't have guessed. My ISP also provides it but didn't know that the name you use for the stream is what you will use to access the stream...ie I used broadwave as the name so automatically I just add the name broadwave.mydomain.com:portnumber and it worked thanx a mil. Will holla when and if I ran into any other prob. This rocks
  2. jaysmoke

    Domain URL

    Hi KenA, Ok I found the A Record. But the domain already has 2 different A Records. One is @ and the other is www can I create a third one and call it Broadwave and point it to my public IP? Oops...I added my Public IP Address and realized that it's not the same anymore. And also found out that my DNS is provided automatically as my Internet IP address...what do I do nooooooooooow. Should I insist my provider give me fixed IP and DNS IPs or there's a workaround?
  3. jaysmoke

    Domain URL

    Thanx KenA, I don't quite understand what you are saying. I have eg registered a domain with godaddy.com and it gives me the option to add a new record for my dns...as a CNAME, TXT, A or an NS. I chose CNAME? Is that the right thing to do?
  4. jaysmoke

    Domain URL

    Hi, I have been to dyndns.com and now I have a url which I can use to access the stream live from anywhere. But it's a subdomain ie name.dyndnsdomain.com but I would like to have my own domain point to my public IP so that I can type www.mydomainname.com:88/broadwave.mp3 to access live stream. Is this possible and how can I do it? Thank you.
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