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  1. I had a more detailed explanation in mind, but for simplicity... I use 'save as' for the first file, give it a new name, choose file type and a folder destination. Then I will click on the second file to have it as the active window, and choose 'save all files'. Now the destination folder will be default, and if you name each files with ascending numerical names at the start, they will stay in the order they are created.
  2. vapors

    File Size Limit

    Have you tried the minimize/maximize buttons on the top right of the open file window (not the program window) ?
  3. I apologize for not knowing what to recommend. I've used WavePad for many years, but never have saved a 'project.'
  4. Whenever you do an edit on a file, you should use 'save as' and give the edited file a new name, so as not to overwrite the original.
  5. I am compiling a response will report back later tonight....
  6. Personally I don't use bookmarks. I place the cursor at the spot where I wish to start the next 'track', and (in the Edit menu) choose "Split file at cursor". Then in the new track I repeat the process. After fine tuning my edits, I will rename and save the new files to a new folder.
  7. My approach when wishing to speed up burning multiple copies of the same disc is to just load a copy of the folder/files to the other computer via flash drive. Then you can burn from both simultaneously (and independently.)
  8. This query would certainly more appropriately addressed in a post of its own, not adding to this one! My first question/suggestion: are you saving just the WavePad project? If so, you may want to try saving the file (save file as) in a format suited to your MixPad project. I'm not very familiar with mixpad, so it's just a thought. Good luck.
  9. While I admit to never using bookmarks (so apologies if my post is irrelevant to your query) what you are describing is easily accomplished otherwise. Place the cursor at the spot you wish to begin the selection and drag to where you wish to end. Delete. Refine as necessary. And - Always when manipulating a file, choose 'save as' so as to maintain (not overwrite) the original.
  10. Which version of WavePad are you using, and are you using it on a pc or mac? Here is a link to a past thread which may be of some use to you: http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/25332-how-to-change-stereo-balance/
  11. I might not be clear on what you are asking, but the pause (or silence) between tracks on a cd is actually at the end of the previous track, and/or at the beginning. So if you choose <Burn Session At Once to customize pause> and enter '0' in the Track Pause box... The disc should then be burned in its original state.
  12. Glad to hear it worked out, and thank you for explaining your process. Sorry for my grumpy post.
  13. Switch is an audio file format conversion program. And it performs very well for its intended purpose, which is not 'extraction'. (?) Your post, while certainly difficult to comprehend, makes one wonder what you are trying to do, and what you are crying about.
  14. Understood. Sorry if I bothered you. The 'flaws' I refer to are not in the software (Switch) but rather in quality of audio file. Peace
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