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    codec ?

    Mine loaded one codec then after I reloaded the program it selected a different codec (DIVX I think). I just changed it to MPEG, and that seems to work. Anyone have any guideance for selecting which codec to use?
  2. ac12

    Time Stamp missing

    I agree, timestamp is important to know WHEN an event occured. I checked the latest download, and the timestamp is still missing. It was there in the original v1.0 I decided to downrev my install to the old version to get the timestamp back. The other bad thing is the version history displays nothing about what was fixed or added. So other than loosing the "motion detect" button on the screen, I don't know what else I loose by down reving.
  3. Well it appears that the current version 1.04 does not display the time stamp. So for you it works. But for me, the removal of the time stamp makes it almost useless for monitoring. All I know is that an activity happened, but I have no idea of WHEN the activity happened.
  4. Anyone have a problem with the AVI files crashing explorer? I am copying the files from a laptop to a USB drive, then from the USB drive to a desktop. But on the desktop, the AVI files are crashing explorer. Just opening the directory will cause the crash. I'm going to try again tomorrow on another computer, but this AVI crashing explorer is getting me ticked off.
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