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  1. Switch is an audio file format conversion program. And it performs very well for its intended purpose, which is not 'extraction'. (?) Your post, while certainly difficult to comprehend, makes one wonder what you are trying to do, and what you are crying about.
  2. Understood. Sorry if I bothered you. The 'flaws' I refer to are not in the software (Switch) but rather in quality of audio file. Peace
  3. A bit off topic, but why would you convert from mp3 to wav? You realize the flaws inherent in doing so?
  4. fwiw: "Pandora: Section 6 includes prohibitions on recording (as well as password-sharing and several other actions): “you shall not … modify, download, intercept, or create any derivative works of the Services, including any translations or localizations thereof … copy, store, edit, change, exploit, download, prepare any derivative work of, or alter in any way any of the content made available through the Services.”
  5. My understanding is that asd files are for use in the Ableton Live platform. This may not be of any help in your case, but I would export the rendered files from Live as .wav ( or aiff) and then they are easy to convert. Although it isn't possible with earlier versions, if you are using Live 10 you can export the files as mp3.
  6. I have to ask - DannR do you work for NCH? ('our products')
  7. I am a bit late replying to your question, and my full response and advice will take some more time and experimentation once I understand your scenario. (I'm not sure about the previous reply to your question but I believe that you can possibly get some satisfaction using WavePad and not need to use MixPad.) So - if you are still attending this forum - let me ask a question or two to get help me best understand how to respond/help.... What is your approach when recording an interview which I assume requires a microphone for the interviewer and another for the person being interviewed? How do record that into WavePad?
  8. To keep tracks in order I would highly recommend making sure that each track name begins with a 2-digit number, and numbers less than ten should be labeled 01. (title), 02. (title) etc. Although it can be a bit tedious, if your tracks do not appear in the burn window in the order you wish, you can manually select and drag them to a new position in the list.
  9. Under the file menu, or on the home tab you want to choose 'Open'. Or you can just select and drag an image into the window.
  10. vapors

    black border

    The black border is most likely due to frame size of the video (or associated issues), something which cannot be addressed with Express Burn; it's function is solely for burning cds/dvds.
  11. Are you certain that you can't use the 'save file as' function? (I can't test, since I have the master's edition - I don't know what the 'standard' edition is...) At any rate, the answer is yes; you can save in many formats, including mp3.
  12. If you scroll down the main forum page you should find the appropriate forum in your language!
  13. Once you have the tracks loaded into the window, in the order you want, click on the Burn Audio CD button on the lower right. This will bring up the Burn Audio CD dialogue box. Here click on the radio button 'Burn Session At Once to customize pause' and enter the duration (in seconds) you wish between tracks.
  14. vapors


    A couple of thoughts... Are you on a mac or pc? I don't know if that has any bearing on your issue, but I have only pc experience. How did you record from your record player to a usb - what software? I have only used NCH Golden Records to accomplish this, recording from turntable > stereo > computer. (Obviously whatever you did must have worked since you can listen to the files via itunes.) My personal recommendation, which might be subject to differing opinions, would be to record, and edit the tracks/files as wav files (on a pc) and then convert to mp3. My uneducated guess is that your issue has something to do with mac compatibility, but then I am just guessing. WavePad is a very useful and powerful software that I use regularly. But as I said, I generally work with wav files, and then convert to mp3 (if that is what I want.) Anyhow, sorry that your experience has discouraged your view of the software, but I bet if you learn to work with it you will find it useful.
  15. vapors


    WavePad is for editing audio files. With a little bit of research, it looks like ffmpeg16 has something to do with video format/conversion. If you could more specifically describe your workflow someone here might possibly be able to assist.
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