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  1. vapors

    How to use ?

    "And there is no place I can get support." First of all, I welcome you to the MixPad forum. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties. This forum is a place for users of the software (such as myself) to seek help from fellow users, and the moderators are good at checking in. Since this is your first post, it would seem a bit premature to be so caustic towards this software. I suggest that perhaps stating some specific concerns/ issues you are having would better serve. - Dan
  2. vapors

    Won't record continuously

    Yes 'General' is the the window that pops up under 'Options" On my windows 7 version, 2.11, the widow you show has the check box I mentioned, under the "devices' part. NCH help us here!
  3. vapors

    Won't record continuously

    Did you have the box checked for "Ignore breaks in audio streams" ( found in the Options menu) My first guess would be that the program is starting a new file at every break in the audio stream / silence....
  4. vapors

    signets sur musiques collées

    Bonjour. Si vous recherchez ci-dessous, vous trouverez la partie française du forum; peut-être que votre demande sera mieux traitée ici? Votre demande, à peu près traduite, au cas où quelqu'un pourrait aider ici, (Your inquiry, roughly translated, in case someone may help here): "I stuck several music allowing a longer listening for the participants of an asso gym tonic, the music thus glued by suppressing the silence between each of them constitute a single file. Would it be possible, however, to put any bookmarks or marks at the junction of music, so that the presenter can possibly redouble a music without looking for it step by step."
  5. vapors


    I have never used the 'Send File' option; I would recommend saving your file in whatever format you wish, and then attach that file to an email, or dropbox or what have you. Then it will be independent of the software....
  6. vapors

    Listen and simultaneously record

    I think your project is better suited to MixPad, as what you are trying to do cannot be accomplished with WavePad....
  7. vapors

    Missing Originals

    It is extremely important when editing that to keep the original untouched, you use the 'Save As' function, and rename the edited file. Hopefully you have access to another copy of the original; because once you use the 'Save' function on a file, without renaming it, you have performed a "destructive" edit to the original. Therefore it is best to work with, (or 'Save As') , a copy of the original.
  8. vapors

    Missing/Hidden Recording Features?

    Hey. I done been away from the forums for a bit; sorry if I left you hanging. I was hoping someone else would join in with regard to setting/managing input and output sound while recording with WavePad. Have you not found any solutions yet? For the record, in case it isn’t clear, I am merely another user of some of NCH’s audio software. I check in from time to time with the forums of the software I use, either to glean more insight for my own use or to attempt assisting another user if my experience merits that I can. Although I do applaud the moderators for joining in more frequently in recent times, often the response is just to open a support ticket. I will say that queries often are lacking enough detail, or difficult to decipher, or posted in the wrong forum! And response from other users is hit or miss, and often nil. So anyhow, the answer to your first query in your OP – you can only <visually> monitor the incoming signal while recording via a simple stereo gain meter (not a wave form display, which will only show after finalizing the recording.) As a non-mac, pc user, I am not qualified to examine your settings – which could be computer and/or software driven – that control the input and output (headphone) volumes. I know that you have come here looking for help with this – and I was hoping that someone would be able to help. As you stated – it should be a pretty straightforward thing, one which I have not given up exploring btw, but I am distracted by other obligations most of the time 😊 You should be able to do all you wish with that Behringer, although if it was me I would have opted for a slightly more advanced USB audio interface. Don’t give up on WavePad! It is great for working with audio files. It may take me until the weekend, but I will further explore the settings issue(s) and report back.
  9. vapors

    Missing/Hidden Recording Features?

    Good morning. I have messed around a bit and experimented with recording from a cassette tape deck into WavePad. You are likely aware of much of what I state here; I am just trying to find common ground to better discuss the process. I used a windows 7 machine with WavePad version 5.1. Sorry if I get too wordy .... Looking at the specs of the Behringer UCA202 it looks like the only gain control it has is for the headphone out. So the crux of your situation (and probably the reason you posted to begin with - duh) seems to lie in setting levels in WavePad, and possibly other sound settings in your computer. Apologies in advance for not addressing that at the moment, I will look further into simulating your exact configuration after I locate some other hardware from the depths of my closet. The usb interface I am using has output level controls for each channel. An alternative would be to connect the tape deck to a stereo/receiver, and connect the tape out to the Behringer, then you could control the output level with the receiver. That is actually the method I use to record (with Golden Records) from a phonograph, and from my cassette player. As a test, I have the rca out from my tape deck going into a Lexicon Alpha, and the usb from that connected to my pc. When you click the Record button (red circle) at the bottom left of the main window (where the other transport function buttons are located) the Record Control window will open. Here you need to set the Recording > Device: using the drop-down pick your usb device. (I am also monitoring through the Alpha, so I chose it in the Playback > Device: drop-down.) Clicking on the record button in the Record Control window initiates recording, and levels can be monitored via the Recording Volume display. A test would be required to set levels; but in answer to your first question in the op, levels while recording are displayed via a peak meter. You only see the waveform after the recording is finished and in the main window. To finalize the recording (bring it into a file on the main WavePad window) you close the Record Control window (the X at the top right.) Now the waveform will display. Some trial and error may be required to get satisfactory levels set. One thing I notice is that the Pause function isn’t active; you can only Stop the recording. After Stopping, if you start Record again you will lose the previous recording, so this seems to indicate that if you want to record multiple ‘takes’ you need to close the Record Control window after each ‘take’. Another thing I noticed is that after closing the record window, the new recording will be placed at wherever point the cursor is positioned – no problem if it is a new WavePad session, or you have started a new file, but something to be aware of if you are recording multiple sessions into the same file. This probably doesn't help you much, but thought I'd get all that out of my system. I'll get back later when I try something else. Dan edit to add: does you tape player have an output volume control?
  10. vapors

    Missing/Hidden Recording Features?

    Maybe someone with more experience with what you are attempting will join in the discussion - I admit to never using WavePad for recording purposes myself. I think it really better suited for editing (which with I do have much experience.) But tomorrow I will attempt to configure my gear to simulate your configuration to get a sense of what you are saying. I'll report back soon. It has been a while since I recorded on my computer from a tape or phono source, but I always use the NCH program Golden Records to do so.
  11. vapors

    Powerpoint resolution

    You are posting in the Record Pad forum - judging from some of the details you have given, it would appear that your concerns are with a program other than Record Pad. I'd imagine that your chances of help would be increased by posting in the forum of the NCH software you are having difficulty with. I know I am replying rather late here... I only just started checking out the Record Pad forum myself and read your topic. Hope that you sorted out your issue.
  12. vapors

    Missing/Hidden Recording Features?

    To better help you out, could you please describe the source of the audio (what are you trying to record?)
  13. vapors

    how to change stereo balance

    Thank you Eric - I think that is what we're looking for - although it would be nice if it split the channels into 2 vertically stacked/synced files (like Audacity does...) For clarification: This function is not available in version 5.10 that I have on my win7 machine. Where I performed the above mentioned Stereo Pan simulation. The Split > Into Component Channels is available in version 6.33 that I have on my win10 machine, through the Edit drop down menu. (NOT through the Edit>Split 'tab')
  14. vapors

    how to change stereo balance

    I can't figure out how to split channels into independent files either, and have often wondered if it was possible with WavePad, so I hope an answer is forthcoming. (I use audacity to easily do this type of thing.) But your inquiry got me searching options in WavePad again, and here is what I've found (so far...) Under the Effects tab, select Stereo Pan. This will open a new window, with anchor points at each end of the file. I selected one and (for example) dragged it up (left) - and then selected and dragged the other end to make the line level. Not a very exacting way to perform the task, but worth trying. Surely there is a better way to achieve this and adjust by a percentage as you are looking to do. Marking the thread!