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  1. I'd suggest 45 seconds, any longer than that and the program may assume the stream has stopped, I edit all recordings with a wave cutter-Easy Audio Cutter is free
  2. Adding to 'jida's response, the numbers represent the date and time of the recording, naming is essential for storage purposes
  3. Stop the recording, select options, general information will open; the first thing you see is the recording folder's current destination. Change the destination by clicking on the box and making your choice.
  4. I thought I should be able to record from cassettes from my stereo, the sound is set to Soundtap, yet it doesn't recognize the streaming audio that I happen to hear; have I configured the system incorrectly? i could have sworn I got Soundtap to accomplish this when I first ran the program, have forgotten what I did then and my manual isn't coming up when F1 is pressed. I'd appreciate any and all input on this problem.
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