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  1. vapors

    Samson Carbon 49 and Mixpad

    I can't help, except with translation to English Who can help me. I tried to integrate my Carbon 49 midi keybord into Mixpad for a week. Whatever I try, I do not get to see any keystrokes or hear sound. Changing the Carbon 49 with "options" on a song with "recording with MIDI device" makes no sense, nor does it work with "MIDI playback options" Who can help me?
  2. vapors

    More files in same view screen.

    When I purchased my software I also got the printed manual and a backup cd. I don't see a link to a pdf file, but this link may help: https://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/support.html I think our approaches are slightly different when opening files; I usually select and drag files onto the workspace, as opposed to using the 'Open File' option. Best of luck. p.s. there are Help Contents found under the Help tab.
  3. vapors

    More files in same view screen.

    A simple way to do it is via the Window dropdown menu which offers options for arranging the tiles. Does your version not show these? I use version 5.1 on windows 7, and 6.33 on windows 10. "Adjusting windows manually also does not work. I can only see 1 opened file at the same time in the window. I know it's possible, somehow I don't know the right sequence or actions." If you can only see one file, it is because its' window size is maximized; click on the maximize icon (next to the red x close icon) on the top right of the file window (not the program window) to make it smaller - then you can adjust its' size by dragging the sides or corners, and its' postion by dragging the top banner of the file.
  4. vapors

    More files in same view screen.

    I manually resize and re position each window to a size and placement that makes each visible without overlapping another. Maximizing the work-space on the desktop may help.
  5. vapors

    Saving a Stereo file as 2 separate tracks

    Your success accomplishing this may be dependent upon which version you are using... Here is a past thread which looked into splitting stereo files:
  6. I'm glad to hear that it worked for your purposes. Edit to add: Looks like NCH deleted our posts discussing an alternative software than theirs!
  7. I can't recall noticing this issue before myself, not that I rip many cds these days. I'm going to do some experimenting. But, just saying, metadata is pretty easy to alter..... edit to add: ok, I just ripped a cd which has apostrophe's in a couple of song titles and they came out fine. Not sure why you are having an issue. I am using an older, purchased version of ExpressRip on a windows 7 machine. (version 1.81)
  8. vapors

    Deleting one channel (L or R) on a stereo audio mp3

    It may depend on which version of WavePad you are using, but in my experience this an area where the software is seriously lacking. Here is a link to another thread where we (a couple of users) briefly explored this:
  9. vapors

    MP3s getting cut off when saving

    krex, when you say 'saving a recording' do you refer to a file which you just created in WavePad using the 'Record" function, or are you referring to an already existing file that you loaded into the program? I only ask because this topic/complaint regarding MP3 behavior in WavePad has come up in the past, and one I like to follow along and experiment with in my own scenarios. I nominally work with .wav files, and use another program to convert file formats, but do regularly export mp3s from wavepad. I haven’t experienced the <loss of data when saving as mp3> syndrome So I’ve never had cause to delete the WavePad cache – but perhaps that’s because I run my Norton utilities regularly. I don’t know. I’m using version 5.1 on a win7 machine…..
  10. vapors

    How to use ?

    "And there is no place I can get support." First of all, I welcome you to the MixPad forum. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties. This forum is a place for users of the software (such as myself) to seek help from fellow users, and the moderators are good at checking in. Since this is your first post, it would seem a bit premature to be so caustic towards this software. I suggest that perhaps stating some specific concerns/ issues you are having would better serve. - Dan
  11. vapors

    Won't record continuously

    Yes 'General' is the the window that pops up under 'Options" On my windows 7 version, 2.11, the widow you show has the check box I mentioned, under the "devices' part. NCH help us here!
  12. vapors

    Won't record continuously

    Did you have the box checked for "Ignore breaks in audio streams" ( found in the Options menu) My first guess would be that the program is starting a new file at every break in the audio stream / silence....
  13. vapors

    signets sur musiques collées

    Bonjour. Si vous recherchez ci-dessous, vous trouverez la partie française du forum; peut-être que votre demande sera mieux traitée ici? Votre demande, à peu près traduite, au cas où quelqu'un pourrait aider ici, (Your inquiry, roughly translated, in case someone may help here): "I stuck several music allowing a longer listening for the participants of an asso gym tonic, the music thus glued by suppressing the silence between each of them constitute a single file. Would it be possible, however, to put any bookmarks or marks at the junction of music, so that the presenter can possibly redouble a music without looking for it step by step."
  14. vapors


    I have never used the 'Send File' option; I would recommend saving your file in whatever format you wish, and then attach that file to an email, or dropbox or what have you. Then it will be independent of the software....
  15. vapors

    Listen and simultaneously record

    I think your project is better suited to MixPad, as what you are trying to do cannot be accomplished with WavePad....