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  1. Missing/Hidden Recording Features?

    Maybe someone with more experience with what you are attempting will join in the discussion - I admit to never using WavePad for recording purposes myself. I think it really better suited for editing (which with I do have much experience.) But tomorrow I will attempt to configure my gear to simulate your configuration to get a sense of what you are saying. I'll report back soon. It has been a while since I recorded on my computer from a tape or phono source, but I always use the NCH program Golden Records to do so.
  2. Powerpoint resolution

    You are posting in the Record Pad forum - judging from some of the details you have given, it would appear that your concerns are with a program other than Record Pad. I'd imagine that your chances of help would be increased by posting in the forum of the NCH software you are having difficulty with. I know I am replying rather late here... I only just started checking out the Record Pad forum myself and read your topic. Hope that you sorted out your issue.
  3. Missing/Hidden Recording Features?

    To better help you out, could you please describe the source of the audio (what are you trying to record?)
  4. how to change stereo balance

    Thank you Eric - I think that is what we're looking for - although it would be nice if it split the channels into 2 vertically stacked/synced files (like Audacity does...) For clarification: This function is not available in version 5.10 that I have on my win7 machine. Where I performed the above mentioned Stereo Pan simulation. The Split > Into Component Channels is available in version 6.33 that I have on my win10 machine, through the Edit drop down menu. (NOT through the Edit>Split 'tab')
  5. how to change stereo balance

    I can't figure out how to split channels into independent files either, and have often wondered if it was possible with WavePad, so I hope an answer is forthcoming. (I use audacity to easily do this type of thing.) But your inquiry got me searching options in WavePad again, and here is what I've found (so far...) Under the Effects tab, select Stereo Pan. This will open a new window, with anchor points at each end of the file. I selected one and (for example) dragged it up (left) - and then selected and dragged the other end to make the line level. Not a very exacting way to perform the task, but worth trying. Surely there is a better way to achieve this and adjust by a percentage as you are looking to do. Marking the thread!
  6. exporting to dropbox

    I admit to being a bit confused by your post; I have never ‘exported’ a file from WavePad – I just save them into folders. (‘Save File As’) Here is how I would recommend performing your task... Once the file has been edited, save it with a name and file type (mp3). If there are multiple files, I would create a new folder (on your desktop, or wherever you prefer to save such things) To upload to dropbox: Open your Dropbox. Select – and Copy - the files/folder you wish to share/upload – and then Paste onto your dropbox. Fairly simple procedure; you are uploading files – not WavePad projects. Hope that helps? Also, regarding sharing dropbox folders/files. I'm unclear about what you mean by sending it to a different dropbox, but this is how I usually share dropbox files. With your Dropbox window open, Right click on the file/folder - this opens a list - select 'Copy Dropbox link.' Now you can paste this link wherever you wish. For instance, in a facebook message, or in an email.
  7. Grabbing a 2 minute soundbite

    Glad I could help. Welcome aboard!
  8. Grabbing a 2 minute soundbite

    I use WavePad every day, but primarily with .wav files. While it would seem that your project should be very simple, I admit to having a difficult time myself working with mp3 files in WavePad. I have done some trial and error to try helping you out, and without getting into too much detail about it all, here is what I would suggest…. (I work on a pc) Open WavePad. Drag the original full length file into the project window. Place the cursor at the point you wish to begin your soundbite, and left click and drag to the beginning of the file. Then delete the selected part. Next do the same at the end of your soundbite, dragging and deleting everything that follows. Now – most important – save this new soundbite file with a new name, so you do not alter the original! (File menu > Save As) I would recommend saving with the attributes of the original file. You should be able to attach this file to an email. Hope that works for you.
  9. Numbering Split Files

    I am no help with iTunes, but would recommend using the accepted standard for numerically labeling tracks: instead of '1' use '01', '2' use '02' etc. "Instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, etc., they are listed as, 1, 10, 11, 12,13, 14, 15, 16,17, 18, 19, 2, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 3, 31, etc." When propagating many programs/ devices will behave just as you describe here; labeling the single digits with a zero before will fix this issue.
  10. Help mixing songs- NEWBIE

    I'm not familiar with the app, but here is how I do it on my desktop (windows): With the window for song B open, right click, 'select all' and 'copy.' Then activate the song A window, position curser at the end of that file, and paste. Re-name the new file (song C) (to preserve the original song A.)
  11. Tracking is off

    I have never burned an mp3 disc, and I don't know if this might help, but maybe.. Have you tried re-naming the tracks (in the original folder) so the titles start with numerals; for example, '01. song title' ? Then I believe they will be easier to order in the burn window. Did the conversion to all 128kbps free up enough space for one cd?
  12. I thought I should come back and update this thread. My visibility issues were not the fault of WavePad, and easily resolved through the Windows 10 Control Panel>Ease of Access Center.
  13. Again, I don't know much experience with WMA files, but must assume you have reason for wanting to convert them to mp3 - the main reason that I could imagine is that WMA files wouldn't playback on a particular device and you wish to have files with a less restrictive format. I have no advice for working with files that have 'protection'. As regards potential quality loss, it would seem that you don't have much choice. You are converting an already compressed file format to another (lossy to lossy.) The best bet, while impractical on a grand scale and not what you are asking about!, would be if you had the original 'lossless' files - then convert them to mp3 to begin with. Anyhow, your inquiry had me do some research on things I didn't know, so thanks for that. Best of luck!
  14. NCH Wavepad Window

    Please note that I have no affiliation with NCH - I am just a fellow user of some of their products; I periodically check the respective forums for the software I use daily, in hopes that I can learn more and/or assist others in doing so..... I guess I am out of my depth here, I'm not familiar with WordPad, which is a microsoft product, nor with NCH's Express Scribe (which from a quick overview would seem to be useful in your task.) Why would you be using WavePad for your work?